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Well, NaBloPoMo has been well and truly ruined for this year, as I am sure some of you noticed.  I was away for a couple of days, and the internet connection there was so truly horrible that I was unable to post anything to the blog – it just outright refused to work.  Let’s just say that is the last time I go away for a launch of a game!  I was looking very forward to playing heaps of WoW when I installed Wrath, but alas, that was not meant to be.  I guess I am well behind the levelling curb as well.  To say I am incredibly annoyed is an understatement, but clearly it was just meant to be that way.

However, my time that I have been able to spend in game has been very enjoyable.  I decided to start off at the scenic Howling Fjord, and the quests there have not been disappointing.  Being killed by the Lich King was well and truly worth the death as well.  I didn’t know before that the Lich King was a Shaman!  At least, that’s what he professed to be when he was toying with my body.

I had also forgotten how very different the playstyle is for everyday questing compared to raiding.  While I have been questing in a group with Kalf the whole way through (who betrayed his resto roots and went boomkin), I still have to adapt to the fast paced, mobile questing playstyle.  Admittedly, the insane latency and poor framerate haven’t helped a great deal on that one.

I also have to admit that in some ways I am jealous of everyone who was able to race to 80.  I am still plodding along slowly at level 72, but honestly I don’t think that I would enjoy myself if I was levelling any faster anyway.  As I have said many times, I find questing to be a huge grind, and the more I push myself through it the more I hate it.

One moment which I enjoyed in particular (for no other reason than it highlighting my own stupidity!) was completing the Meditation quest.  The quest itself was fairly simple – trek to the top of a mountain, meditate for a brief period of time, and then kill the nasty side of yourself, since it objects fairly strenuously to being evicted.  Afterwards we proceeded to climb back down the mountain, and jumped a little bit of the way off… and kept drifting further and further outwards.  We were certain that death was coming our way… and then we noticed the slow fall buff that we got after completing the quest.  Duh!

We finished up in Howling Fjord (getting the 140 quest achievement), and made our way out to Dragonblight.  I have fallen in love with the Tuskarr – they are so adorable, roly poly and huggable!  While Dragonblight looks just a touch more… gloomy than Howling Fjord, it does look like a lot of fun.

Quests Which Are Bugged

‘I’ve Got A Flying Machine!’ – only one of the bags is able to be retrieved by the flying machine.  It is still very difficult to do.  I would recommend skipping this until a hotfix is in place.

- ‘Gambling Debt’ – To complete this quest, you need to do the four quests Silvermoon Harry gives you first.  When I completed the four quests, it still did not want to work for me.  Oddly, after trying several times and giving up and walking away, he aggroed to me 5 minutes later.  Confused me for a bit – I wondered who the heck could be casting Scorch on me, turned around and there he was.  He was still easy to kill, despite him getting half my health off before I realised what was happening.

Other Quest Tips

Falcon Versus Hawk – I found that making a macro helped a great deal.

/tar Fjord Hawk

/cast Trained Rock Falcon

- Scare the Guano Out of Them! – make sure you set the crackers off right below the bats.  It helps to have shadows turned up.

- It Goes to 11… – Ensure that you aim for the spines of the roofs.  You need to hit the very top centre of the roofs for this to work.  Also ensure that you don’t bomb too many buildings in a row – you need to survive the attacks that come after bombing a building.  I bombed 2, killed the defenders, then bombed the third and killed a couple of defenders to get my 8.

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Just sharing some happy snappys from the release day!  The Flickr thing below has all the photos I took on the day, including some photos that I took along the way because I was bored.  They show the riveting scenery along the freeway, and then the stupid traffic in Sydney, and a couple from the actual release.  I know this post is a few days late as well… the internet where I was staying was completely borked and evil.








The Trip

I left for Sydney after work yesterday, which made it a rather long day. The trip took about 3 hours altogether, not including a stop along the way.

13112008020 I had to grab some snack food to hold me until dinner. I’m sure TJ would have approved. The Frozen Coke unfortunately didn’t stay frozen for too long – it was a boiling hot day and it melted faster than I could drink it. My lil buzzbox vehicle has no air conditioning, so it was like an oven.

Of course, when I got to Sydney the traffic was incredibly snarly. I looked at my watch as I excited the freeway and noticed it was right on 5 o’clock. Dang. The trip through Sydney (about 20km to where I was going) took almost as long as the trip down the freeway (well over 100km). My poor clutch foot was dying, and the car didn’t get out of second gear for most of the time.

Fortunately, by the time I arrived in Sydney I still had plenty of time to catch a fast nap and have some dinner.

The Event

All in all it went very smoothly. EB opened their doors at 10pm to allow people to pay for their pre order, so when midnight hit we just had to show our docket and pick it up. This gave us lots of time to sit around. I was disappointed at the lack of conversation between the people who were waiting – everyone basically stuck in their little cliques and didn’t talk to anyone else. I was shocked that a couple of people brought their very young children – I suppose it would be difficult to get a sitter on a Thursday night, but the kids didn’t enjoy it too much.

There weren’t as many people apparently as there was for the Burning Crusade launch, which could explain the lack of free pizza.

By 12.30 I had a CE in my hot little hands!

14112008046P.S: Anyone who asks me if I am pregnant in the photos gets slapped silly!  No, I am not pregnant – just getting fat!!  People keep asking me when I am due, and it’s getting annoying.

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So, it’s nearly time for me to go and pick up my copy of Wrath of the Lich King.  While most of you already  have your copy in your hot little hands, Australia has been left until the last minute (again!), so I haven’t had a chance to formally explore Northrend.  Never fear though, I have been using this time to reflect upon Burning Crusade, where I have been and where I am going.



Burning Crusade was my introduction to end game, and I have to say it was an enjoyable ride.  While there was much about raiding that I did not enjoy, there was even more that I did.  Raiding is going to be an aspect of the game that I will miss very much come Wrath, especially since I have no idea whether I will be raiding again.  I guess it means that I can be one of the ‘I raiding in BC, ner ner nerner ner’ types in Wrath though :)

I also established closer friendships with people in BC, as I had the opportunity to spend more time with them doing (quite frankly) useless stuff.  We ran around like idiots killing old world dragons, running through low level instances naked, and fishing in moonwells.

WoWScrnShot_052708_110946 I could go on for a heck of a long time about all the things that I have enjoyed through Burning Crusade, but long time readers of the blog will already be familiar with them all, and new readers would find it boring anyway after all the posts covering the topic.  Besides, it is time for me to go and get my copy of Wrath!  Especially since I just won the coin toss to see who got the Collector’s Edition.  Suck on that Kalf!  Besides, you are all probably having too much fun in game to read this anyway.  Pictures from the long night’s wait tomorrow!

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Real Life BS getting in the way of posting ticks me off. So, instead of a proper post (again), you get a picture that a guildie found (afraid I don’t know the source, any one who does, let me know). Going to also be a struggle to get a post done tomorrow now. Let’s just say my life can get absurdly complicated sometimes – to the the point where an absurdist play would look normal.

As for the picture – yes it’s political. No, I am not saying this was necessarily my point of view. Actually, I think I kept my politics out of this blog surprisingly well for someone who is so politically opinionated. All it did was make me chuckle.


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sadpandaI did have a whole huge blog post planned out for today, but as I have been sick, and I came home from work feeling rather down in the dumps… I just don’t feel all that into it.  Of course, a lot of the work thing is my own fault – wasn’t feeling the best on Friday, probably took a couple of lazy shortcuts that I shouldn’t have taken since I was sick, and they have come back to bite me on the bum.  Tomorrow is going to be very horrific indeed.  Oh well, probably serves me right!

Anyway, this means that any big long wonderful blog post that I was going to write is now postponed.  I apologise.  There will be something hugely spectacular (!!!) tomorrow.  Well, maybe ‘hugely spectacular’ is an exaggeration. However, there should be something of substance.

In the meantime, there is an abundance of posts where people are reflecting upon their time in BC, and thinking about their future.  As this is something that is on my mind (and most everyone else’s, from what I can gather) I am sure that you will enjoy these. For recommendations, well… I’d just try most any WoW blog.  Pop up to the top, click on ‘Blogroll’ (which woefully needs updating…), and try your luck!

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To all my admirers,

I know I am wonderful beyond all imagining. My accent with its hidden ‘r’ noises and whiny twang is music to your ears. My propensity to throw smiley faces at the end of sentences or to giggle helplessly every time you say something makes me appear ‘charming’ – or stupid, but since you admire me so, let’s go with charming. My masterful use of the words ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’ (something much of the population has forgotten about) indicate that I am thoughtful and polite in all forms of company. However, despite these wonderful characteristics I apparently display, pursuing me is NOT A GOOD IDEA. To remind you why, here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions. (By frequently asked: yes, I have actually been asked most of these things)

Will you have my babies?

No, I will not have your children. Unless you live in Ohio, where I am still legally allowed to breed.

Are you a girl?

Yes, I am a girl. My name, appearance and voice would seem to indicate that. Even better, I have always been female. For some of you, that alone puts me out of reach.

Are you English?

I live in Australia. Not England. This means I am not a gorgeous English Rose, but rather a crass Aussie Bogan. If you met me you would be horribly disappointed. I burp loudly, don’t excuse myself, and point out people who look funny in public.

Can you please make me some water?

I’m a Warlock. Not a Mage. Get that through your head. Warlock = awesome. Mage = awesomely inferior to a Warlock.

I can help you find your way to the light ;)  OR Can you show me life on the Dark Side?

Being a Warlock means I am inherently evil. No, you can’t help me find my way out of the Dark Side. No, I wont try to bring you over to the Dark Side either. Frankly, you just aren’t cool enough.

Wouldn’t you be happier being good?  I can help you come to the good side.

The afore mentioned Dark Side generally refers to Star Wars. I am a lock, not Darth Vader. I enjoy being evil. Have you ever noticed how most villains are portrayed as being tormented or miserable? Nup, that’s not me, I love being engaging in torturous deeds on innocent strangers. Killing babies is fun!

OMG I love you!  Do you have a fan club!

7. There IS an Official Sar Fan Club. You DO have to pay to join. I WONT sign anything.

Can you…

…Ew. I am especially not signing that.

<3 Sar.

P.S. To all the freaky Sar admirers out there: Saresa/Angela is purchasing her copy of Wrath of the Lich King at the midnight release at EB Games at Westfield Burwood, NSW. I will be with two rather questionable characters: Kalf from The Tree House, and a good friend from one of her guilds. I will be easily spotted because a) you have all seen me on video, and know what I look like, and b) I will probably be wearing my ‘I Tank With My Face!’ T-shirt. No guarantees on the shirt, that depends on me remembering to pack it.
Odds are, none of my admirers are Australian. However, admirer or not, if you are in the area for some strange reason, pop by and say hello.

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Raiding is an interesting activity, in that everyone who is there generally wants to be there, but is motivated by end results rather than the process itself.  I often think of it as very similar to my experiences at uni – I didn’t enjoy being in classes and lectures, but I was looking forward to the end result of my studies.  The problem with this is it gets very easy to stop putting in 100% effort when you aren’t all that interested in the current process.  When you have a raid of 25 people who suddenly aren’t interested in the process… well, things can get messy.  When things get messy, progression is slowed, repair bills go up, and people aren’t happy. 

What can you, as the raid leader, class leader, or even lowly raiding peon like myself do in this sort of situation?

1.  Ensure that you show you are as motivated as possible.

Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm.  Do your very best to behave in a manner which shows you are looking forward to the raid, you are prepared, and you enjoy the company of those around you.  Even if you really aren’t feeling up to scratch, bluff your way through. Encourage your fellow raid mates, and please keep the conversation over trash light hearted and fun!  You have enough of that ‘serious concentration’ stuff to worry about on the bosses – if you feel comfortable with the trash, have a bit of fun while you are doing it!

2.  Keep everything fair and above board.

This is true for all aspects of raiding.  You just goofed up?  Admit it, apologise and move on.  Some loot just dropped?  Ensure that you (and everybody else, if you are in charge) adhere to the principles of the loot system in place.  I often go above and beyond the requirements of the loot system, following the basic philosophy that I only deserve one upgrade per raid, and if someone else needs an upgrade more than I do, I’ll think twice about taking it. 

Remember, people are often motivated by the loot at the end of the fight, and if they feel their chances at loot are hindered, they wont be so motivated to do their best.  Unfair loot distribution builds distrust and resentment in raids.  Establish rules with the guild and stick to them, but never be afraid to make amendments when a loophole is found and exploited.  You know there is something wrong when you have dedicated raiders who never seem to get upgrades, or some people who just get too much.

If you haven’t researched a fight, don’t be afraid to admit it.  While (generally speaking) you should do your reading before your raiding, you can occasionally be taken by surprise and not have enough time to read up.  Ask questions!

3.  When things are looking grim, keep your chin up.

Sometimes a raid will wipe.  A lot.  Sometimes on the silliest of things!  It can be exceedingly difficult, but complaining about how useless people are, your repair bill, or the time wasted can often do more harm than good.  Don’t be afraid to criticise, but criticise in a manner which is productive.  Rather than ‘What the hell were you all doing?’, try something along the lines of ‘This is what seemed to go wrong there.  Let’s work on that for the next time’.  People aren’t perfect, and allowances have to be made.  I mentioned earlier that enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm.  Well, mistakes also breed mistakes.  People get nervous in an environment where yelling happens after mistakes, and more mistakes are made.  Try not to let the cycle start in the first place.

4.  Look for a way to use your damage meter effectively.

I have talked about this many times.  Simply linking a damage meter and saying Players X, Y and Z need to improve isn’t going to cut it.  More often than not, this will leave your raiders feeling anxious or upset, which will lessen their output.  It also encourages elitism in the raid, which is just outright nasty.  Also discourage excessive boasting, as this does not foster a positive group attitude.

Feel free to point out those who did well in public.  Don’t always go for the straight ‘damage/healing done’ option, either.  Comments like ‘Healer X has really improved on cutting back their overhealing!’ work beautifully.  Take notice of exactly what other people are doing, and find something nice to say about it.  Find a player who’s slacking?  Whisper them with your concerns, don’t voice them in raid.  This is the sort of job that allows your class/role leaders to really shine.

Remember, positive feedback is much more effective than criticism.  While both are necessary, always try to find a positive comment.

5.  Reward your raiders

Whether this be a reward built into your loot system, guild ranks, or even a silly fun guild event, your raiders appreciate thanks.  Dedicated raiders give up a great deal of time, and quite often for very little thanks apart from the occasional piece of loot.  Remember to include all your raiders in your thanks – thanking just the tanks and the healers isn’t going to cut it.  However, your thanks also need to be sincere.  Raiders should also thank their raid leaders, who spend a tremendous amount of time getting ready for a raid, ensuring they know every pull backwards and forwards, and getting everybody together.  If being a raider isn’t an easy job, think how difficult it is to lead all those people.  There’s a reason why the expression ‘herding cats’ is often used in regards to raid leadership.

No doubt there are things that I have forgotten to mention here.  I do not mean for this to be a comprehensive list.  These are just the basics that many people seem to forget, or just plain don’t think of.  While this may not seem especially relevant at the moment with Burning Crusade coming to a close, much of this can also be applied to 5 man instancing, and raiding in the future.

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It’s the end of the world as we know it/ It’s the end of the world as we know it/ It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

Now more than ever seems to be a time for reflection.  This reflection has come in many forms, whether it be reassessing the direction your guild is taking, or contemplating creating a guild to fit your own ideals.  There have been discussions of loot management systems, levelling goals, and achievement grabbing.  My own personal thoughts have been more focused on looking back, and working out what I enjoyed and what didn’t work for me.  My time as a BC raider is coming to a close.  With one day left on my raiding schedule, this is my reflection upon my experiences as a raider so far, and the reasons why I will probably not return to 25 man raiding in Wrath and beyond.

I guess the catalyst for a lot of this was talking to a friend who quit playing the game just before BC.  I quite often teasingly ask him if he is ever going to take the game back up (knowing full well that he doesn’t have the time – he often isn’t even in the same country for more than a month).  He expressed many of the same thoughts that I myself have had, albeit from a slightly different perspective.  He would much rather do heroic 5-mans (well, until I told him they just aren’t that rewarding as an end game exercise) and 10 man raids.  If he could form a guild with some good friends and raid the 10 mans, he would be more than happy to take the game back up.   However, he had no interest in large raids and all the organisation that came along with it.

I have found that a great deal of my experiences echo his own.  The disappointment with badly organised people in raids.  The inevitable person who afk’s at a crucial moment, the know it alls, the know nothings, and the myriad of garbage that has to be put up with as a result of being in a large group.  Especially when it is a group motivated, not by their own relationship with each other, or even necessarily the prospect of having a good time, but by progression and loot. And then there is all the stuff that comes along with that…

Look at all the people’

A wonderful (yet equally horrible) aspect of WoW is that it enables and encourages us to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds and places, and people that we would not usually associate with.  This is often good, allowing us to make friends with many people, but sometimes it lands us in situations we really don’t enjoy.  We all know the pain of raiding with someone that we just plain clash with, and with people who do not know how to do their jobs.  I have played with some fantastic players who I just can not get along with on a personal level.  While we manage to knuckle down and get the job done, they do drive me just a little bananas.  On the other hand I know people who are wonderful, lovely people… and just really don’t understand the concept of not standing in the fire, or not moving during flame wreath.  Grouping with both these sorts of people in a 25 man raid environment often made the experience stressful and unenjoyable.  Most people are afraid to say it, but it’s true.  Grouping with ‘jerks’ (people you don’t like) or ‘noobs’ (people who aren’t skilled) kills the experience.  More likely than not, I also often fall into both of these categories, and drive other people bananas.

Born to Run

And Run… and Run.  Every weekend.  All Day.  Hours at a time.  Raiding does take up an enormous amount of time, and I am really beginning to question the value of this time.  Sure, it has been fun.  The things that I sacrificed to raid, well, I didn’t enjoy so much anymore.  I shop a lot less now, which is great.  I don’t go to the gym anymore, which is not so great.  Some weekends I am hesitant to do things with my friends, and that is a problem.  Ditching real life because ‘They need me this week!’ or ‘But they might get that damned boss down’ isn’t good enough for me anymore.  My computer chair has a permanent indent in it, and every week I get slightly heavier, slightly more distant from my friends, and slightly more detached from the real world.  Would I say I have a problem?  Certainly not.  Do I want this to change?  Definitely.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

…but Epics are her everything.  Loot distribution is a gnarly problem in large scale raiding.  There’s only so much loot, and so many people who want it!   This means that generally, some form of loot management system needs to be implemented.  Unfortunately, no system is perfect.  Every system I have seen has some potential for exploitation, and none of them will work properly unless they are managed and maintained well by the guild.  Ultimately, there are 2 driving forces in end game raiding:  Loot and Content.  Players want to have shiny loot, and they want to see as much content as possible.  This means that every player wants to have the very best loot, and sometimes they will do almost anything to ensure that they do.  This causes problems when people exploit loot systems.  The person exploiting will feel well within their rights to do so, since it will be ‘by the rules’.  Other raid members will feel wronged and cheated.

Sometimes someone will get a great deal of loot.  So much loot that they really don’t need anything else from that level of raiding.  They will sometimes look for a guild that has progressed further, in their desire for loot and content.  This can also leave a guild feeling wronged.  While a person may have gear, this gear is sometimes viewed as communal guild property.  Too many people do this, and a guild is left stagnant and unable to progress.

I’ve been through both of these things, and in the latter example, been on both sides.  I’m not saying that these things won’t happen in 10 man raiding.  However, I am hoping to raid 10 man instances with some close friends that I have made over the years, and I for one am going to adopt a personal philosophy of ‘It’s just pixels and numbers’.  I have already started as best I can – I no longer run a damage meter, and I try (and unfortunately fail) at not caring about gear.  If we don’t get through more than the first level or two of raiding, well, no biggie.  I want to learn how to enjoy raiding all the time, whether it be a night of wiping it up or a night of downing bosses and getting loot.  THAT is why I am untying myself from the raiding treadmill, come Wrath.

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I am one of those people who is forever complaining about lack of bag space.  I run out of room for things all the time, and often end up deleting valuable items just to clear out some space.  I have never really figured out how I run out of room for things, until the other day.

I had a look in my bags, and discovered the following:

  • 3 pairs of shoes
  • 5 rings
  • 3 trinkets
  • 3 helms
  • 2 chest pieces
  • 2 bracers
  • 3 pairs of pants
  • 2 pairs of gloves.
  • 5 sets of shoulders
  • 3 belts.











Really, I don’t know why I feel compelled to keep these things, but I am one of those people who finds it hard to throw things away.  You never know, they may be useful some day!  I have every piece of Warlock specific gear in my bank, and I will never get rid of those.  I also have items I crafted which took me a lot of work to make, because I can never bring myself to get rid of those.  A great deal of it however, is useless garbage.  I still have my Kara ring lying around, not that it will ever be useful, and several other silly items.  I know I should throw them out, but every time I go to, my inner pack rat stops me.  ‘Awww, but it might be useful…’; ‘What memories that has…’

Help, someone!  I have pack rat-itis!

I think pack rat-itis is a common ailment amongst WoW players.  I have heard many people wonder why they keep strange items, but then can not bring themselves to throw it out.  I myself have kept strange quest rewards, because a small part of me has wondered whether these useless tokens might suddenly become necessary for something.  Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, right?

Then there are the people who have their bank spaces meticulously organised, with every item carefully catalogued and every useless item discarded.  To them, a bank is a useful inventory of items.  To me, it’s somewhere to throw my crap at the end of the day, or when I need bag space to raid.  Guild banks were a boon for me (and hell for GM’s) – random ore I don’t want?  Guild bank!  Motes I don’t think I’ll ever use?  Guild bank?  Glyphs left over that I can’t sell?  Guild bank!!  Save room in my own bank, and clutter up the guild bank!  I suppose this is a small answer to pack rat-itis, any how…

What about your bank?  Are you meticulous, or a grubby pig like myself?  Eeeek, too many animal metaphors!

Note on the picture:  That is my awesome collection of work shoes from this week.  I tend to kick them off once I am in the study, so the study is more like my shoe closet.  <3 shoes!

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So… a few days in and I am already struggling for something to talk about. Terrible, isn’t it? A small part of me is wondering if it is because I am forcing myself to write, which in some small yet ridiculous way is stifling my creativity. *shrugs* So, in search for something interesting, creative, and fun, I am taking a page out of Larisa’s book (since she is so infinitely awesome), and interviewing myself. Thanks to the people in BA Chat and Twitter for some questions!

1. How do you sleep at night?

Surprisingly well, considering the amount of killing I indulge in during the day. OK, in all seriousness – I am a pretty horrid sleeper, up every 2 or 3 hours, and I toss and turn a lot. I put most of it down to the fact I suffered from insomnia through most of high school, sleeping less than 2 hours most nights.

2. How many different types of soaps are in your home?

Oooh, toughy. What is classified as soap? I have 3 different body washes, 2 varieties of bubble bath, and a passionfruit body scrub style thing, as well as a couple of bars of soap, and the weird soap like substance on my razor. I also have antibacterial soap on the bathroom vanity. I like to be clean. So much so that I also have a hand bag sized version of that antibacterial stuff (Aqium? *shrugs*) you can use without wetting your hands. Yes, I am a bit of a clean freak!

3. Do you have nightmares of the toons you kill in WoW?

Hardly ever! My hatred of the Horde is well documented, and I figure that they deserve to die. I don’t even feel bad for killing critters! I delight in it, actually. I figure, I occasionally decide to help one of them out when they are dying… and they then let me die instead. However, I did have a nightmare once that 3 sets of my T5 pants dropped and they gave them to warriors… weird.

4. Do you believe in life after WoW?

Hmmm. There must be something out there somewhere. Surely… If anyone finds it, give me a buzz, kk?

Much of my non WoW life is spent with my head stuck in a book. I love books, to the extent where I chose a profession which encourages other people to stick their heads in books. When I found out Scribes could make books, I was thrilled to tiny pieces. I would probably try to write a novel post-WoW… itwouldn’t be much good, but I would try anyway.

5. What is the secret ingredient?

Anasophilis. Yes. Anasophilis. Plus a dash of brimstone, a little flint, and there you have it.

6. What is the Derivative fraction of your combines possible DPS on a level 73 boss multiplied by the amount of shadow damage coefficient?


7. If I owned you so hard in PVP it deleted your warlock, would you cry IRL? (from Tigor)

Of course I would! Of course, seeing as I am so infinitely awesome, it just wouldn’t happen. No, this is not an invitation to a duel!

If Sar was ever somehow deleted, I am not sure what I would do. Well, obviously I would try to get her back, or make a new version of her, but it wouldn’t be the same. I imagine it would be like a much worse version of when I lost a drawing I spent hours on in primary school (turns out I accidentally left it outside, but it rained and it got destroyed). I was so upset, since I put a huge amount of effort in to it, and it was completely ruined. It is probably silly (and some would say a sign of unhealthy addiction to the game) to be so attached to a few pixels, but there you have it.

8. What is your favourite achievement?

I do love the ‘To all the Squirrels I have loved before’ achievement. Solely because you can /love DEAD critters! No, not in THAT kind of way, I’m Human, not Undead!

9. If you could get your warlock as chocolate statue would you eat it?

Probably not. I’d put her in a special refrigerated cabinet. The temptation would be difficult to resist, but I think I could do it. Could she summon chocolate imps for me to eat instead?

10. Are you planning to take over the world?

To answer this correctly, let me show you this reproduction of a circa 2000 illustration of mine:


Yes, that’s right. I rule the world. It was ordained in a Maths lesson all those years ago – what was written can not be unwritten, and thus it is so. Bow to me!

11. Is there a warlock conspiracy to get the rogue class removed from the game?

Well, to be totally honest, we *is suddenly gagged by a bunch of angry and mysterious warlocks dressed in ninja clothes* mmmofmmnnrfff mmnfffoooof.

12. Is it true that you and Matticus have had relations?

Unfortunately, I think that geographical and class differences will always be in the way of that. Besides, he’s a dwarf. I do have standards, y’know?… OK, OK, I lie. We all know I have no standards. I’m just not that lucky, truth be told.

13. What is it like admiring an awesome druid such as myself? (From Kalf)

All I can say is this: Psh. If I admired you so much, would I have peed in your moonwell?

In all honesty, I must say that playing WoW with people like Kalf has really made the game for me. Kalf has always been there to encourage me along, and we have had some really interesting times together. Kalf and I have known each other for, oh, almost 2 years? What a 2 years it has been.

14. Does your mount have a name?

Hell no. It’s a summoned slave who should consider itself lucky to carry my awesome ass around Azeroth. The only thing I have ever named is Squidy. <3 Squidy.

15. Staff or Dagger?

Daggers FTW!

16. Favourite pet?

Traathun the Felhunter

17. Are there girls on the internet?

Not at the moment, we are all currently taking over everything else.

18. Fiction or Non Fiction?

Ooooh, toughy! Fiction by a hair.

19. Which class would you like to have a 70 of?

Priests have always intrigued me, I just can’t seem to level mine past 26.

20. How long is a piece of string?

Thirteen of some unit of measure. Feet? Inches? Cubits?

Credit must be given where it is due: Inspiration/outright copying of questions from the following

Aylii/Makea, Kalfurion, Kagrra and Tigorasou at The Druid Team, and Yashima. Hope I didn’t miss anyone!

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