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Quick note: I’m back!!!!! Post up as soon as I finish catching up on stuff, promise!

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As said in the video, there will be no Sar for a bit. Not sure when I will have internet: next Wednesday at the soonest. Yes, a whole week without net!

Have fun with the patch and things while I am out moving and working my butt off.

Also: I didn’t have time to rack up some posts for you guys. Yeahyeah, lazy I know.

<3 Sar

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So… the New Year is a whole 16 days old… and I have managed to break not one, but TWO resolutions.  That may just be a new record!

Yesterday I logged on to WoW, and was immediately faced with a ‘Fellow guildie has invited you to join a group!’  Now, I had my suspicions… but hey, who would invite me to a group for anything important, right?  Especially with my awful gear!  Sitting at well below hit capped, with abysmal +damage, and certainly no haste or anything to speak of, I haven’t been game enough to venture into a heroic at this point, let alone a raid!

Well… turns out it was a raid.  Whoops!  So, I was quickly summoned into Naxx 10, sans consumables or anything else that would have helped a little, and confronted with a boss.  To be honest, it was all a bit of a blur to begin with – my net was being funny because we were in the middle of a storm, we wiped a couple of times, and then I was disconnected for the majority of the successful attempt.  Nevertheless, I somehow managed to get a nice pair of gloves – I tried my very best to refuse them, but it turned out that no one else wanted them… so, well, I was stuck with them.  What a hardship, eh?

We ended up finishing the Arachnid Quarter before we had to call it a night: I got the achievement as well as the gloves… and I still think they may as well have not had me with my sub-par DPS.  Seriously… 1350 DPS?  Absolutely pathetic!  I think that it can be attributed to a couple of things:  I was sitting at 10% hit, which is absolutely terrible, I had no idea what I was doing most of the time, my spec probably isn’t the best, my spell rotations were way off… OK, so basically it comes down to me being pretty darn awful.  We then teleported off to Dalaran, where I was promptly disconnected.  Luckily for them, the phone exchange where I live went down last night from the storm, so they were saved from having me along today.

Professions have also fallen by the wayside.  As usual, I start with the best of intentions… and then just stop bothering.  I don’t remember the last time I did an Inscription discovery… I have only done ONE cooking daily… I just can’t be bothered keeping up with it.  I don’t know what it is – they aren’t difficult, it only takes 5 minutes… although anything that involves me going to Dalaran I avoid like the plague.  Damn lag and disconnects!  I really hope Blizzard abandons the idea of central cities in the next expansion, although I just can’t see it happening.  One city for the WHOLE server is totally stupid.

How have you been going with your resolutions?  You would have to be doing better than me!

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So, what does 2009 have in store?  Let us see…

You look away as the Warlock reaches over and grabs a squirming bag… “Nothing better than some fresh baby entrails for telling the future!” she giggles mirthfully as the rusty dagger slices and hacks away.  Cackling is so cliche!

  • Soul shards will finally be able to stack… in stacks of 5.  Massive amounts of QQ are unleashed as we expected at least stacks of ten.  Seriously!  An emergency Soul Shard ability is miraculously forgotten.
  • Rogues are given yet another stun ability.  A new generation of 12 year olds gleefully roll Rogue and gank away.
  • Tailoring remains the suck.  Engineering gets buffed immensely.
  • Death Knights finally get a much deserved nerf, and get relegated to being the new Warlock pet
  • Warlock pets get improved a little, but are still super lame.  Imps go on strike for better working conditions and stronger fireballs – succubi work overtime to compensate.
  • Saresa is the only Destruction Warlock in existence.  Much mockery ensues.  Followed by a great deal of Firey Wrath
  • The new raids, while more difficult, fail to placate the angry basement dwelling uber guild raiders.  Blizzard get annoyed and respond with the world’s most insanely difficult boss.  Uber guilds self-destruct world wide.
  • Chinese gold farmers get replaced by trained monkeys in a PR attempt by gold sellers.  Fails miserably – PETA protest, DEHTA protest… everyone protests!
  • Druids get critter form, then complain when they get one shotted, and their corpses /loved.
  • WoW subscriber numbers plateau, with the announcement of a new expansion not being enough to curb the losses of players to other Blizzard games (if one of them comes out this year – gogo Diablo!)
  • Destructive Reach gains a whole 25 more subscribers.  Most of them accidentally hit the RSS feed button and can’t figure out how to unsubscribe.  Whoops!
  • Saresa manages to get her Druid to 80 before Christmas.  Deletes her Hunter in sheer frustration.  Immediately misses Brutus, her cat.
  • Mattel work with Blizzard to announce Dalaran Barbie, with slo-mo Mammoth to authentically replicate Dalaran lag
  • Sales of the new Logitech headset soar in non-US countries, especially amongst foreign females who are tired of being propositioned online.  Yay for voice disguises!
  • Ghostcrawler gets tired of the forums.  Who wouldn’t?  Is replaced by a very scary hairy person who uses the Gorilladin as their avatar.  Not fun!
  • One prominent major blogger quits WoW.  Guess who? (HINT:  It certainly isn’t me, I am not prominent!)

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Unicorn: an imaginary creature traditionally represented as a white horse with a long horn growing from its forehead.  Early descriptions of the unicorn characterized it as having the body of a horse, feet of the elephant, a swine’s tail and the head of a stag with a four-foot horn in the middle of its forehead.

Bre over at Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick started off something huge when she discussed her unicorn – the Sonic Spear.  Yes, in the world of WoW Blogging, Bre has redefined a Unicorn: it is now that elusive damn drop you always wanted and were just never able to get.  We all have one (or at least, that is what I tell myself every time something fails to drop for me).

So, what was Sar’s unicorn?  Looking back, I think I have several posts where I mention this… all the way back at the beginning of when I started writing this blog.  It wasn’t a hard drop to get, most everyone I knew had one.  It didn’t take an especial amount of skill or luck, but the numbers were against me and I could not have it. 

Wub’s Cursed Hexblade

That stupid blade just would not drop.  OK, OK, I lie.  It dropped once.  I think I rolled a 3, and the Boomkin of Doom won it.  I never saw it again after that day.  Every ZA run made me want to poke my eyes out with a pointy stick.  I finished BC in T6/T6 equivalent gear, and still using Prince’s Stupid Dagger.  *Epic Sigh*.  I felt so insecure about that dagger that I actually traded it in for a staff, despite my strict No Staff policy on Saresa.   Staves just don’t have that ring of awesome evil about them, as I have said time and time again.  Potentially being stabbed in the back versus whacked over the head with a big stick?  Only 2 people can make staves look bad ass – Gandalf and Onyxia.

For Hermia, the T4 helm was equally elusive.  People often were confused as to how she was in full epics… except for her pimp hat.  Of course, without fail, every run that I was a little late for or just couldn’t make her token would drop.  All this beautiful shiny Kara gear… one crafted Leather helm.

Blizzard – please stop hating me!

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Well…. it really needs nothing more said than that!  Unfortunately my screenshot mod failed me (whether it be because I didn’t set it up properly, or because that particular mod just sucks!).  I respecced straight back to Destruction, but it was late and I was far too tired to look at what I had planned, so it could be all ass-up.  At the moment I am 7/13/51 (no backdraft), which oddly enough is almost identical to my old 5 man spec in Burning Crusade!  Some things just never change.

I also bothered to get Northrend Explorer and levelled cooking up to about 400 last night.  Cost me a bit since I was lazy and didn’t want to go to OL (which was just plain silly since I went there for the daily!), so I brought a lot of recipes off the AH.  Lazy people like me make smart people rich!

So, since I couldn’t get a ding shot, here is something else which may entertain you as well.  I know I had a chuckle.  I s’pose I could give him a break… he was dying!

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So, now that that has gotten your attention…

I am well aware that I have had an unacceptable level of “I promise I will post properly soon!” posts. Well, unacceptable to me anyway – the amount of post it’s stuck above my desk saying ‘For Heaven’s sake, POST already woman!’ has reached epic proportions. Unfortunately, real life seems to be determined to thwart me at every turn. A family friend has just been readmitted to hospital with caner and pneumonia, I have had a couple of birthday parties to go to, and (as before) I am trying to organise a house, myself for a holiday, packing, freaking out about my job next year (sometimes I want to smoosh my head into something brickwallish for wanting to be a teacher), and all that nonsense. There is just NOT enough time, and the stress is really starting to build up.

I know that I shouldn’t feel obligated to post here when real life is getting absurd, but I do. It may simply be because I love the community that revolves around this blog and around blogging in general, and I would hate to see it shrink from my laziness… it may just be that I don’t want to see my numbers shrink because I am vain that way! But, tonight (hopefully) I am going to sit my butt down in front of the computer and do some serious posting.

Queued up for writing:
– 2 installments of Casual Guilds (I still owe you from last week)
– A retrospective, ‘cos they are kinda hip and happening right now
– Predictions for 2009, because they are even more hip n happening!
– My New Year’s Resolutions (Redux) – possibly
– By Request – Pets Pets and more Pets! Companions FTW
– HOPEFULLY a couple of other things… I need enough to cover while I am on holiday as well.

Once again, apologies. If Real Life would stop kicking my ass I would be writing more (and actually being able to play the damn game!) Now, if you will excuse me… the vacuum cleaner is calling my name…

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1 ding to 79 at approximately 12.15am

5 hours sleep

2 cats who woke me up caterwauling

30 minutes of queue

15 minutes of playtime after said queue before I had to go

2.5 bottles of vodka =

120 jelly shots!

15 minute queue (AGAIN!)

7 hours to 2009 at time of publishing

1 – yes just ONE! – more pet to go before I finally get the darn achievement for Hermia

0 tolerance for the chorus of Smoke on the Water.  Getting close to the same level of tolerance for Through the Fire and the Flames on Guitar Hero III

20 days until I have to move!

1 week until I go to Melbourne – keep nagging me to prewrite posts for while I am away and I may just try to do it.  I don’t have to want to worry about you guys getting bored while I am gone

1 Retrospective incoming tomorrow for the last year (written by an incredibly hungover Saresa)

POSSIBLY followed by some…. interesting… photos from tonight.  Subject to just how embarassing said photos are.

Have a Happy End of 2008 everyone!

<3 Sar

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So…. I am working relatively diligently on the next installment of Casual Guilds…. but I just can’t quite get into it at the moment.  What with the silly season catching up to me, the stress of still trying to organise a house (Moving on the 19th of January, the agency who organises the accommodation is closed until the 5th, and I still haven’t heard anything about a house… fun times), trying to squash in a trip to Bourke before I head to Melbourne for a week… yeah, it’s all catching up to me.  Not to mention the small fact that I just can’t seem to bring myself to level past 78.  Very odd indeed.

I have been level 78 now for, oh, two weeks at least.  I log on, I contemplate doing a quest… and just can’t be bothered doing it.  I am sure that my guildmates are beginning to think I am moderately insane – heck, I am starting to wonder if I am myself! – but I can’t level.  It’s almost like a weird block is there preventing me from hitting 80.  Even the most casual of casual players I know have caught up to me and are poised to race ahead.  I really don’t know what it is.

So, what have I been doing instead of levelling?  I have to be doing something in game, right?  Well.. I have done the Christmas quests…. tried to do some BG’s to get the achievement (and spent more time cursing at the screen than anything else while doing so), levelled cooking a little… run out of snowflakes to throw at people for other achievements, danced like a snowman, and put off doing the bombing run.

Dancing as a snowman was probably the most time consuming part of the whole thing.  I parked my butt in Lagcity, donned my outfit, and waited…and waited…. and waited.  Finally, someone came up to me and said they would put their costume on if I gave them a snowball so I could get the achievement.  Sounded fair to me… until I tried to open trade.  Well… duh – the snowman costume is a stun effect, so you can’t trade while wearing it.  All good, I’ll just click the buff off me… or not.  What?  I can’t  click it off!  I can’t move to get it off?  I am stuck as a snowman forever!  Oh woe is me.  What a fate, to be a snowman in the middle of Dalaran for all eternity.

Of course… it was just a UI issue.  I have known for a while that one of my mods was interfering with the ability to click off buffs, so I just had to turn them all off.  Still, it was annoying!  At least I got the achievement though… and randomly got surprised with ‘Tastes Like Chicken!’.  Yay!

Other random crap which has gotten on my nerves:

  • People mounting over the presents… stupid jerks
  • I hate double demerits!  Everyone is driving so slowly because they are scared of being booked – 20kph under the speed limit is NOT necessary people!
  • By the time I got to the sales there was hardly anything left, which means all my towels are mismatched.  Entirely my bad, but annoying nonetheless
  • I got my brother a guitar for Christmas.  Unfortunately, at this point the only thing he knows is the chorus to Smoke on the Water.  It gets tiresome after a few times.  Silly me should have given it to him right before I moved out

Well, hope you all had a great holiday season.  I promise that installment of Casual Guilds is incoming… tomorrow perhaps?  Yes, I will get to it tomorrow, I swear!

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1.  Been working on the Casual Guilds Are Not Easy! series a bit… have to make sure it is at least passable

2.  On a strange diet – one of those ‘you may only have revolting shakes and dinner’ type things.  Makes me grouchy!  My kingdom for a chocolate!  Hopefully will only be on it for a month at the most – it’s yukyukyuk!

3.  Christmas Christmas Christmas!  Been shopping, out to Christmas parties/dinners, organising… all that jazz

4.  Went to the beach the other day (was GLORIOUS by the way!)

5.  Re-reading the entire Dark Tower series.  Yes, that’s a hefty chunk of reading right there.  Up to number 5 already though.

Now, onto WoW related matters!

I simply had no motivation to play on the weekend, so.. I didn’t.  Hence, no levelling!  I think that it was a good idea for me to take a break from the game at any rate: I am one of those people who can not quest for extended periods of time without going a little bananas, and it was getting close to breaking point.  However, the little that I have played I have had a rocking time mucking about with Shadowflame (which I have deemed to be unappealing for instancing and raiding, but just fun to use), killing things left and right, drinking ENDLESS amounts of water/water substitutes, and running things with pals for fun and profit.  I am hoping to be 79-80 by the end of this weekend, although I think I am going out on the weekend and channeling some Dwarf (ie – Boozing), which will have an impact.

I still feel like my DPS is completely lacklustre compared to what it used to be, which makes me very sad.  I have also considered respeccing for a little *shhh, don’t tell anyone!* to Demon just to level a touch and play around.  I probably wont though… since I was determined to level the whole way to 80 as Destro.  While I am having fun being Destro, I do feel really powerless in instances.  I still manage to pull aggro like nothing else, but I no longer have the damage along with the threat generation.  Pain in the patoot, let me tell you!

Now, I AM planning on playing over the next couple of days, so hopefully I have something to report.





Did I mention I got drawn out to order a FigurePrint??  Score!

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