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I finally hit 86 last night.  Hot damn, I’m a speed demon at this levelling stuff.


– There is such a thing as too much cut scene, damn it. 

– I have difficulty figuring out why the hell I should care about any of this crap.  OK, so academically, I get the story line.  Emotionally, I am not engaged at all.  And all the cut scenes in the world won’t fix that problem.  Make me give a shit about these quests, damn it!  And stop making me run errands for panda children!

– I might have lied a little.  I was a little interested in finding Anduin.  I was a little invested in that (although he’s not a little boy!  When the hell did we decide to change him from a child to a young man?  Where the hell is my in between?  Now that would have been a cut scene worth watching.  Anduin’s first day at high school… or however the hell they get educated.  Anduin awkwardly hitting on someone inappropriate like Jaina.  Anduin popping his cherry (the non graphic porno version, because that would be kinds creepy).  Anduin having to wear braces… I don’t know, where were the awkward teenage years?  The years I am sure most geeks can sympathise with?)  Of course, all the in between may have happened in that cursed expansion that I avoided like the plague.  Urgh.

– Pandas are getting old already.  Especially the way they speak.  I’m bored with Pandas, Blizzard.  At level 86.  This is not promising.

– I kinda regret not being able to level at the same time as everyone else.  That may have actually motivated me.

– The way the quests are staggered around the zone is annoying as well, and seems to have no actual flow.  I like my story to be linear if it isn’t going to be interesting.


Oh well, onward and upward to 87!  Which will be even slower, by the way things appear.  Oh well.

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And, of course, got immediately caught up in the wonderful world of pet battles.  As in, I spent 2 hours doing pet battles, and 1 hour actually levelling.  Or something like that.

Admittedly, progress was slow… either the map has been rearranged dramatically (doubtful) or I have just forgotten where everything is.

I also got distracted by the horseman… which we failed, because most of the people gathered there thought it would be more fun to carry on like idiots and swear at each other instead of doing the actual event.

I had some trouble getting into the quests, which has made levelling look really unappealing.  It feels like there is far too much ‘Kill Ten Rats’ going on, and not enough meaningful story development.  Although that could just be me.  I was also rather frustrated at how clunky my Warlock felt to play.  I’m hoping I get over that in time, once I get myself used to a new rotation (yes, it takes me a while… I know, I know).  Things were dying easily enough, and I only died to my own stupidity (sure Sar, you can definitely pull 20 mobs and live… that’s plausible!)  But it just felt… slow.  And clunky.  And yuck.

I forgot how much it sucks being so far behind everyone else in the guild as well.  I really haven’t had time to play lately, and I can’t help the fact that I am busy, but it is so frustrating.  Levelling is, of course, the only solution to this problem… it’s just the getting in and doing it.  I really hate levelling.  So much. 

Although, if I could level through my pets, I’d be pretty happy.

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Well, so far so good.  I’m almost at the end of the wonderful level 83, without even stepping foot in an instance (which is the total opposite to my usual method of levelling).  I’ve knocked over Hyjal and Deepholm, and foresee myself finishing out my levelling on Sar in Uldum (which, so far, I am not enjoying… but then, I hated Deepholm for the first 30 quests or so.  I think I just have to get used to it).

I’m feeling a little sad that I couldn’t keep Pebble as a pet. Apparently, I have to do a damn daily ten times to be able to keep him or some such nonsense.  Damn it, I hate dailies.  This is probably reflected in my Smurfs game, which positively reeks of the whole concept of ‘daily quests’.  I probably have the most wasteful farm in the history of Smurfdom. I like to blame my failure at the Smurf game on my feminist objections to the franchise (can we refer to Smurfs as a franchise now?  Or just a really annoying phenomenon?  One that actually made me dislike something with Neil Patrick Harris in it even?), but really, I think it’s more that I fail at the concept of dailies and doing the same damned thing every damned day. Blah.

This might also be why I fail at many aspects of that thing known as Real Life.  After all, what is a job but a fricking lame daily quest?

Aaaaaanyway, back to the point.

So, a bunch of glorified rocks now think I’m pretty awesome.  I think that’s all I got out of my time in Deepholm.  Which could be better than my time in Hyjal, which can be summed up as “I’d rather be eating these baby animals than saving them, but what the hell ever, you damn elf hippies”.  It has been interesting levelling on my own, without interacting with anyone, anywhere, at any time.  It’s also been rather quick (rested XP is the shiznit), which means I am not totally dreading it on my Druid.  I’m not much looking forward to dragging my Hunter through another 25 levels though. I might be forced to disembowel myself with a rusty spoon before hand (I like rusty spoons…)

Anyway, it kinda sucks that I haven’t found anything too major to snark about.  The quests have been, for the most part, engaging.  Even the ‘Kill ten rats’ style quests are grouped together in such a manner that they don’t feel too craptastic.  At least I get most of them knocked over together.  Escort quests are still annoying as all get out, but that’s ok… there were only a couple!  And I even managed to get Friendly with my guild, which is nice I guess… it allowed me to waste some money on a tabard to make them like me even more… which, I think, lets me buy another tabard that will make them like me even more again.  It’s a never ending cycle of tabards!

Anyway, Helen Mirren is on TV, which of course means that I can not write anything else.  I may have a slight crush on her.  Even though she has said a couple of not so good things in the past.  She has also said some awesome things, and hey, no one is perfect.  Anyway, Helen Mirren /swoon.

So.  Almost 84.  Yay?

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I am possibly the world’s slowest leveller.  But, eh, I’m actually kinda enjoying Hyjal while I am at it.

Apart from having to kill some dead goddesses crazy ex (who happened to be a bird).  That was weird.  I mean, she didn’t ask for her ex to be killed.  But, hey, whatever, I got my tail feather, and since when have I cared about the ethics of who or what I kill anyways?

And I’m pretty happy that asshole Staghelm finally got what he deserved.  Cos, you know, I never liked him** anyway.  Whacked out nutjob that he is.

I’m amazingly unhappy that I suck ass at playing WoW.  And haven’t levelled anything but a Hunter in so long that I keep running through angry crowds, hitting my feign button, and then dying… cos, oh shit, I’m a Warlock now.  Good grief.

I’m also still playing with the default UI.  And the nasty keybindings created through a mishmash of my old UI breaking them on the default, and the asshole who hacked my account way back when I had quit moving things around.  It’s a little annoying going to use Soul Fire and realising that’s (totally irrationally, WTF Hacker?) now bound to Fel Armor.

(I didn’t even know what spell was meant to be there, by the way.  I just kept hitting the button thanks to the worlds longest lasting muscle memory)

(I had also forgotten Soul Fire existed.  Until I found the button.  Realisation!)

(I also just remembered.  That spell I’m thinking of isn’t Soul Fire.  It was Chaos Bolt.  WTF, me.  Also, don’t know whether we are meant to use that spell any more, but what the heck ever.  Seriously)

So, summed up in a not so pretty table for you all:

Shit that has changed Shit has that stayed the same
Quests are even MORE unethical.

Staghelm is actually getting in trouble. 

Buttons everywhere (in a way I don’t actually understand, rather than my organised mess)

Guild rep, Guild everything.  Huh?

People keep talking about Pandaren.  I think it sounds silly, but it means I can now legitimately say “Just get Fatty to tank/heal/DPS that”.

Less people read this.  Which I think is a good thing for you all.

I suck ass at questing.

Staghelm is still an ass.

Buttons everywhere

Lag from holy freaking hell.  Damn it.  (actually, I was sitting at 450ms, which I would consider good.  But damn it, some asshole on Twitter [whoever the hell you were!] whined about 50ms latency.  Seriously.  Shut the hell up.  Whiner.) …. (must’ve been a Mage)

Mages are still everything I have always said about them.

I still make the worst looking tables IN THE UNIVERSE.


** I know, it’s really weird that I can remember posts that I wrote in 2008 well enough to link to them.  What can I say, I have no life.

** Also, I know the formatting is screwy on said post.  But damn it, I’ve changed theme like four times since I wrote that.  Shit has got to be messed up somewhere, OK?

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Well…. it really needs nothing more said than that!  Unfortunately my screenshot mod failed me (whether it be because I didn’t set it up properly, or because that particular mod just sucks!).  I respecced straight back to Destruction, but it was late and I was far too tired to look at what I had planned, so it could be all ass-up.  At the moment I am 7/13/51 (no backdraft), which oddly enough is almost identical to my old 5 man spec in Burning Crusade!  Some things just never change.

I also bothered to get Northrend Explorer and levelled cooking up to about 400 last night.  Cost me a bit since I was lazy and didn’t want to go to OL (which was just plain silly since I went there for the daily!), so I brought a lot of recipes off the AH.  Lazy people like me make smart people rich!

So, since I couldn’t get a ding shot, here is something else which may entertain you as well.  I know I had a chuckle.  I s’pose I could give him a break… he was dying!

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So, my internet was essentially borked for the last few days, which unfortunately meant no posting!  However, the download limit has been reset for this month, my brother has been assured that exceeding it again will mean a loss of one finger per day of bad internet access, so all should be well for this month.

I know this a lazy picture post isn’t exactly substantive, but I am hoping that this will be enough to hold people for the duration of today while I come up with something of a much better quality.  Let’s face it, if I was intelligent I would have been writing something good while the internet was down, all ready to be uploaded at the push of a button when everything was back to normal.  Instead, I spent my time lazing about, going to the beach, and doing all those other fun RL activities that I have let slip since the advent of WoW, and definitely since the advent of blogging into my life.  These are just a few assorted snaps of my adventures since Wrath came out – enjoy!

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I have spent my weekend frantically levelling (my version of frantic that is -  a level a day), which has meant a lot of soloing.  Soloing of course generally means that I don’t have much to talk about – I just plug my way through the quests steadily, and have fun while I am doing it.  I was lucky enough today to meet no real jerks in the course of my playtime, although the guy who told me to ‘hurry up’ was slightly irritating, since I had said 2 seconds before that I would be a little while since I was at the bottom of a mine when I got the group invite, and had to fight my way out.  To compensate for that though I met a delightful Tauren DK who was appropriately named Cowface (or something similar).  He was soloing a group quest, and I could see that he was having some difficulty with it (it was a quite difficult quest – I can’t remember what it was called, but it’s the group quest in the Emerald Dragonshrine) so I helped him kill his mob. He paid me back by sticking around (for a few minutes, I might add) while I waited for the last party member to arrive and tanked him when we killed him.  Common decency is a great thing.

I have to say I have been getting a kick out of all the dragons that I have been seeing.  Yes, I squealed like a little girl when I saw Ysera (my favourite Dragon) and Alexstrasza.  I have always been fond of the Dragons in Warcraft, especially since they are imperfect creatures.  They make mistakes all the time!  I just hope nothing nasty happens to Ysera – bit it doesn’t look promising.

And Wrathgate!  Oh my God!  How incredibly awesome!  I have to admit, I got teary at the end of the quest chain (I won’t spoil it for people who haven’t done it yet).  It has now well and truly usurped Jailbreak as my favourite quest chain.  I actually got into a heated ‘discussion’ with Kalf at the end of the whole shemozzle about Varian Wrynn – I don’t feel so comfortable being a SW girl anymore, that’s for sure.

Finally, the cutest perk of the day?

Make sure you log in and get yours today!

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Well, NaBloPoMo has been well and truly ruined for this year, as I am sure some of you noticed.  I was away for a couple of days, and the internet connection there was so truly horrible that I was unable to post anything to the blog – it just outright refused to work.  Let’s just say that is the last time I go away for a launch of a game!  I was looking very forward to playing heaps of WoW when I installed Wrath, but alas, that was not meant to be.  I guess I am well behind the levelling curb as well.  To say I am incredibly annoyed is an understatement, but clearly it was just meant to be that way.

However, my time that I have been able to spend in game has been very enjoyable.  I decided to start off at the scenic Howling Fjord, and the quests there have not been disappointing.  Being killed by the Lich King was well and truly worth the death as well.  I didn’t know before that the Lich King was a Shaman!  At least, that’s what he professed to be when he was toying with my body.

I had also forgotten how very different the playstyle is for everyday questing compared to raiding.  While I have been questing in a group with Kalf the whole way through (who betrayed his resto roots and went boomkin), I still have to adapt to the fast paced, mobile questing playstyle.  Admittedly, the insane latency and poor framerate haven’t helped a great deal on that one.

I also have to admit that in some ways I am jealous of everyone who was able to race to 80.  I am still plodding along slowly at level 72, but honestly I don’t think that I would enjoy myself if I was levelling any faster anyway.  As I have said many times, I find questing to be a huge grind, and the more I push myself through it the more I hate it.

One moment which I enjoyed in particular (for no other reason than it highlighting my own stupidity!) was completing the Meditation quest.  The quest itself was fairly simple – trek to the top of a mountain, meditate for a brief period of time, and then kill the nasty side of yourself, since it objects fairly strenuously to being evicted.  Afterwards we proceeded to climb back down the mountain, and jumped a little bit of the way off… and kept drifting further and further outwards.  We were certain that death was coming our way… and then we noticed the slow fall buff that we got after completing the quest.  Duh!

We finished up in Howling Fjord (getting the 140 quest achievement), and made our way out to Dragonblight.  I have fallen in love with the Tuskarr – they are so adorable, roly poly and huggable!  While Dragonblight looks just a touch more… gloomy than Howling Fjord, it does look like a lot of fun.

Quests Which Are Bugged

‘I’ve Got A Flying Machine!’ – only one of the bags is able to be retrieved by the flying machine.  It is still very difficult to do.  I would recommend skipping this until a hotfix is in place.

- ‘Gambling Debt’ – To complete this quest, you need to do the four quests Silvermoon Harry gives you first.  When I completed the four quests, it still did not want to work for me.  Oddly, after trying several times and giving up and walking away, he aggroed to me 5 minutes later.  Confused me for a bit – I wondered who the heck could be casting Scorch on me, turned around and there he was.  He was still easy to kill, despite him getting half my health off before I realised what was happening.

Other Quest Tips

Falcon Versus Hawk – I found that making a macro helped a great deal.

/tar Fjord Hawk

/cast Trained Rock Falcon

- Scare the Guano Out of Them! – make sure you set the crackers off right below the bats.  It helps to have shadows turned up.

- It Goes to 11… – Ensure that you aim for the spines of the roofs.  You need to hit the very top centre of the roofs for this to work.  Also ensure that you don’t bomb too many buildings in a row – you need to survive the attacks that come after bombing a building.  I bombed 2, killed the defenders, then bombed the third and killed a couple of defenders to get my 8.

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OK, OK, I know I said I was going to level my priest. Last night though, I was a little bored, and I thought to myself ‘Why don’t I go and get my little level 5 hunter her pet? There is nothing sadder than a hunter without a pet!’. So on I logged, dusted the cobwebs off Jaquenetta’s gear, and off we went!

Now I had forgotten just how much I have always detested the trip from 1-10 – I can’t really describe why, seeing as it is remarkably quick. I generally hit level 8 burnout and give up. Last night though, I was on a mission. I had to get that pet!

So, after persisting persisting persisting, I finally hit level 10, and went to do my hunter quest. Jaq took very easily to the whole nature of taming beasts, and had a great time to boot!

First we trekked to the other side of the isle to face the sea creatures

Then, we faced off with the large birds

And finally, we contended with the might of the saber

After all these ordeals, we trained a special pet to call our very own

We shall hold him, and hug him, and love him… and try not to cry when he eats all MY meat!


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Yesterday Hermia got the Shattrath City quest “What Book? I don’t see any Book!”, where you, contender on the left, gets to take on reigning Outland champion of the brawl “Dirty” Larry and his fellow cronies! Now, he was me thinking “Hey, I am pretty tough. Hell, I soloed Boglash! Not to mention a couple hundred nasty, incredibly ticked off naga. What can one guy and his mates (one of whom is a gnome *snicker*) really do against the almighty Hermia, ‘Druid of Teeth and Claw’?” Well… it turns out they can do quite a lot, actually.

First off, it would be advised that the somewhat arrogant Hermia sit down occasionally and learn to read a little. Now we know that this is difficult (like Pooh, Hermia can be a bear of litle brain), but when it is a matter of life and death, it may help. Please note, this quest is a group quest with 3 recommended players. Not one, not two, THREE. Hermia has comfortably soloed 2 player quests before, but never a three player one.

Secondly, while bears are colour-blind (otherwise those blaze orange hunting jackets would equal a lot less dead bears and a lot more squished humans!) and so can be excused occasionally from these sort of mishaps, a quest being orange should provide some indication as to its difficulty. Combining orange difficulty with the fact that it’s a 3 player quest… well, you can guess how it ended.

So, I called in the reinforcements. Salmrissa, one of the kind hunters in my guild, offered to hearth back to Shattrath and give a poor helpless kitty a hand. At that point we were once again feeling confident… we had a 70 and a 64, we should be able to smack this guy around a bit. Just focus fire and go for it!

Well… that’s not quite how things turned out. One of the adds was trapped, and the other beating on Goliath, Sal’s cat, along with Larry. I was beating on Larry until I noticed Goliath was nearly dead – uh oh! – at which point I shapeshifted out to try to throw a quick emergency heal up on Goliath. No dice, he was dead as dead can be. Soon the mobs were attacking Sal, and in my efforts to heal him through that, I pulled aggro and was promptly killed. Sal died soon after. Well darn.

We went through another variation of events (rooting Larry, trapping an add, me healing, etc), and got Larry to 15% before a nasty death yet again. When we came back and were assessing the situation, we noticed 2 level 70′s rock up to have their go at Larry (who was now undefeated 2 – 0, the dirty rotten bastard!). They kindly let me join their group, and Sal came along to exact revenge, and we pwned him like there was no tomorrow. Sure, it took 2 of us to beat him! But hey, who cares, right?

So thankyou to the two people who helped – I apologise for not remembering your names, I do need to learn to screenshot EVERYTHING now that I am blogging! Much love to you, and Elune bless (hey, I only get to say that when I am talking about Hermia, shhh :P Sar just mutters!)


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