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Today when I was over at WoW Insider, I was reading the ‘Reader UI of the Week‘ page. Go over there now and have a peek at Babyshotta’s beautiful, glorious, tidy UI.

Glances at watch… oh, you are back? Cool beans!

The first thing I did was snicker a little at the ‘cramped 17″ screen’. Only because I am jealous, and play on a 15″.4 widescreen laptop. Talk about squooshy! So, my UI is perhaps a little cluttered. Or a lot cluttered. Doesn’t help that I like things nice and big, because I am as blind as a bat.

So, here is my UI of the week – Sar’s Super Scrambled Screen!!

I know my family often look over at my UI and ask where the heck I am! My mother often expresses confusion (what are you actually watching when you do this?… and then I point to just about everything BUT myself and what I am killing in the middle of the screen). But hey, it works for me, and i pretty much know where all the buttons are (although they are in a bit of a kerfuffle at the moment because I just rearranged everything when I respecced for arena and haven’t put it all back properly). Who says a cluttered UI can’t be successful?

…Oh, and can you spot what’s broken?? Darn Blizz buffs still showing up. I suspect downloading the new version of CT Buff Mod may remedy that actually *adds to my to-do list*.

P.S. Just because I like to brag!!


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As some of you may know (or have guessed), I have been after Wub’s Cursed Hexblade for quite some time now. In the multitude of ZA’s I have run, it has only ever dropped once. Today was that day.

Needless to say, I let out a bit of a squeal. Then I looked again. Rats. There was another warlock, and a boomkin vying for it as well. So, we rolled, and in my awesome brilliance I rolled a 3. Sigh. Although I suppose since I was the pug on a guild run, it was only fair that a guildie won it.

I still think Blizzard have broken my dice.

Oh… and today’s arty looking picture?

Unfortunately Herm isn’t quite aligned. Must work on that.

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Once again, this is something that I (and many other bloggers) have commented on recently. We are at a point in the game where progression is starting to wane for both extremes of the progression continuum. People who are towards the end of their progression (or what would be termed a reasonable end) – this covers all sorts of people ‘gear wise’, whether you be the person in the guild that can’t quite crack Sunwell or the guild who can’t quite field enough men for Gruul’s but has had Kara on farm for months – and people who don’t have the gear to even get started raidwise are all experiencing difficulties in feeling motivated to play their characters.

I myself am in the somewhat unenviable position of having to experience both of these things at the same time. Of course, there are solutions to these issues, but the solutions do not always feel good. Sometimes the solutions are worse than the problems!

First off we will take a look at Saresa. Sar has just about reached the point where it is evident that her guild is not really going to progress any further. I am usually reluctant to make these sorts of claims, but in this case, it is obvious. Other people have come to this conclusion much earlier than I, and already jumped ship. Officially, of course, different reasons were cited “I have issues with some people who have been recruited into the guild”. “There is a conflict between the goals of the leadership and myself”. “I just don’t enjoy it anymore”. While all of these reasons are true, do you want to know what I put it down to?


That nasty lady Vashj is oft referred to as a guild maker or a guild breaker. In this case, it’s clearly the latter. Far be it from me to question the motivation of some people, but guess what, that’s what I am going to do anyway. If you happen to be reading this, /wave, hope you are doing well. Of course, I don’t think anyone on Cenarius reads me. They certainly don’t recognise me! If they did, there would be so many people saying ‘You know that Sar chick? The one who blogs? She is such a total NOOB! Who would read what she writes!?!’ hehe. Anyway, as usual, I digress.

Back to Vashj. Well, our experience of Vashj. As you all no doubt know, Vashj is a tough fight. I have only ever heard one person say to me “Vashj? She’s easy!” Just about everything he says I don’t listen to anyway, because a) I am a total cow occasionally, I’ll admit it and b) This guy’s only experience of Vashj would happen to possibly be in a pug. Now, if he says Vashj is easy, he was lucky enough I guess to get into a pug that knows what they are doing, and have done her before. Vashj is not EASY. Vashj takes massive amounts of co-ordination. Vashj takes practice. Vashj takes a dedicated core of raiders showing up, week after week, to learn the fight and practice it to do their job well.

The issues our guild had I think arose from the fact that we were spoilt. We cruised our way through Serpentshrine Cavern like there was no tomorrow! All of a sudden, we were at 5/6! How the heck did that happen? Then, when we tried Vashj, we all collapsed like a pack of cards. We simply were not used to hours on end of wiping. Some people really didn’t like to learn. Some wanted to learn TOO much, and got into arguments over strats. This resulted in raid fatigue and general stroppiness. It only takes a small handful of discontented people to poison the well, and thats what happened. Soon EVERYONE was stroppy and discontented. Eventually Vashj had to be abandoned. She was causing too many issues.

By this time though, the damage was done. People were bailing on us like there was no tomorrow. Fun forays into Hyjal did nothing to remedy the problem. So, here were are in our current situation. Having to recruit like crazy to maintain numbers. Recruitment also equals training and gearing. This means going back over farm content repeatedly. Your experienced raiders start to get bored, and look for greener pastures. It’s a never ending cycle.

SO, because of ALL this, Sar is in a rut. In all reality, I can not see our guild progressing much further than 3/5 MH before WotLK. Hopefully we sneak a little BT in there. However, most of the time we raid the same old same old each and every week. It does get a little dull. Gearwise, she is stuck. Content wise, I am starting to get bored out of my brain. Especially frustrating is that we are not even attempting bosses very often who drop everyone’s main concern – T5! Now that many mains are bringing in undergeared alts fulltime to raids, well…. I wont ever progress.

Solutions to this – fairly simple. Look for a new guild. This is something that I am reluctant to do, because I value loyalty so highly. I find it hard to abandon the people who have brought me along so far. I would feel horrible! My second concern would be finding a guild that is a good fit. I can be an annoying person. I talk at a million miles per hour, sometimes I forget to push in my tact button, and I am incredibly opinionated. However, I do bring enthusiasm, dedication, and what I believe is a very caring person. And this sounds like an advertisement (Hire a Caring Sar! Bakes cookies! LOTS of cookies!).

The other option is to continue what I am doing and suck it up. Sigh. Sucking it up is getting to be like sucking up one of those super thick McDonald’s milkshakes. So much work! And you get hardly any milkshake! Sure, when you taste it it’s great… but so much work!

Poor Hermia is stuck waaaaay down the other end of the continuum. A tank? In blues? OMG you have a couple of GREENS? Eeeeep! Being a tank in such cridtastic gear means that it is really hard to get a group. When you do get one, often someone brings along a friend to help out (great!) in full epics (not so great). People in full epics pull mobs off noobish furballs like myself. Then they die. Then I get to feel bad! It’s not too great for the reputation when you lose aggro every two seconds! So Hermia has alot of trouble getting groups. It is especially hard when there aren’t that many upgrades in regular instances. There just doesn’t seem to be a great deal of tanking leather. Could just be me. Alot of it also has to do with my self confidence – Sar, no worries. I know how to play a lock. I have been playing one forever! Druid stuff… well, I’m still learning.

Solution to this? Well, I could move Hermia over to Arcis. There are alot of reasons why I don’t want to do that. The people in Dying Breed have helped me so much. I learned heaps from them, and they helped me out with gear, mats, runs, all sorts of things. I also don’t necessarily want to raid with Hermia. I would like a couple of Kara runs, sure, but that would be it. Learning opportunities there would be kinda slim as well, seeing as I would be getting ‘run through’ pretty much. Sigh.

I think there are alot of people out there like this. People who are in a rut. I guess they could take my solution to the problem – keep myself busy with yet more alts! Is it a short term fix? Sure is. Soon enough, those alts will hit 70 as well, and be just like Herm. Well… my priest will have a smidgen nicer gear. The issue is still the same though. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Or got a different approach or idea? I’d love to hear some feedback!!

Edit: Inspired by me doing my occasional beimba-ing on my characters. Try it!


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LFM (or Women, I’m not much fussed). People who are competent. People who know how to play their class and play it well. People who have enough wisdom to not abuse the leader of a raid or a guild when things just don’t work out right. People who are just plain fun to chat to and group with!

Lately, as I have mentioned many a time, we have been having trouble fielding a full 25 man group. Now, I have mentioned the reasons (well, what I think are the reasons) for this, so I am not going to go into massive detail about why I think these people have been vanishing. Today is all about the effects that it seems to be having on myself and my fellow raiders. How to fix it? No fricking idea! But the following story (sit down, grab a coffee, maybe even some popcorn!) is a great example of what seems to be going on lately.

Yesterday, we had a grand total of 15 guildies in the raid. This meant that we had to fill up ten spots with applicants, and people from another guild who just got to tag along for the ride. We ventured into SSC (home of THE elevator, who claimed quite a few lives yet again!), where I think we usually perform pretty well. Sure, we haven’t downed Vashj. However, 5/6 of the bosses are on farm, and we can usually smack ‘em down in a couple of hours. Easy peasy. However, we forgot to calculate ‘the pug equation’ *insert ominous music*.

We slowly but surely began (Sar was late due to several bluescreen issues – yes, I know, I need a new REAL computer… or at least a formatting!). Trash was a little messy – nothing major, just slow and painful. No biggie though, because hey, it’s only trash, right? We bypassed Hydross, because his loot is basically poo-on-a-stick, and he is one of those fights where new people have some trouble with the DPS off/No HoTs or DoTs past this point kinda thing. I didn’t much mind, Hydross drives me batty with his colour changes! So off to Lurker we go!

Once again, the trash wasn’t really a big deal. We took a bit of a slowlyslowly approach, which is different, but it worked. I think I died once, out of blatant stupidity (lrn2readOmen noob!), and a couple of others did as well. Jumped on down to Lurker, went through the fight in GREAT detail, with much emphasis on four key points:

a) Spout = Get Under Water NOW!

b) Whirl = take a step back if you aren’t on an island

c) Chain sheep the mobs please, and Do Not Break the Sheep!

d) Please ensure LOS with the tank

Overall, not difficult. Lurker is usually a fast boss where the only interest is racing the others for top DPS. However, yesterday was a different story. Many people couldn’t understand the concept of “Under the Water NOW!”, and subsequently got Spouted into oblivion. Healers forgot to heal the tank *snicker*. Sheep got broken, or forgotten about by mages. Most every rule for this fight was broken, again, and again…and again. Finally, after 3 attempts, we got him down. Huzzah! Off to Leotheras!

On the way to Leotheras, we managed to wipe, or suffer significant casualties on almost every pull. Most of this was because of silly mistakes ‘I forgot to sheep, whoops!’, ‘Oh, I was attacking the wrong target!’. It was still frustrating though to wipe so many times on the trash. I think it was a testament to how boring it was that one of the other warlocks whispered me saying he was bored (and he is a very committed raider!). I replied with the sentiment that I think I would have actually preferred to be in Karazhan on Hermia – my dislike of Karazhan is well known! Spending most of the raid dead on the floor is just not fun.

Finally, we got to Leotheras. Now, to be honest, I expected a couple of wipes here. Leotheras is a fairly challenging fight in my opinion, and it would take us a while to get him. However, we did have a good hour and a half left of raid time. Surely we could do it, right? Well, we put in a good few attempts. It was clear the group had the potential to do it, if only things would just swing our way. However, the frustration clearly won out at the end of the night, which was evident in the explosion that followed from one raider.

Leotheras enraged at two percent, with the vast majority of the raid dead (I think 10 were still up). Most of these 10 were quickly wiped out, but he was taken down to one percent with one woman standing – a paladin healer. Now, it just so happens the paladin in question is also the guild leader. She bubbled herself and hit Leo, while trying to keep away from him. Unfortunately, Leo won out, and we wiped. At this point the explosion happened.

“What the hell were you doing? I can’t believe it, he had 500HP left, why didn’t you Holy Shock? Why didn’t you concentrate? Oh my god, you have no idea how to play! You are an idiot!” While most of us kinda sat there like stunned mullets, he continued his diatribe. She tried to defend herself (I am a healer. I don’t deal very much damage!), but he just continued ranting. At this point some of us threw in a couple of comments – I said something to the effect of ‘look, it doesn’t matter, there’s no sense in assigning blame’, which was followed by other people in the raid asking for him to please chill out. However, he continued ranting, and that’s when things got outright nasty!

Now, I am definitely not saying that this is the way to handle it. Personally, I would have handled it in a very different manner. However, the leader of a guild is entitled to handle things in this way. He was promptly demoted. In an interesting spin, the husband of the GM (who co leads the guild) promoted him back up. She demoted him. He promoted him. She /gbooted him. Then they both logged.

Clearly there are issues here. The co-GM should not get into that sort of nonsense by promoting him back up. That undermines the guild leader, which is a really bad thing to do. /Gbooting should not be quite so arbitary in my mind. How would I have approached the situation?

We were on vent. Half the abuse occurred over vent. I would have asked the person in question to please sort this out in a different vent channel with the officers. Also, that sort of stuff needs to be taken to whispers. The raid doesn’t need to see it. ESPECIALLY when half the raid is pugs. First and foremost in my mind is ‘always create a good impression of your guild’. I don’t want people thinking the guild is full of asshats.

I would demote the person in question. I would explain to them exactly why they were getting demoted. I would remove all the privileges that are attached to being a raider. No more bringing alts to raids. No more guild funded repairs. Even take away loot privileges where appropriate. Sure, I would be tough. It’s unacceptable to speak to ANYONE in the way he spoke. It is especially unacceptable to speak to the guild leader that way.

The main point of this is ‘Why did this happen?’. What would bring people to the point of exploding at failure? Well, when each week is full of fail, raiders get tired. They stop raiding, or they struggle through out of loyalty to the guild (and in my case, the total utter lack of anything resembling a real life!). Eventually, someone will reach breaking point. If we could just get more cheery, happy, committed raiders, maybe all would be well. In my dream world.

** Oh… the amount of HP Leotheras had left is currently in question. In my mind, it’s a moot point anyway. I could see 1%, I don’t show actual HP figures on my interface. Others said it was significantly higher.


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Another day of raiding approaches. One for which Sar is decidedly grouchy, which is maybe not good. Why? Because Sar is also a greedy guts! I learned last night that my guild did a random run into TK yesterday while I was out, um, having fun and stuff. Now, TK is usually scheduled as a Friday night raid, and was for this week with SSC. Unfortunately, they decided to run a ‘current raid content’ raid on an unscheduled night, which kinda ticked me off for two reasons.

1. I figure raids are scheduled at certain times for a reason. Raids which currently count towards attendance requirements, and which impact upon SKG (our loot system, will explain after rant!) are always held on scheduled raid days. This provides raiders with notice for attendance, and does not unfairly disadvantage those others who could not make attendance because there was no warning. Grrrrr.

2. It is more beneficial for me to get my T5 shoulders before my T5 pants going off the SKG system. Why? Well, first we need a run down of SKG.

Suicide Kings

Suicide Kings is a list based loot system. Position on the list is initially set up by random roll (we did 0-500 for non raider rank, and 500-1000 for raiders, to ensure raiders were at the top first). There are different lists for each type of loot (Weapons, Tier, Miscellaneous). If an item drops and you want it, you ‘suicide’ for the item, and the person highest on the list who suicides gets the item, and dropped to the very bottom of the list. Everyone who has attended the raid gets bumped up. If you are not in the raid, you do not move.

Eg: Sample List H/M/W Tier.

H/M/W T5 legs drop.

  1. Sar
  2. Herm
  3. Pete
  4. Fred
  5. Bob

Fred is not in the raid that day. Pete, Bob, and Herm all suicide for the item. Herm is highest, so she wins. She gets dropped to the bottom. The new list is:

  1. Sar
  2. Pete
  3. Bob
  4. Fred
  5. Herm

Clearly, the system attempts to reward attendance. People who are subbed out also get credit for being in the raid.

Implications of this list at the moment for Sar

Currently, Saresa is very high on the list for H/M/W T5. She also has NO T5 gear whatsoever. Most of the people on her list have the T5 legs, or do not want them. She is basically guaranteed the legs no matter where she is on the list. However, very few people have the T5 shoulders. Since she is right near the top of the list, it is highly likely she would get those if she suicided.

Because they did the content where the shoulders dropped, I do not get a shot at those this week. I also did not get credit, which kinda miffs me, being an unscheduled raid and all. However, if we do SSC today (and bother to do all the farm bosses – everyone bar Vashj), I get a shot at the pants. Thing is, if everyone else has the pants, I am wasting my position on the list on an item which there is no competition for. I would prefer to get my shoulders and burn my good position there, THEN get the pants no one else wants. Frustrating, no?

So, yes, I may FINALLY get T5 this week (and then have to farm all the Primals for the spellthread *ew*). But instead of getting 2 for the price of 1, I have to wait again! I guess it’s fair, but annoying since I have just had a run of bad luck with it all.


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So you have all this nice shiny new gear, right? And you want to make the most of the gear that you have? Well, that means that it is time for you to start looking at consumables! I am not going to lie – some people say that consumables are a cheap and easy way to enhance your raid performance. They certainly are easy, but I would never call them cheap. They will, however, lift you to your maximum potential. I have listed the consumables that I use below (as well as some which I don’t), with their approximate prices on my server (of course, prices vary from server to server and across factions!)

Food Buffs

Blackened Basilisk/Broiled Bluefish/Crunchy Serpent: Each of these foods gives you the ‘Well Fed’ buff, which provides you with 23 Spell Damage and 20 Spirit for 30 minutes. Approximately 20g a stack.

Skullfish Soup: Gives you the ‘Enlightened’ buff, which provides you with 20 Spell Crit and Spirit for 30 minutes. Does not stack with the ‘Well Fed’ buff. Approximately 25-30g a stack.

Spicy Crawdad: Gives you the ‘Well Fed’ buff, providing you with 30 Stamina and 20 Spirit for 30 minutes. Handy for warlock tanking encounters. Approximately 25-30g a stack.

Wizard Oils

Brilliant Wizard Oil: 36 Spell Damage and 14 Spell Crit for one hour. Approximately 20g for 5 charges.

Superior Wizard Oil: 42 Spell Damage for one hour. Approximately 7g for 5 charges.



Adept’s Elixir: 24 Spell Damage and 24 Spell Critical Strike Rating for one hour. Approximately 7g each.

Greater Arcane Elixir: 34 Spell Damage for one hour. Approximately 2g each.

Elixir of Major Firepower: 55 Fire Spell Damage for one hour. Approximately 7g each.

Elixir of Major Shadow Power: 55 Shadow Spell Damage for one hour. Approximately 5g each.


Elixir of Major Fortitude: Gives you +250 maximum health and 10 health regen for one hour. Approximately 3g each.

Elixir of Draenic Wisdom: 30 Intellect and 30 Spirit for one hour. Approximately 3g each.


Flask of Pure Death: Increases Fire, Shadow, and Frost damage by 80 for 2 hours. Counts as both a guardian and battle elixir. Persists through death. Approximately 50g each.

Flask of Supreme Power: Increases Spell Damage by 70 for 2 hours. Counts as both a guardian and a battle elixir. Persists through Death.

(Note: I have italicised the items which I use frequently).

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I know that it is a day early for most, but I would just like to wish all the great Mums out there a wonderful day, where (hopefully) the kids and the hubby do everything for you and make you feel loved. Please, enjoy it!

Yesterday was one of our scheduled raid days in Arcis, and we ventured into SSC to do a bit of killing of the ‘farm’ bosses in preparation for today’s Vashj-fest. Now recently I have noticed that we are having fairly high amounts of difficulty on what we have been terming farm content (prompting one person to question whether we truly had these bosses on farm or what). I think that the high level of recruitment that the guild has engaged in is more of an answer to this – when we first killed the bosses in SSC and TK, we had a core group of people who ran most every week. We knew each other well, and each other’s play styles well, and were able to easily organise ourselves around each other. Recently we have been taking a lot of new people in, who have to both learn all the fights, and learn the playstyles of each and every person in that raid and work well with them. The new players are also generally somewhat undergeared for the encounter, which makes perfect sense – people aren’t going to join a guild where their progression is behind what gear they have! In my opinion, this massive amount of learning is a pretty big ask, so of course there are going to be a few wipes.

Now, the thing that really got on my nerves was that people who have been in the guild for a long time, who have attained Raider status within the guild, have picked up a nasty habit of leaving early because they are ‘tired’ or some other similar excuse on the days where we face a lot of wipes. It doesn’t seem to happen so much on days where we are just flying through the content and clearing the place out. I don’t know whether this is an adrenaline thing – the excitement isn’t there, and it is more of a struggle to stay awake – or just a plain, out and out act of rudeness and inconsideration. The point is, each person leaving wastes the raid’s time, and means that the person who comes in and replaces them will have to (more then likely) have things explained to them. It also kind of annoys me because that is another person that I have to summon into the instance, and if you have been wiping fairly regularly you tend to be low on shards. But that’s just selfishness talking there.

Basically, I believe that everyone knows what the raid times are. They do not change from week to week. I know that some people have valid excuses for leaving early (I myself have left early twice because of family committments – but I let the raid leader and the guild leader know prior to the start of the raid so they had the choice of even including me), but ‘tired’ does not work. Everyone is tired by the end of raid. Deal with it. By leaving early, you are costing the raid itself valuable time, and slowing the progress down.

On another note, my T5 pants still elude me. From what I have seen, I am actually the only raider in the guild who still needs the T5 pants, and through sheer dumb luck just hasn’t been able to get them. Talk about frustrating!

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My guild Arcis (well, one of my two guilds – I consider myself lucky enough to have two guilds) is currently at 5/6 SSC and 3/4 TK. Now, we have left Vashj and Kael for a little bit to go poke our heads into Hyjal, but this weekend we headed back into SSC to have a whirl at Vashj. Now, we all knew it would be a challenge, but wooee… boy is it hard.

The raid leaders designated that all kiting would be solely handled by locks, and accordingly made the three locks in the raid spec affliction. I usually raid 0/21/40, and have an especial hate for affliction (slow shadowbolts?!? Urgh!) so I was a bit sad anyway. I expected that I would have to though, so no biggie. The three of us did our best to ensure that Curse of Exhaustion was up all the time, and ran around like idiots with a strider chasing us. However, we found that we could not get the striders down fast enough (and as far as we could see, the only DPS on the striders was ours). We would normally get the first strider to about 10% when the next one would spawn. It was painful. At one point I was being bounced between two striders like a pinball thanks to their fear – yes, noob me for getting caught in it in the first place, but that feeling of total helplessness sucks in a raid. From what I could tell, there were no other real issues in the raid – tainted cores were making their way up to the generators well, and elementals weren’t slipping through (except for once, when a mage got left all on their lonesome to attack the elementals).

So what do you guys think? Personally I favour the strat of having one warlock do CoE/kiting rather than all three of us running around – I just can’t seem to justify the loss in DPS there. I had a little tinker with tailoring nets, but I might need to take a lot more in with me to test that out further. Also, how many striders do you guys expect to spawn on average during Phase 2? From what I could see, we really should have to deal with perhaps 3? No more than 4? I just have so many questions and so few answers. Time to do some more reading!


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I am going to take the opportunity of another server crash (yay Cenarius!) to write about our fun run through ZA today. I logged on expecting our usual mid week foray into Hyjal, to find that the numbers weren’t there, so we put together a fast ZA group. Now, ZA usually isn’t all that huge an issue for us as far as I am aware (I generally miss ZA runs because I am at uni), but today proved otherwise.

The group makeup was 2 warlocks, a mage, 2 resto shaman, a prot pally, a resto pally, a prot warrior, a fury warrior, and a hunter. The resto shammies are probably not the better healers in the guild, but hey, we have run ZA before with two healers, should be cake, right?

We made the timed loot on the second boss just in time (literally less than one minute before sacrifice) after one wipe – the instruction to stand on top of the pally tank apparently being far too much for some. That then gave us 10 minutes to clear back to the bear boss and down him, which failed miserably. The first wipe the tanks simply did not get enough heals to stay up. Pretty simple to rectify, and we shrugged our shoulders and ran enthusiastically back in. Then Sar pulled one of her usual noobish tricks, got a bit too carried away, and rode her dreadsteed… all the way up to the mobs at the top of the stairs. Oh damn. Amid much yelling (and foolish promises made by me to pay peoples repair bills with my non existent gold), we all ran back in, determined to not fail.

Alas, that was not meant to be. The mobs were still aggroed, and had trekked their way to the entrance, determined to wipe us again. Most of us made it out the door, but myself and one of the warriors died a pathetic death right near the portal. Sigh.

Well we recovered from those mishaps, downed the boss easily (despite my framerate dropping to 1.7 when the boss hit 50% and never picking up again), and ran back to fetch our timed loot. The trip to the ckicken boss was uneventful, with only one near miss where a shaman forgot to recall their totems and one was spotted by a scout. We dealt with him promptly enough and continued.

We had a lovely little pep talk before we pulled the chicken boss, sorted everything out, and ran in to beat him around a little. We got him down a whole 1%…

….and Cenarius crashed. Again. As we speak, the server is back up, but the instance server is dead. Could have been worse I guess – we could have been in Hyjal!

Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.


Well, we finally got back online, and after some swapping in and out of people who needed to leave, we finally made our way through to Hex Lord. By then however, its was well and truly after midnight server time and people were getting pretty tired, so after one wipe we called it a night and will finish up tomorrow. Good times!

I am just glad that I got enough badges to get a shiny new ring :)


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