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Posts relating to the various WoW festivities and my experiences within them. They tend to be sparse – I find holidays to be over covered in the blogosphere.

Well, here is the extent of my travels so far today with my Orphan :)

Visiting Al\'ar

First a quick pop in to visit Al’ar and say hi… she looked a little scared, but thankfully I was tall enough to hide behind – she wouldn’t have fared so well with a gnome!

Then observing Shatt from up high in a garden above the Scryers

I tried to tell her a bear butt probably wasn’t the best place to hide from Gruul

So she hid behind a rock instead!

Then we killed him, and all was well.

Now for a trek back to Azeroth and see what we can do there :)

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I finally got around to picking up my ‘adorable’ (if you are into that kinda thing) orphan today. Slow, slow, I know, what can I say, I am lazy! Anyway, before I do the quests, I have decided to enter BBB’s Screenie Competition. I now just need to think of a couple of imaginative places where I can take my innocent little orphan and get a few happy snaps! I have a few ideas, but I will keep you posted. And, no, I am not telling you – they are a secret, secret yesss *shifty eyes*.


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