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Because Twitter wasn’t enough, you can also find me (being the blog) on Facebook!  For those Facebook junkies out there, feel free to head on over, possibly become a fan (I might give you cookies… or something), and say hi and stuff.

Real post possibly coming tomorrow (someone has a pile of exams half a foot high to mark tonight, and is pondering hooking in to the wine to make it more bearable).



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Somehow, I only just noticed the other day.  I have perhaps one of the best looking off hands I have ever gotten.  OMG.  Skull.  Stick.  Awesome.

Now, stay away before I whack you with it!

P.S. – I only also just noticed how hot I my toon is.  Wowzers!  *flustered*

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For the longest time, I have kept my feelings hidden.  I have admired you from afar, watching as other spam bots have littered your inbox with advertisements.  Watching as you flick them aside, throw them in the trash.  I can see that you are choosy.  That you won’t just let any spam bot into your heart.  I admire that about you, as much as it makes me nervous.  What happens if I am not good enough?

I would never insult you on the level that these cretins do.  I know you do not need Viagra, penis enlargement, or any other form of bedroom enhancement (You are more than enough man for me *blush*).  I’ll only offer you the very best – sleeping pills to help you rest, anti-anxiety pills to calm you down – not because I want to profit from you, but because I care.

But, how to get you to notice me?  For many months, I have been pondering this.  I do not want you to confuse me with those other spam bots, those inferior beings not worthy of your attention.  I want you to see how special I am, how much I stand out from the crowd.  I want you to love me, to dedicate yourself and your credit card to me and me only.

I know.

I must grab your attention through sheer persistence.  I’ll flood your inbox!  I’ll send email upon email upon email!  You will not be able to ignore me and my many emails.  You WILL love me.


<3 Spam Bot.


Triz… please reconsider.  This spam bot, I think she lurrrrrves you. <3


BA Chat, again providing Sar with illogical blog fodder that makes no sense to anyone who wasn’t in the chat since.. um… how long have I been BA Chatting for?

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I get asked all the time ‘Why do you quit and come back ALL the time?  What is WITH you?’  And, you know, it is probably really annoying for you guys as readers that I do that. 

Picture 92

Anyway, I guess blogging is often the first thing to go when life suddenly becomes a little more than I can handle.  The first time I quit, I was at a low point with the game in general.  I wasn’t interested in playing, I wasn’t interested in anything Warcraft related.  I thought ‘If I’m not playing, I bloody well can’t write about Warlocks, can I?’.  Then I transferred servers, rediscovered my love for the game, started messing around some more with my Druid, and lo and behold I was happy in the game again.

The second time, things were a little more complicated.  My real life had taken some significant beating: Work was going down the shitter because my new boss is an asshat, my personal life kinda sucked ass (let’s just say that, like any other Warlock, I don’t take rejection well, and leave it at that), I was in possibly the worst financial trouble I had ever been in, I was having huge family dramas… things weren’t looking pretty.  I just couldn’t handle all the responsibilities I had online on top of all that drama, and I snapped and went ‘OK, that’s it, I quit!’.  My inspiration had been flagging for a while anyway, and I was finding it hard to care. 

I was also getting driven insane by how the community had become all ’you need to be hard core and take this shit seriously and OMFG don’t have a life outside WoW and blogging or we will track your ass down and beat you up with our keyboards like the incompetent blogging bitch that you are!’’  Seriously.. oh my god.  People, I say this ALL THE DAMN TIME.  It’s not about subscriber numbers (please don’t unsubscribe!!!)  It’s not about page views (although you had better all click through or else!).  It’s not about being a bloody B-grade internet celebrity, because, guess what, no bastard out there is actually going to know who the hell you are.

So, why did I come back?

Well, I was going kinda stir crazy.  Without blogging to keep me entertained, I was telling my pets all of my problems instead of spouting them on the internet.  I found dealing with rejection is even HARDER when you don’t have an internet to distract you.  Without blogging, I was spending way too much time worrying about work.  And I needed something to keep me entertained during my insomniac hours when the WHOLE BLOODY WORLD is asleep.  Seriously.. WTF.

And, I thought… there has to be some sad loser out there who will write any old shit on their WoW blog.  Who won’t get into page view and subscriber competitions.  Who won’t start a podcast because it’s all FotM and awesome and shit.  Who won’t live their life desperately waiting for links and seeing that as the be all and end all of their blogging success.  Who will just write random shit because it’s fun and she enjoys writing and mouthing off.  And you all know that you need someone to irritate the WoW playing masses by ranting and raving about shit that everyone but me loves. 

So, down with serious business!

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In the interest of educating my guildies and friends, I have decided a post is long overdue on the differences between Mages and Warlocks.  Since, y’know, we are so hard to tell apart!



Summon their powers from the Nether… or somewhere else sufficiently evil and awesome. Summon their powers from Carebear land.  I think.  I’m pretty sure there are flowers and cupcakes.
Have kick ass minions that also look evil and awesome.  They also have scary sounding abilities like ‘Shadow Bite’. Probably don’t have minions.  Unless they have a Squirtle.  Those things are more amusing than intimidating – “I’m going to get you marginally wet!  Squirt!”
Are tough enough to kill themselves if it’s absolutely necessary.  Who else would have the balls to set themselves on fire? Use a variety of sneaky, wimpy tricks such as Invisibility and Ice Block.
Make awesome green healthstones that make the raid smile.  Don’t ask why they are green… Make excessive strudel.  Which lacks tastiness.
Throw around a lot of fire and shadowy doom in an impressive display of power. Throw one of the following: weird purple shit that you’d expect to see coming from a fairy; fire that is infinitely more pathetic looking than my own; stupid frost things that logically SHOULD melt. 

That is, if they aren’t being wimpy and casting Ice Block or something.  Or Blinking away from the fight.


Seriously, how hard is it to tell?  If it’s not awesome, it’s not a ‘lock.



P.S.  In other news, last night after a semi-drunken escapade to the pub, I made an alt in Miss Medicina’s version of the new blogging related guild Single Abstract Noun.  I don’t know how I will go with levelling (I’m kinda fail at that), but it should be fun.  I had a fantastic time going through all the names to see which bloggers I could identify.  Krizzlybear also helped me come up with a great name for my baby Warlock – Sarcolepsy!  Whoo hoo!

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Picture 68

I don’t know what to do!

Picture 69

I’ve plowed my way through all my classics…

Picture 70got myself cute new shoes on sale…

Picture 71  got tattooed…

Picture 72Played compulsively with my tongue…

Picture 74  I’ve almost exhausted the fun uses of my post-its! (and used way too many of them…)

Picture 75 Drank excessive amounts of coke

Picture 76 Purchased not so cute, strange shoes…

Picture 77 But hey, they were on sale!

Picture 78 Played paparazzi at the Mardi Gras…

Picture 79 And made questionable fashion choices at same…

So am I allowed to start blogging again?

Of course, I don’t know how long I would survive if I just WoW blogged… or Warlock blogged even.  I think it’s a lot more fun when I get to tell you all about my RL mad capers – after all, my RL can occasionally be slightly more interesting than my in game one!  So, if you are more interested in a random mish mash of WoW, Warlock, and Sar-capers… I guess you might see a post from time to time.  If I feel like it.

P.S.  Formatting, you are evil and I hate you.  Please go die now.

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Many people believe that they could be Warlocks.  Some people think that it is barely even a challenge.  All the time, I am hearing “Pshaw, I could easily be a Warlock.  They aren’t THAT awesome, and besides, how hard is it to be evil?”  Well… let’s have a quick run down of what could be a Warlock and what could not.

1.  Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris is often hailed as the weird geek be all and end all of power.  If it can be done, he can do it.  Hell, if it can’t be done, he can probably do it.  However, Chuck is unfortunately severely lacking in the awesome that is required to be a Warlock.  Why?

  • Melee Combat – way to risk getting a broken nose, doofus.
  • No Magical Powers – epic fail, right there.
  • No understanding of the term ‘Damage OVER TIME’ – instantly pwning things is neither evil nor fun.
  • This photo right here: chuck-norrisGuns are for noobs and people who fail at throwing firey balls of doom out of their hands.

Warlock Capable Factor: Hell No.

2.  Darth Vader.

Darth Vader.  He wears all black.  He has a creepy voice.  He wears a bad ass helmet.  He only has one hand.  He killed a whole heap of children.  He lives in the Death Star, for frick’s sake.  How can you get more evil than that?

Well, for starters… you don’t let someone CHOP YOUR HAND OFF.  You also don’t emo out at any opportunity – seriously, grow a pair and deal with it.  When you kill children, you don’t get all emo about that, either.  And you cook them afterwards – it’s only proper.

Warlock Capable Factor: Nope.  Evil?  Maybe a little.  But definitely lacking the brains.

3.  Cats.

For this, I am going to use my cat Suki as an example.

14102009381Suki is the ridiculously small, white, fluffy thing that is curled up into a ball. The other cat is Kamiko, my monstrous tabby of doom.  The other day, she killed a bird and left the remains scattered throughout my parents’ house, with most of the body under their bed. Mmm yummy.

Anyway, I digress.

Suki is like the Gnome Warlocks.  Small, fluffy, absolutely adorable.  She is totally deaf, and half blind. One would think that she is entirely helpless.  Of course, we would be disregarding her ranged attacks…

  • Fear (or, the Hiss of Death) – She has perfected the art of jumping in front of other animals, puffing up, and letting out an ungodly hiss that sends them running.  It works particularly well on my ridiculously large dog, who is terrified of Suki.
  • The Fur DoT – Often weakening me to a wheezing state of utter helplessness, Suki deposits fur in cunning places (such as my pillows, in the clean washing, and on my towels).  She is not always around when I finally succumb, but I know that she is off cackling somewhere!
  • Minion control – she often chases Kamiko into inconvenient places… like right in front of my feet before I walk down stairs, or as I step out of the shower.  She does this knowing that my first reaction will be to blame Kamiko as I go tumbling over.  Evil indeed.

Warlock Capable Factor: I’d have her on my raid team any day.


I think this conclusively proves that many of the people who THINK they are awesome enough to be a Warlock clearly are not.  Warlockery is difficult, you know, and it takes a lot more awesome than what most people contain.  Hell, Warlocks have more awesome in them than most people have in their little finger. 

Do you think YOU have what it takes to be a Warlock?

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Some rather general discussion of guild drama and the drama llama in BA Chat got me to thinking about how we react to drama.  We all whinge and moan about it – the trouble it causes, how annoying it is, how nothing is the same afterwards.  The way we carry on, you would think that we all hate the drama llama.  It sounds like we would be happiest if the drama llama never reared his ugly head.

Well, I call BS.  And my proof?

A totally irrelevant experience in a one player game.  Completely valid argument though, I swear!

I don’t know how many of you guys played The Sims.  Yes, the old Sims, without genetics, or babies popping out everywhere.  Well, there was an interesting NPC who was a sad clown.  The purpose of the sad clown’s life was to show up when your characters were feeling depressed.  He then hung around, cried a lot, and made your characters even MORE depressed.  The only way to get rid of him was to cheer your characters up (near impossible with gloomy guts hanging around like a bad smell), or to call the clown catchers.

Anyway, the point of this whole little story was that there was also an artwork for sale for something like 40 simoleans (an absolute steal!)  This kitschy little painting depicted a somehow familiar sad clown.  If you purchased the painting and hung it on your wall, you basically guaranteed that the clown would show up at some point to ruin the party.  Kinda like telling a vampire they can come in… or something.

What sort of idiot would buy a painting that would invite a depressed lunatic clown into their home?

… Well, me for one.

Don’t ask me why.  I really don’t know.  It always meant that I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to cheer my Sims up.  They would often lose their jobs because they were too depressed to go to work.  Eventually, I’d have to call the clown catchers, even though my unemployed Sims could no longer afford it**.  But damn if it wasn’t amusing watching this ridiculous clown get my Sims down.

I figure, the drama llama is kinda the same.  We get bored when nothing is going wrong.  So, I suspect we often go looking for little ways to find trouble.  Perhaps we even try to cause trouble sometimes (not that I would ever do such a thing, I swear!)  Drama is interesting, and exciting, and it gives us a feeling of satisfaction when we deal with it.

Just like that damned Sad Clown.

** Good thing I have no scruples and used the rosebud cheat liberally.

P.S.  Yes, I know this makes NO sense.  I am currently sitting at Fiji Airport, hoping that there isn’t a random coup (Fiji has a lot of coups, compared to most countries, and our military spend a bit of time here helping out, or some such thing).  I haven’t slept in… 28 hours now… I would gladly donate my left arm, and one of my kidneys, for a shower… it’s an interesting state of affairs.  ‘Home’ in 11 hours though!

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If anyone finds it, I’ll pay good money!

You may have noticed that posts are a little thin on the ground as of late.  I think I have managed, what, two or three over the past month?  I could make a whole bunch of excuses, but I guess it all really comes down to the following:

I feel rather inadequate as a player and a writer right now.

You know how in movies, people talk about having a crisis of faith?  You know, they suddenly realise they don’t believe in God/Buddha/the Staypuft Marshmallow Man/whatever deity they happen to believe in.  Well, since I am one of those evil cynical types who doesn’t have one of those faiths, my little crises tend to take the form of suddenly being unable to believe in myself.

I still will occasionally have a bright sparkling idea for a post.  A really incisive look at UIs, for instance.  Or a gritty post interrogating talent points (I have Shadowfury tied up to a chair, with my evil attack minions poking it with a fork as we speak).  Unfortunately, the minute I go to write the bloody thing, my mind runs out screaming “You don’t know what you are talking about, you moron!” 

Luckily for you guys, there are SO many Warlock bloggers now (seriously… to think I used to feel like I was the only Destruction blogger – there’s a zillion of them around nowadays, and for the most part they are bloody fantastic), so you don’t really need me to be writing that stuff.  You can find it elsewhere, and it’s all really solid content that is written in a much clearer way than I ever could.

So, until I can somehow start believing that I’m not a brainless twatwaffle with a verbal diarrhoea problem, posts might be a little… infrequent.  Or, there will just be lots of random drivel like this. 

Re-do time!

So, it comes down to the following:

My inner writer is emoing out like a 14 year old who just discovered black hair dye and razor blades.

I’ll get back to writing when my common sense returns.

<3 Sar

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OK, so by my watch, I have 15 minutes to get dressed, blow dry my hair, get all my things together, and leave.  So, of course, I am instead writing a speedy post (you telling me you don’t write straight out of the shower while wearing a towel?  What is WRONG with you?)

So far, I think it has been….20 days since I last logged into the game. So, a good minimum of 40 Emblems of Frost, a few gold (given my usual gold accumulation rate, I’ll estimate this to be… wait, I think I have saved myself 500 gold!), and a bit of chit chat. 

For a while there… I was missing it.  I spent the whole week at my Mum and Dad’s cursing myself for leaving my authenticator at home on its little hook, way way waaaaaaay out of reach of my grabby little hands.  Never mind that I couldn’t play at my parents anyway, since both their computer and their internet were both terrible.  I just missed the game!

In Japan, I also found myself missing it occasionally.  However, it only seemed to be during those moments when I would much rather be somewhere else (hello, sister and her boyfriend making out REALLY LOUDLY in the room next to mine!), or when I happened to see guildies on twitter (/wave Tziv!)  Most of the time I was just way too busy to actually care too much about not being in game, or the fact that when I get back I am going to have to play like an insane Chinese gold farmer to get my character caught up and back up to scratch.

Now, well… I miss it more because it’s DAMNED hard to talk about the game here when I am not playing it.  I mean, what can I say?  I can do the whole band camp routine:

“This one time, at Nagrand, an Elekk fell on me….”

Yeah, we won’t even contemplate the rest of that story. 

I can also still rant a little I guess, because people seem to have this uncanny ability to get my goat even when I’m in a different bloody country and out of the game… but there is only so much one can rant about before they start to sound like a certain person who shall not be named.  You all know who I mean!

So, instead, you get really fast terrible posts written when I am wearing a towel.


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