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Posts relating to the various WoW festivities and my experiences within them. They tend to be sparse – I find holidays to be over covered in the blogosphere.

It’s times like these, I really wonder whether the whole theory of ‘owners will eventually look like their pets’ also applies to avatars.

Happy Easter to all of you – hope you have had a lovely holiday, however it is you celebrate it, and I hope that the Easter bunny was good to all of you (because he was waaaaay too good to me!)TwitterPicture 103

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Just a quick post, as I have family out here visiting for the weekend and so don’t have much time to write.  The Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt starts soon, and I have sneakily hidden an egg somewhere on this blog.  I should warn you though… Warlocks don’t take very good care of their eggs, and I have had this one lying around since last Easter.  It’s not looking very healthy anymore.  In fact, it could spawn a little pink demon at any moment, so I suggest you try to find it quickly!

May the best egg hunter win!

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Technically, I have quit WoW blogging.

Technicalities be damned!  There are Warlocks out there in dire need of advice, and I refuse to leave any man, woman or imp dateless this Valentine’s Day.  You might be one of those shy retiring Warlocks… the kind who hide behind their doomguard (now that summoning the big bastard is totally harmless, and no one is going to scream about the Warlock killing the Mage random raid member – again).  You might be too busy slaving away killing Hunters all day and cleaning the muck up all night (seriously… just avoid the Hunters with bears.  Trust me on this one… *flicks random poop-like substance off robe*) to think about how to charm your sweet one for the tackiest, most commercial occasion of the year. 

Never fear, Sar is here to help you with some handy tips, great advice, and she’s even blowing a myth or two out of the water in the bargain.

1.  No one REALLY wants those impersonal flowers.  Go one better.

According to popular wisdom, the best gifts are personal.  You know, thoughtful and shit like that.  Well, who can go past a Soul Shard made from your sweet one’s worst enemy?  One of a kind, glorious chunk of soul… and best of all, they’ll be obsolete come Cataclysm, so you get the bonus of offloading something which is soon to become a total heap of junk!  Just don’t tell your honey that shiny purple sparkly is going to be as worthless as a brain scan on a Mage.

2.  Seduction is completely overrated

I don’t know about you guys, but when I get Domxia to seduce something for me, it always ends the same way.  The romance wears off, the stupid bimbo comes trotting back to me… followed by a really angry mob intent on smashing my gorgeous face in.  Clearly NOT a success.

So, I guess you have a couple of options:  Either cut out the middle man, and work on your own seducing skills… or wait for someone to toddle over your way.  I personally favour the direct approach (something along the lines of ‘Will you be my Valentine?  Oh, no?’ /incinerate).  Works every time.

3.  It’s all in the details.

Ever had the most wonderful date lined up, only to realise that you are completely boned because your only mode of transportation is Dad’s daggy old Datsun (complete with cigarette burns in the seat and funky old foam smell)?  Transport your date with class via a shiny, glamorous red portal!  Nothing says consideration like ‘Send me a tell when you are done honey, and I’ll summon you’.

datsunSeriously… which would YOU rather jump into?  

4.  Competition be damned!

Nothing worse than planning to make a move, only to have that pesky sneaky bastard of a Rogue sneak in on your target.  Show them who’s boss by casting fear on them… over and over and over.  It’s amazing how unimpressive someone suddenly looks when they run around, waving their hands and pooping their pants.  No one steals a Warlock’s date!

5.  Endless Kisses?

Unending Breath.  So many uses… and your honey is sure to appreciate whatever it is you manage to come up with.

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Yay, my Kris Kringle present arrived!  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did (I had to make myself wait until Christmas Day to unwrap it, of course!)  Many many thanks Shawndra, and I hope you have a fantastic Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! This holiday season, we should all decide what to get for our favorite fel cookie bakers in our lives. Below, a list of things Maiera would like, and hopefully, Saresa as well.

  • Robes. The prettier, the better. Even better if they are pretty and useful. Some examples that I found are Merlin’s Robe or Royal Moonshroud Robe(for those heavy into raiding), Ebonweave, Moonshroud, or Spellweave(for the new 80),Arachnidian Robes or Chan’s Imperial Robes(for looks). There are many other gorgeous robes out there suitable for role play or around the town wear. I’m sure we’d both like to see comments about them after this post!
  • Consumables. You can’t wrap them due to their stackable nature, but a gift of food and potions cannot go wrong. Flask of the Frost Wyrm is a favorite among spell casters, and a stack would be a great gift to the raiding warlock. Imperial Manta Steak, Spicy Blue Nettlefish, or Tender Shoveltusk Steak are yummy meals sure to please any warlock above 70. I’m not too sure how well Runic Mana or Healing potions would be received, but if you paired them with food or flask, I’m sure they might get used. You could even toss a nice stack or two of Kungaloosh in there. Alcohol never goes to waste!
  • Pets. Sometimes warlocks tire of their minions, and need something cuddly and lovable to fawn on them and just be happy to be owned. If you don’t know what pets they own, try and find out first. Some favorites that some might not have are the white kitten, any of the raptor hatchlings, or any of the whelplings. If you remember, pick up some pet supplies from Breanni in Dalaran as an added surprise!
  • Something Shiny. How about some lovely gems or enchantments? A Runed Cardinal Ruby would find a home in the next new piece of gear. That new Black Magic weapon enchant on a handy vellum would be nice, too (hint hint). Of course, a gift of uncut gems or enchanting materials would certainly be just as well received.
  • Gift Card. Gold is always received well. You can’t wrap it, but you can send it with a message. For that warlock who doesn’t have epic flying, or that is trying to buy their way into the good graces of any number of factions, you can’t go wrong with cold, hard cash. This is perhaps the best gift for the warlock that has it all!

There you have it. Now, go run off and buy or farm up a present for Saresa. I promise I won’t tell her what you bought. Just make sure all the funds were struggled for in game. Save that real world money for lollies or cat food. I’ll throw in a kitten for free (postage and handling paid for by recipient).

To read all of the Blog Azeroth Secret Santa posts, have a look here!

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***Language Alert: some fairly nasty words slip through on this post.  If you are the sensitive sort, might be an idea to skip this one***

When I was bookshopping while I was on holidays (which is where I have been rather than writing here, because, let’s face it, I do need a life outside the internets, ya know?) I came across a little book that intrigued me – “Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the rise of raunch culture”.  A flick through confirmed that the author of the book and I found the same thing in life bloody confusing -  How does prancing around half naked with a Playboy bunny symbol on your shirt make you sexually liberated?  Thus persuaded, I purchased my book, counting it as a strike against the ditzes and bimboes in the world that I seem to encounter everyday.

Well, I came home, half unpacked since I am a lazy ass, forgot about the books, and spent the week doing what I do best when it’s holidays: played WoW and ate Tim Tams.  While I was playing I decided to participate in the wonderfully timed Noblegarden holiday.

This holiday activity sounds fairly innocuous – collect eggs, eat chocolate, get a bunneh pet.  I got all that stuff done, got myself a pretty dress, a basket, and a cute set of ‘I’m totally fuckable bunneh ears’

… wait, what?

Fuckable bunneh ears?  And that’s not the end of it!  In my total ignorance of my own fricking beliefs, I screenshot said bunneh ears (perched oh so cutely on top of my sophisticated head), crop it to REALLY draw attention to my ears, and stick it up on Twitter.

Yeah.  I basically just advertised to the internet that I am a bimbo.  Saresa the Noble, my ass!

Way to go Sar, way to compromise your beliefs right there.  To be honest, I am not sure why I find the ears so appealing… I haven’t taken the picture down, despite the objections I have to it.  Guess we can just add hypocrisy to my list of faults – it’s OK to compromise all my beliefs if I look damn hot doing it!

Of course… I could look more like this chick right here: next to her I look downright Victorian Prudish.  The men sure liked her though, about as much as I liked the men in dresses!


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So, Winter’s Veil is here.  Another holiday with a chance to get a title.  Another holiday where Sar won’t get a title.  But, heck, she’ll try her very best anyway.  And then console herself with the fact that, well, the title ‘Merrymaker’ for a Warlock is a bit odd.  A bit misleading even.  Sure, I enjoy lighting nice, toasty fires… right on people’s heads.  I do like to give strange and surprising gifts… even when they aren’t always welcome.  However, I don’t think either of these are Official Santa Sanctioned Christmas Activities.

So, for those of you who are much more likely to get the achievement and title, here are the requirements! Feel like being festive?  Well… there is TWELVE of them.  Each of them have a difficulty scale of 0-5.  Enjoy!

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me

Gnomes killing Gnomes in BG’s

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me

A reindeer bombing run

and Gnomes killing Gnomes in BG’s.

etc etc etc

1.  On Metzen!

Save Santa’s stupidest reindeer yet again.  Seriously.  Never mind that he has been saved year after year after year… once again he got himself kidnapped.  I am beginning to wonder whether there’s some sort of knockback system involved here – Metzen gets paid handsomely in carrots to just ‘wander away’ from his stall… fricking carrot junkie.  Screw Metzen, this year I’m heading to Ibiza instead!

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 1/2 sprig of holly jabbed up the proverbial.

2.  With A Little Helper From My Friends

Is this meant to be a poke at gnomes not looking scary?  If so, I just don’t get the joke… Gnomes terrify me! Although it will be amusing to see the gnome on gnome carnage.  The biggest pain in the patoot here is that the costume wears off when you die.  Can anyone else imagine at least a few trips to the BG’s?

Oh, and Doodads… sucks to be you!!

holly-icon1 Pain in the ass level: 4 sprigs of holly jabbed up the proverbial

3.  Scrooge

Throwing snowballs at leaders?  This I can totally advocate!

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 0 holly jabbed up the proverbial

4.  Fa-la-la-la-Orgi’la

Well, for most people this is fairly easy.  For me… um… am I even attuned properly?  Hmmm.  As a Very Important Note, for lazy cheaters like me, you do not have to complete the quest with your mount transformed.  You just have to hand it in with the reindeer suit on your poor Netherdrake (or whatever the heck you may have).  Expect to see Ogril’la hopping again!

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level:  Attuned: 1/2 a sprig of holly

                                     Unattuned: 3 sprigs of holly jabbed up the proverbial

5.  ‘Tis the Season

Dressing up in a skanky Christmas outfit might be good for some people out there (I’m looking at you Blood Elves), but it really isn’t my cup of tea.  Nor is fruitcake, to be entirely honest – they say you are what you eat, and I have enough people calling me crazy as it is.  However, I am willing to grin it and bear it for the achievement.  All I need to do is sew my self some clothes, suck up to a leatherworker, smack a Mage around (gogo Nexus!), and munch on some Fruitcake!  How easy does it get?

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 1 sprig of holly up the proverbial

6.  Crashin’ and Thrashin’

A racer to crash into stuff?!  Almost as fun as throwing snowballs!!

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 0 holly jabbed up the proverbial.

7.  Simply Abominable

Pack up your tent, ‘cos we’re going camping!  One mob.  Thousands of players.  One achievement.  Be the fastest to click on the damn mob!  Have fun NOT clicking on someone who flags themselves instead of the mob!  Oh, the endless joy that is waiting on a respawn.  Pack your snowflakes for Let it Snow – they might come in useful here.

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 3 sprigs of holly jabbed up the proverbial

8.  Let it Snow

Throwing snowflakes on people.  Why can’t it be snow balls?  Snowballs of DOOM!!!!  Oh, wait… not any random people?  They have to match a defined race/class criteria?  And I can’t go to Dalaran without disconnecting?  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?  And where am I going to find a Dwarf Paladin!

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 2 holly jabbed up the proverbial.

9.  Bro’s before Ho Ho Ho’s

The biggest source of whining since the Warlock Forums.  Who has it easier – Alliance or Horde?  Which side does Blizzard favour most?  How come your side gets everything on a platter?  Yeah, well. we had to trek out ALL the way to VC in YOUR stinking land!  Hey, WE weren’t stupid enough to do YOUR instances!

…. What was the point of the quest again?  Oh… throw snowflakes at religious people.  Riiiiiight.  Does the Dwarf Pally count?  How about a bunch of Priests?  Oh… damn.

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: Actual quest: 1 sprig of holly

                                    Listening to whining about quest: 5 sprigs of holly jabbed up the proverbial

10.  The Winter Veil Gourmet

Driving up the prices of small eggs and cooking consumables everywhere!  This one has three different pain in the rear levels (just because it’s special).  I fit squarely into pain level number 2, with a cooking skill of one and a good reputation with the Goblins.  Those unfortunate souls who decided to grind their Bloodsail rep AND neglected to level their cooking are, well, screwed.  Achievement requires 325 cooking.

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: If you can cook:  1 sprig of holly

                                    If you can’t cook: 3 sprigs of holly

                                    If you are a non-cooking pirate: The whole holly bush jabbed up the proverbial!

11.  He Knows if You’ve Been Naughty

Opening presents is almost as fun as setting people on fire.  Almost.

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 0 holly jabbed up the proverbial

12.  A Frosty Shake

Get ahold of a snowman costume by doing the quests you need to do anyway.  Wait for it to land in your letterbox.  Make it to Dalaran without crashing.  /dance with another snowman while dressed as a snowman.  How hard can it get?  Well, it all depends on your net… and computer…

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 1 sprig of holly jabbed up the proverbial

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I would have loved to have been able to do NaNoWriMo.  Really, I would.  Unfortunately, I could not come up with a single idea for something to write about, and I know there are some days where I just would not have been able to write enough.  So, I decided to participate in the next best thing – NaBloPoMo!  Basically, you have to write a blog post every day throughout the month of November.  Technically, I am already kinda cheating: it is the 2nd of November here already, and this is my first post that I am counting.  However, for most participants it starts today, so… here it is.

I am setting myself a couple of rules for the month to make things more interesting, and also to ensure that I don’t really ‘cheat’.

1.  All posts must be of a decent length.  None of this ‘Hi!  Here’s a really fast post so I have one today’ nonsense!

2.  2/3rds of my posts minimum must be about WoW.  I have been slacking incredibly in this regard lately.  The worst of it is, I told myself that most all real life stuff had to go in the personal diary style blog (the one that no one ever sees).  Of course… I completely failed at that.  So – more WoW here, less me!

3.  I am going to try and use a few different formats, just to change things up a bit.  Still undecided on whether video posts count as actual posts, so I may not use those.

If I break any of the above rules (especially rule number two!) feel free to remind me… yell and scream if you have to!

So, in the spirit of at least ensuring I talk about WoW a little:

Hallow’s.  End.  REALLY.  Bugs.  Me.  I have been trick or treating like a crazy person, running HH every day, and I still don’t have the Sinister Squashling.  I haven’t even seen one drop.  Meanwhile, other people have gotten three or four of them in treat bags.  So unfair!  As I type I am trick or treating, and heading out to Goldshire to try for one there.  I guess I have said it before, and I will say it again:  I am one of the unluckiest people in the whole wide world.

I got most of the achievements done nice and early for the title this year, which meant I had plenty of time to focus on the lucky (or unlucky) drops.  I get a Hallowed Helm fair early on as well, and thought I might have actually had it in the bag (tehe!) this year.  Nope!  A day left and I am starting to panic a little.  Honestly, I am not sure why I want the title so much, apart from ‘Saresa the Hallowed’ sounding pretty awesome.

How have you gone with your achievements?  Do you even want the title?

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Brewfesht is upon us once again! One of the most beloved of holidaysh, Brewfest allowsh ush to drink excesshive amounts of alcohol without having people glare at us and mutter nasty comments about ‘problems’, ‘drunkardsh’, or ‘dwarf wannabe’… hic! Of course, Sar frequently runs around with a hip flask stashed in her bags, but hey… she’sh a Warlock, she has to have SHOMETHING to cope with the constant whining from Mages, Priests, and the other inferior classes! Inferior I shay! *Shakes fist*

Brewfest as you all know is a shmidge different thish year – we have a boss to kill… hic! Shar likes killing! Especially after a few Thunderbrews, when her magic prowessh is second to none. What? You dishagree?!? *Shadowbolt!*

Unfortunately, my fantastical prowess was not recognished through any loot drops. Sar got nothing – because there is a Azerothian conshpiracy – hic! to rob Warlocks of their deserved loot… loot… loot which is deservedly theirs… hic! Well, while Sar got nothing, Hermia got mosht everything! Tisn’t fair! Shtoopid Drood… Need I mention she has fleas? AND doeshn’t shower? Tisn’t fair, Tisn’t fair… hic!

So I say that Brewfest is rigged. Brewfest be damned. I don’t care that I was excited about the free alcohol. Damn you Brewfesht! Damn you Dwarfsh!!… hic! *collapse*

P.S: It’s my birthday, surely today of all days I can get away with random incoherent posts, right?

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OK… this is going to be an interesting guide. Why? Because I didn’t actually down the guy. That’s right, I am writing from the perspective of a failed PuG. Of course, this is always super helpful, because I can tell you where the heck I went wrong, and how I think I would fix it.

Our group composition was myself, a resto druid, an elemental shaman, a prot warrior, and a hunter of some sort of spec (‘fraid I didn’t notice). Over the course of the trash pulls before hand I noted that I was going to have difficulties in not pulling aggro, which is always handy to know. However, this had little effect on the boss strat.

You ‘summon’ Ahune by clicking on the large, very prominent crystal in the middle of the first large room in Slave Pens. Everyone in the group should stand as close together as possible, to minimise the range of the adds when they appear.

Ahune is not able to be attacked at first. He will send out a large Earth elemental to begin with which has to be DPSed down, with some smaller Water and Air elementals appearing after that. Where possible (especially when you have a lock!) AoE the small adds down. This is where it is important to stand close together so the adds dont roam too far.

The best tactic for this in my opinion (one which we did not use!) is to have all DPS on the main elemental (IF you have a warlock). If all people stand close enough to the main elemental, the adds should be close enough that the lock can spam Seed of Corruption on the earth elemental and hit all the other adds. As soon as DPS start to go weird and run far far away, things go awry. The main thing here seems to be getting that elemental down ASAP. Don’t stand too close though, he does an AoE attack himself.

While you are doing this, big icicles will pop up. First you will notice a small patch (which looks like a mage’s Frost Nova), then they turn into big icicles and throw you in the air. I kinda sucked at avoiding these, since I was so busy focusing on maximising my DPS (and the fact I only had 5 minutes before I had to log!). The damage taken from these isn’t huge, but the less strain on your healer the better!

The boss works on a timer system and will submerge in Phase 2, leaving his vulnerable core, which can be DPSed. Pretty simple here – nuke it hard and fast! You can’t pull aggro, because he is fixed in one spot (and isn’t even really a boss – just a chunk of crystal).

Rinse and repeat!!

Of course, in testing tomorrow, I may decide that I am a total twit and this is wrong. Heaven knows there are a wide variety of strats for any boss! What has worked (or hasn’t worked) for you?

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He is cute, he is squishy, and I could almost ride him if I was so inclined.

Meet…. PEANUT!


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