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I kinda failed to write this post BEFORE I left the house a few days ago.  Yeah, I know, bad bad me!  However, I think that most of you are aware that I am heading off overseas for a month very soon (in two more days, as a matter of fact), and so posts from me shall be rare, and full of boring real life stuff like photos of me half killing myself skiing, being ill when confronted with the possibility of eating sushi – I don’t like cooked fish, let alone raw fish.  Or anything else that lives in water, for that matter.  Except calamari.  Nom – being buried alive in snow, etc etc.

So, if you really find the whole idea of a month of random RL Sar disgusting, as I would myself if I weren’t me (and totally unaware of how awesome I am), feel free to tune me out until the start of February.  No WoW posts ‘til then.  I even left my authenticator living on its little hook at home!  So… unless you want completely unqualified waffle….

Yes, I am aware that’s nothing new. Thanks for pointing that out, person just like the kid in the supermarket (You know, the one who loudly points out all the fat people?)

Ahem… Unless you want completely unqualified waffle, I suggest you spend the month lurking on the EJ forums or something. 

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Not much on the WoW front to report (despite the patch coming out!) because of this nasty occurance taking up all my time and energy.  I still haven’t managed to clean up all the mess!

Oh well, on the bright side, my new Dyson got a great workout.  The damn thing sucks hard, almost as hard as I suck at DPSing!

I am sure I’ll have more to report when I take a stab (or two… or three) at Onyxia.  I will also make the whole video of my ony kill tonight (the damn thing takes so long to actually make that I’ll have to leave it while I am sleeping).  Trying to decide whether I will use the same song as on the short film, or choose a different one.

Really… nothing much more to say.  Nothing of importance at all.






…. Oh.

Did I mention that I don’t think I will be quitting WoW?  However, I –might- be transferring my Druid over.  However, that will require me to get another toon to 80 on Cenarius.  I need something to hang around on over there!

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Not much to say today, but I did happen upon this interesting link when I was googling my character name (for no real reason apart to see if my supersecretblog could be found easily – turns out, it can’t, at least, unless you know what you are looking for).

Anyway… according to the ever-so-reliable urban dictionary, Saresa means: ‘Crazy, beautiful girl who is a TRUE player.’


… I think I have a fan! *inflates ego*

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It’s been a while.

Yeah, I know.

I’ve been sick (in bed/under self imposed house arrest for 4 days!), I’ve been lazy, and I have been just plain unmotivated.  Not to mention 20 kinds of cranky – I could almost pack that cranky up, label it as Heinz and whack it on the shelf!  Instead of concentrating properly on WoW I have been reading soppy romances, crying over babies, and generally doing a lot of nothing.  Oh, and bemoaning the fact that I do not have a bathtub.  And that all these people I know are getting engaged.  I swear I am going to be the last one in my high school class on the shelf!  I’ll need dusting!

Because a Warlock's got to get clean too you know!Because a Warlock has to get clean too, you know!


Anyway, I have not been playing my Warlock much of late.  Weird, huh? Instead, I have been embracing my hotter side and futzing around on my tree.  We could almost say that I have been doing so much futzing that my Tree is almost my main… but we won’t go there, not really.  Besides, what defines a main, anyway?



Effort invested?

Care factor?

Skill at the class?

I used to think it was probably a combination of all of these things.  If you play something more, it MUST be your main, right?  Weeeeeeeeeeeell…. maybe.  But not necessarily.  I play my Druid a lot more than my Warlock, but that’s through mere convenience than anything else at this point.  To be honest, I think I am having difficulty adjusting to being on an Oceanic server when I have trained myself into thinking playtime is 4-6.  So Sar is kinda neglected in that way.

What about gear?  Surely your main would be better geared, right?  Again… nope!  Hermia by and large has gear Sar can only envy… Herm even beat Sar to the epic achievement.  By three pieces!

I guess it just comes down to the fact that I feel more at home in Saresa.  Slinging heals is fun (although I will be the first to admit I am not much good!!!), but throwing around firey balls of doom?  That’s what I’m talking about baby!  I love my Druid to bits, but I can not be damned researching her properly, finding out what the best spec is for her properly, or any of that.  I just play her, heal crap, and have a great old time.  But Sar is who I look forward to coming home to.  I can remember every button push on her, and to draw a somewhat weird parallel…  You know how there’s that one person you have been with, where stuff just worked.  It might not have been for very long, but you were with them, and everything just put itself together perfectly.  Like you both knew exactly what the other person wanted, at the exact right time.  You didn’t even have to think that hard about it – you just did it, and it was great.

Sar is like that for me.

Without all the erotic stuff.

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What does it mean to me to be a member of the Alliance?  That noble, well… alliance of races, all that represent honour, dignity, respect and everything else which is good and just.  Why, as a Warlock, do I want to be a part of that?  Shouldn’t I be a part of the seedier, dirtier, infinitely more disgusting and evil Horde?

Well… let’s just say I didn’t want to face an eternity of crippling back problems and a missing lower jaw.  Nor did I want to channel Kermit, and lope around singing ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’.  Not to mention the difficulties of asking for a large steak when visiting Thunder Bluff!  Talk about foot (or rump?) in mouth.

I just wanted to be pretty.  I wanted people to stare in wonder at me, slack jawed and stuttering before I cast the deadly shadowy spell that ended their life.  So, of course Human was the way to go*.  Attractive, charming, diplomatic, and ever so deadly.

I know, I can hear you asking… but how does a Warlock, the most evil and dastardly of all creatures, fit in to the pure Human race?  How can such a malevolent creature, her soul almost torn asunder, succeed in the Alliance?  I’ll let you in on a little secret…

The Alliance are the epitome of evil.  The Horde?  They are really a pack of do-gooder, limp wristed stamp collectors.  The Horde are a banding of the unjustly excluded, trying to fight to have their place in the world, free from the tyranny the Alliance visit upon them.  I mean, seriously… a pack of cow-men-things?  How are THEY supposed to be evil?  Not to mention Thrall, and his fairy tale dreams of the Orcs having a place to live, fitting in to the world and succeeding (memo to Thrall – you are part of a green, unattractive and unfortunately thickskulled race.  Just be glad we allow you to live in the first place).

You want to see evil, you visit Stormwind one day.  No, no… don’t just look at the gloss and the glamour of it all… I want you to peer into the seamy underbelly.  The low level teenager dancing naked at the mailbox, hoping for a few copper to feed who knows what addiction she has.  The band of Rogues, secretly plotting against the very people they profess to follow.  The orphans, ‘innocently’ clattering about town, snatching wallets and hawking flea ridden creatures to unsuspecting idiots.  The King himself, seething with rage, blinded by his own hatred and arrogance, on the verge of pulling the whole of the Human race into warfare.

Even the oh-so self righteous Night Elves… take a look at your failed ambitions.  Beware the pride of the Night Elves, for it is biblical in proportions, and their downfall is equally enormous.  Teldrassil, anyone?  What other race would even dream of the notion that they would be grand enough to create a whole new World Tree?  Well… maybe the Humans, if we were any good at gardening.

Gnomes and Dwarves… supposedly ‘sharing’ a city.  There must be tension beneath the surface.  Most of the Gnomes are relegated to a small quarter of Ironforge, kept separate from everyone else.  There, too, ambition and greed leads the Alliance astray.  The Dwarves and their foolish treasure hunts, always having to be rescued, and still demanding a cut of the bounty!  The Gnomes!  Well… what can we say… their very existence just leaves one speechless.

Draenei… alien space goats, so inclined to join the wrong side of a battle and fall to darkness, to become Broken.  Yes, the temptation always lingers for these hoofed blue creatures.

This is the Alliance.  This is the greedy, selfish, immoral sewer of a society that I am a part of.  Where else would a Warlock really want to be?

* Blood Elves were not around when I started playing WoW.  Even if they were, their crack-addled, somewhat anorexic looking state does not appeal to me, nor does living in the gay mecca of WoW.  How am I supposed to get a man in Silvermoon?


This post was brought to you courtesy of another fantastic Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, suggested by Spinks of Spinksville.

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Brought to you via a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic!

Euripides of OutDPS suggested a really interesting Shared Topic for this week – What would happen if there were WoW Lobbyists?  After all, there are just as many people who play WoW as there are who hunt (according to the statistics), and the Gun Lobby in the US is supposedly a powerful thing indeed (here in Australia, we don’t even have one, and if we did, well…. they wouldn’t be especially powerful.  I guess they are kinda like the Shooter’s Party).  What if we could bring our power to bear (not as in Druids) and force those nasty politicians to do what we want?

Unfortunately, I don’t think a WoW lobby would work at all.  Frankly… the lesser classes would bring it down.  The Warlocks would have to do ALL the work (as usual), and since there’s a lot less Warlocks than there is everyone else, the whole thing would just be a shambles.  Just imagine…

  • A Paladin meets the President to try to get WoW players, oh… better internet? *shrugs*  Talk would soon disintegrate into ‘My Hammer is so Awesome!’ and other illogical babbling, along with their usual pacifist ‘noooo, we can’t kill the sick people who will infect everyone else and wipe all of humanity out!  It’s just not NICE!”
  • A Mage comes along to try and resolve the situation, since they have ‘superior Intellect’ and all.  Unfortunately, a Secret Service guy thinks the Mage looks questionable (so… I am guessing it’s a Gnome Mage who is approaching then), and the Mage overreacts and sheeps the guy.  Mayhem ensues.
  • So the Priest rocks up to try and save the day.  They stub their toe along the way and keel over, dead.  Yes, the Priest, once again, forgot to heal themselves.
  • The Death Knight, being a creature of little brain, spies the dead Priest keeled over, immediately thinks that the President must have killed him, and charges into get revenge.
  • The Rogue sees the opportunity to carry out their assassination plot and tries to help the Death Knight… but subtlely, so that the DK is the one thrown in jail for killing the bloody President.
  • The Druid just Shadowmelds and waits… typical.
  • The Hunter tries to trap the idiot DK, succeeds in stepping in their own trap and setting their pet on the dead Priest… I guess the kitty was hungry?
  • The Warrior keeps yelling for everyone to attack him, but all the other people have WAY too much aggro by now, and they just get ignored.  Bored, they start punching a wall, and get arrested for destroying public property.
  • The Shaman is so confused by which totem is the most appropriate for this mess that he doesn’t achieve anything at all.  Meanwhile, people are getting into a weird frenzy of slapping, sheeping, poking and /spitting.
  • Finally, the Warlock /sighs, kills most everyone with a nasty bout of AoE, and then sets about making it look like it was the Druid’s fault all along, while muttering to themselves how bloody stupid everyone is.

So, essentially… a WoW lobby would bring about the end of the world.  One way or another.  Although the situation might have been avoided if the damn Mage had remembered to cast Intelligence on everyone!

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So, after browsing around a little, I have noticed that the Ferarro thing has caused massive amounts of controversy.  Personally… well, I am always dubious about everything that I see on the internet, so it didn’t really have a huge impact on me (at first).

See, now, I mainly blog about a game here.  Well, I supposedly blog about a game, when I am not blogging about other random crap, just like this.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter who I am, so there is no point going into an elaborately crafted lie or deception.  It doesn’t matter what I look like, sound like or do for a living if I want to talk about Warlocks.  I don’t believe the fact that I am a girl, or that I am Australian, or that I am under 30 has gained me any more readers than I would have if I were a 50 year old American male.

My personal blog on the other hand… well, there I DO write under a pseudonym, I don’t have pictures posted of myself, and I don’t talk about any details that might allow people to guess who I am.

To the average person, that might not make sense.  Why hide behind another identity on a blog that is entirely about you, then allow people to know who you are on a blog where that isn’t at all relevant?

The important part is ‘What can people be allowed to know about my life?’  Here, well, you guys know my real name, vaguely where I live, what I do for a living, how old I am, what I look like, what I like to spend my spare time doing, and even what food I enjoy eating.  That sits pretty well with me, because you still don’t quite know enough to do anything too malicious (if you were so inclined) unless you felt like doing a bit of investigating, and the WoW community in general seems to be quite nice (unless you are BBB, and what the hell is up with that shit?)

My other blog, people know… very vaguely where I live (think state), my profession, and the fact that I have a boyfriend, a family and a cat.  They don’t know my name, what town I live in, or what I particularly enjoy doing.  There are no photos of me, and everyone in my life is given a pseudonym.  Why?  Why would I be less concerned about privacy on the busy blog than I am on the quiet, unpublicised one?

It’s what I write about, of course!  My personal blog is where I let out everything… my happiness, sadness, anger, and all that entails.  I talk about stuff that has happened to make me mad.  I talk about people I know.  I talk about the frustrations of my job, my family and my relationships.  I don’t want people I know or prospective employers finding that stuff and being able to associate it with me.  Is there a chance they will?  Sure there is, all it takes is a little bit of tech savvy to work out who owns the damn thing.  The thing is, they have to find it first.

Here, on the other hand, I don’t really talk in depth about my real life.  I don’t bitch about my job or my boyfriend dramas.  I write about a game, and the community associated with that game.  So why would I ever have to lie?

So, what has this got to do with Ferarro?

Admittedly, I first started paying attention to this when I noticed the uncanny similarities between the name of the character and the name of the producer of some of my favourite foods.  I’m generally not one for gossip or drama (I am a pretty boring soul, really), but the ethical dilemmas here intrigued me.  Does a blogger have a responsibility to tell the truth to their audience?  Is using someone’s identity for ‘harmless’ purposes really harmless?  How should we represent ourselves on the internet?

I honestly do not believe a blogger has to be 100% truthful with their audience, especially if they tell fibs in their posts which are not ‘relevant’ or ‘factual’.  So, if I wanted to write a post detailing the amazing time I had on the weekend on my ski trip, I could, and I wouldn’t see anything ethically wrong with that, even though it’s a fib.  That form of post would be purely for entertainment value, and, let’s face it, it would have to be more interesting to read than ‘I spent the weekend huddled in front of the heater*.

However, if I fluffed numbers, or distorted some fundamental part of the game to mislead you, or heck, even misrepresented some form of guild drama, that would be unethical of me.  That is what the core business of this blog is, and to misrepresent that would be as bad as a news site misrepresenting, well… anything they are reporting on (because that totally doesn’t happen, right?)  I wouldn’t trust anything that was written on this blog if it was discovered I lied about something in game.

A sustained lie about an ‘unrelated’ matter, on the other hand, is a little harder to swallow.  A sustained lie where you also steal aspects of another person’s personality?  Well, that’s crossing the boundaries a bit too much for my liking.  Sure, that other person may have put various aspects of their life up on the internet for all to see, however, it doesn’t make it right to take it and use it as your own.  There’s a hell of a lot of me on the internet, and I wouldn’t particularly like it if someone took my likeness and assigned it to their own work.  To be honest, I’d also be baffled as all get out, since I don’t look especially knowledgeable about anything, and spend most of my time looking bemused, confused or abused.

In one of my older posts, I say something about not reading your blog if I think you are an asshat.  You might be a well informed, literate, intelligent asshat, but an asshat you are nonetheless.  While I didn’t actually read Paladin Schmaladin, if I did, I would more than likely now veto the site.  The information is good, but I can not identify with the writer if they have so little that I can trust about them.  Many people say they would still read Ferarro’s work, and that is perfectly fine.  That’s why this is intriguing – it’s not cut and dried.

So, how do you feel about the issue?  How would you feel if I suddenly outed myself to be a 70 year old man from… Tallahassee? (is that even how it’s spelt?)

Edit: P.S:  Yes, I state that I write under a pseudonym on my other blog, and thus imply I don’t here (when in actual fact I DO)… but if you look over into that side bar, under where it says ‘”Buttons, Buttons and More Buttons", my real, honest to goodness, true name is sitting.  Ayup, that’s me.  Ditto with the ‘me’ that is associated with this blog on Facebook (yay for Networked Blogs!)

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So, I am sure you have all been absolutely inundated with Blizzcon posts, but I just can not resist adding my own.


I sat up until 3am, staring blindly at my computer screen, cursing the fact that I had an 8 hour drive ahead of me in less than five hours time, waiting waiting waiting for a Blizzcon ticket.  I refreshed the page like crazy, and still managed to end up 5000th in the queue.  Damn Aussie internet!

As I watched the line go down, I just knew I wasn’t going to make it.  Thankfully, a couple of guildies also thought ahead and purchased 5 tickets each so the rest of us would be able to go.  Huzzah!  If that fell through, Fim was also trying his hardest to get me a ticket (and it would have worked if it wasn’t for that darn error message *growl*).  Thanks Fim!

So, I have booked flights, accommodation, and I have a ticket!  I am all organised… now, just come on August!  Well… then again, maybe not… I need a LOT more money before I go over!

So, your homework:

If there is anything at all Warlocky related that you want me to try and find out, let me know!  I am more than happy to stand in line for the class panel to ask a question if anyone has one.

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So, I have a list of complaints at the moment which would fill a whole toilet paper roll and then some… head ache, tooth ache, insomnia, work sucking… let’s just say I am not the happiest or calmest of Warlocks at this present time.

This of course, also means that I really do not want to write.  I mean, come on!  My head hurts!  My mouth hurts!  I am at the point of throwing my head through a window from stress.  So… rather than burden you all with my incredibly grouchy writings… go read this.

I wrote it a long time ago now, but it is still much more entertaining that what I could come up with today.  One comment I would like to make before anyone says it: I DID feign!  The mobs were just too high for me and it got resisted.

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(Also known as ‘Holy Hell it’s Monday!  I need 10 random things!’)

chops 1.  Horns and the crew at YAWN are having a writing competition.  Want to show off your writing chops?  (see left)  Think you can do better than me?  Well, stop reading this brainless drivel and get writing.  Did I mention that puts you in the running for some ‘fully sick loot bro’? (Stereotypes R Us!) Deets can be found over at his site (incongruously named – is that Warlock lollipops?  Cos Lock + Sucks = huh?)   Write good stuff, OK?  And if you win a prize, well… I think I really do deserve it.  Pass it on.

2.  Having to tell students that their effort is so shitful that you are going to N award them (read – 1 step from failing senior high school English) sucks balls.

3.  However, you feel much less sympathetic when the lazy buggers don’t co-operate and make you look bad for your review.

4.  As I tweeted the other day… or yesterday, as it was.  If you CLEAN the shower while you are HAVING a shower… don’t squirt the bleach on your loofah and the body wash on the walls.  Hurts.  Hypothetically, of course… *sniffs bleachy arm*

5.  My shiny spanky new Black Books DVD’s arrived in the mail today.  Crack open the wine!

6.  So did my equally shiny new fuel card.  Not to be cracked open simultaneously with Black Books.

7.  So, of all the cooking dailies which I hate, Sewer Stew is the worst.  I made the mistake of telling Blizzard this though participating in an online poll.  Somehow, the manky bastards tracked me down (probably e-stalking me, since I am just THAT awesome), and made it Sewer Stew FOUR FRICKING DAYS RUNNING.  Now you understand why I am calling them manky bastards.

8.  Found out on the weekend that the term ‘wanker’ is not a global one.  Heh.  I order you all to start using the word wanker as a matter of course.  Perhaps not in front of your Mum though (and definitely not in front of the mother in law).

9.  Faulsey has an awesome accent.  So jealous.

10.  Damn it, I need a WoW related one.  Damn damn damn.  Um…. so yeah.  Did you know in WoW there are bunnehs?  And those bunnehs die in wonderful ways.  I have stabbed the bunnehs (375 crits FTW!), Cursed the bunnehs, punched the bunnehs… you get the picture.  Death to the slimy bunneh vermin!  Oh, and curse the Squirrels as well…

… Especially the Secret Squirrels.  Being all the bloggers with SECRET PLANS.  Seriously.  I hate secrets.  Not that it matters, cos Faulsey and I have our own totally secret plan which is so totally secret that we have totally no idea what is going on.  Totally.


<— is that a ‘I’m so posh, uh!’ or a ‘Sir Yessir!’?  Baffled.

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