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The other day, I renewed my subscription.  I’ve been pondering it for a while – I really do miss playing, and I think that I could really embrace the casual lifestyle now that I have a baby (hell, I might even manage to level to the cap before the next expansion if I start playing now…).  So, I patched the game, I updated my mods, I logged in, figured out where I was and what I was up to, and walked out of the inn, and…

my computer crashed.

I had totally forgotten that my laptop is on its way out, and can no longer handle playing most any game.  My desktop is perfectly functional, but in an inconvenient room for spawn mindage. So, I am stuck… for now.  I will find a way!

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1.  I’m in the middle of renovating a house.  That alone is pretty full on.

2.  I’m working a lot of overtime with this new job.  Which is fine, but time consuming and stressful.

3.  If I play the way I used to play, it probably wouldn’t be very fair to the boy.  5 hour sessions probably aren’t the healthiest thing in the world, but it seems to be the only way I know how to play.

4.  I’m back at uni.  That’s all that damned reading and working on top of work and the house.

5.  I just plain suck at it now.  I’ve forgotten how to play, and it just isn’t coming back to me at all.  I don’t like being so crap at it!



Of course, how long will it last this time? (best estimate – I’ll play twice)

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I hit 85.

That’s right.

I finally got there.

I made it.

I actually got to the end of the levelling experience!

Of course, I immediately felt that horrible sense of ‘… and now?’  That feeling of not having any of the right gear, of being out of practise, of not knowing whether you had the right spec, the right rotation, the right anything.

And, of course, it turns out I was pretty much on the money with the spec and the rotation anyway.  I have one talent point that I mysteriously put in the total wrong spot while levelling (no biggie, really), and while my levelling rotation was terribad (I’m lazy, and Corruption takes effort when I’m questing.  As little buttons as possible when brainlessly killing crap, kkthx), I knew almost instinctively what to press and when to press it when I was attacking  the target dummy.  At least my Warlock sense is still kinda existent!

I probably won’t right too much about what buttons to press and when to press them – I think most people would be past that point in the game now, and don’t really need that.  So, instead, you will probably get more sporadic babble about my adventures.

I got my first (85) epic as well! Although it was kinda cheating – I noticed I had a heap of honor points left over from whenever it was that I used to PvP, and figured I may as well replace one of my lame ass rings with a some what better one.  So, it’s a craptastic epic, but hey, it’s purple, right?  I’m a little spoilt, and I’m kinda used to being in epics.  Although I think everyone is, with how the game works now!

Now I’m probably going to keep doing random dungeons and PvP, and work on my Hunter and Druid for a bit – I got another heirloom for the Hunter to move her along a little faster, and my Druid… well, it’s only 5 levels.  How bad can it be?

(Answer: Very bad.  Definitely not doing Uldum again.  Not a fan.  Too many cutscenes, damn it!)

So. 85 attained.  Next up – time to find my old snarky attitude.

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It’s been a while since I have had the time to play WoW.  Mainly because the boy keeps stealing my computer every time I have nothing better to do!  In fact , the only reason I am able to write this post is because he is too busy watching the cricket to use the damn thing.

From what I can tell, the vast majority of my guild is defecting to SW:ToR.  So, I think things will be pretty quiet on the WoW social scene for me.  However, I’ll still plod along, maybe just PuG this that and the other if I ever hit 85, and muck around with alts.  Who knows?

It’s funny, because the thought of playing WoW is a lot more entertaining than actually playing WoW.  I don’t know whether it’s because things are so quiet in the game or what… I usually don’t cope well without a bunch of people to chat to.  So, to that end… if you want to add me on Real ID, let me know.  I’m always after more people to chat to!

Here’s hoping I can actually get in the game and get somewhat interested again!

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Well, so far so good.  I’m almost at the end of the wonderful level 83, without even stepping foot in an instance (which is the total opposite to my usual method of levelling).  I’ve knocked over Hyjal and Deepholm, and foresee myself finishing out my levelling on Sar in Uldum (which, so far, I am not enjoying… but then, I hated Deepholm for the first 30 quests or so.  I think I just have to get used to it).

I’m feeling a little sad that I couldn’t keep Pebble as a pet. Apparently, I have to do a damn daily ten times to be able to keep him or some such nonsense.  Damn it, I hate dailies.  This is probably reflected in my Smurfs game, which positively reeks of the whole concept of ‘daily quests’.  I probably have the most wasteful farm in the history of Smurfdom. I like to blame my failure at the Smurf game on my feminist objections to the franchise (can we refer to Smurfs as a franchise now?  Or just a really annoying phenomenon?  One that actually made me dislike something with Neil Patrick Harris in it even?), but really, I think it’s more that I fail at the concept of dailies and doing the same damned thing every damned day. Blah.

This might also be why I fail at many aspects of that thing known as Real Life.  After all, what is a job but a fricking lame daily quest?

Aaaaaanyway, back to the point.

So, a bunch of glorified rocks now think I’m pretty awesome.  I think that’s all I got out of my time in Deepholm.  Which could be better than my time in Hyjal, which can be summed up as “I’d rather be eating these baby animals than saving them, but what the hell ever, you damn elf hippies”.  It has been interesting levelling on my own, without interacting with anyone, anywhere, at any time.  It’s also been rather quick (rested XP is the shiznit), which means I am not totally dreading it on my Druid.  I’m not much looking forward to dragging my Hunter through another 25 levels though. I might be forced to disembowel myself with a rusty spoon before hand (I like rusty spoons…)

Anyway, it kinda sucks that I haven’t found anything too major to snark about.  The quests have been, for the most part, engaging.  Even the ‘Kill ten rats’ style quests are grouped together in such a manner that they don’t feel too craptastic.  At least I get most of them knocked over together.  Escort quests are still annoying as all get out, but that’s ok… there were only a couple!  And I even managed to get Friendly with my guild, which is nice I guess… it allowed me to waste some money on a tabard to make them like me even more… which, I think, lets me buy another tabard that will make them like me even more again.  It’s a never ending cycle of tabards!

Anyway, Helen Mirren is on TV, which of course means that I can not write anything else.  I may have a slight crush on her.  Even though she has said a couple of not so good things in the past.  She has also said some awesome things, and hey, no one is perfect.  Anyway, Helen Mirren /swoon.

So.  Almost 84.  Yay?

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I am possibly the world’s slowest leveller.  But, eh, I’m actually kinda enjoying Hyjal while I am at it.

Apart from having to kill some dead goddesses crazy ex (who happened to be a bird).  That was weird.  I mean, she didn’t ask for her ex to be killed.  But, hey, whatever, I got my tail feather, and since when have I cared about the ethics of who or what I kill anyways?

And I’m pretty happy that asshole Staghelm finally got what he deserved.  Cos, you know, I never liked him** anyway.  Whacked out nutjob that he is.

I’m amazingly unhappy that I suck ass at playing WoW.  And haven’t levelled anything but a Hunter in so long that I keep running through angry crowds, hitting my feign button, and then dying… cos, oh shit, I’m a Warlock now.  Good grief.

I’m also still playing with the default UI.  And the nasty keybindings created through a mishmash of my old UI breaking them on the default, and the asshole who hacked my account way back when I had quit moving things around.  It’s a little annoying going to use Soul Fire and realising that’s (totally irrationally, WTF Hacker?) now bound to Fel Armor.

(I didn’t even know what spell was meant to be there, by the way.  I just kept hitting the button thanks to the worlds longest lasting muscle memory)

(I had also forgotten Soul Fire existed.  Until I found the button.  Realisation!)

(I also just remembered.  That spell I’m thinking of isn’t Soul Fire.  It was Chaos Bolt.  WTF, me.  Also, don’t know whether we are meant to use that spell any more, but what the heck ever.  Seriously)

So, summed up in a not so pretty table for you all:

Shit that has changed Shit has that stayed the same
Quests are even MORE unethical.

Staghelm is actually getting in trouble. 

Buttons everywhere (in a way I don’t actually understand, rather than my organised mess)

Guild rep, Guild everything.  Huh?

People keep talking about Pandaren.  I think it sounds silly, but it means I can now legitimately say “Just get Fatty to tank/heal/DPS that”.

Less people read this.  Which I think is a good thing for you all.

I suck ass at questing.

Staghelm is still an ass.

Buttons everywhere

Lag from holy freaking hell.  Damn it.  (actually, I was sitting at 450ms, which I would consider good.  But damn it, some asshole on Twitter [whoever the hell you were!] whined about 50ms latency.  Seriously.  Shut the hell up.  Whiner.) …. (must’ve been a Mage)

Mages are still everything I have always said about them.

I still make the worst looking tables IN THE UNIVERSE.


** I know, it’s really weird that I can remember posts that I wrote in 2008 well enough to link to them.  What can I say, I have no life.

** Also, I know the formatting is screwy on said post.  But damn it, I’ve changed theme like four times since I wrote that.  Shit has got to be messed up somewhere, OK?

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The world of Azeroth has changed since the last time I logged in (oh, what… 6 or so months ago?  I don’t even remember anymore, but it feels like forever anyway).  Transmogrifithingy is coming in (so I hear).  Portals are gone (I think that happened before I left?).  Mages are even stupider than I previously thought.  The Stormwind Auction House is… well, different!  I’m sure of it! (Please please pleeeeeeeease tell me it moved… don’t tell me I’m hallucinating).

But, oh my goodness me… they took away my keyring?  What is with that?

Oh keyring, you followed me everywhere
You held my many keys, and did not complain,
You bound them together, whether they be encrusted in blood,
or poop, or other unmentionable bodily fluids…
And you let me in to so many places.
(Alas, a key for Thrall’s Chastity Belt could not be found… Woe is me.  I think Jaina stole it!)

Oh keyring, you made me feel special.
You reminded me that I could go where others could not,
You had so many memories attached to you,
horrible quest chains of never ending torment
Boulderfist Key, just to remind me, of course, that a real Warlock never frees prisoners
(Because, hey, that’s what Mages are for, right?
… And, besides, that Corki is bloody stupid.)

My keyring, you made me feel superior,
to every plebian player who did not have the beautiful array of keys I carried.
You took up so little space in my beautiful interface,
And when I opened you, you made me smile,
Because you told me, that deep down inside, I was better than everyone else.
(Except for everyone who had all the same keys as me.  I guess we were equal.)
(… But better than everyone who had less.  Or more.  Because that’s just how it is.)

(… And definitely better than the Mages.)


Besides, what WOULD Medivh, and all those other keepers of wonderful places, say now, knowing that their doors are unlocked, and waiting for intruders?  What would they say?


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Behold, my terrible skill at using a mouse!  Worst eraser effort EVER.


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Cos, you know, I’m still dead and all.Stolen stuff copy

So, I know people rave on and on about this crap all the time, but timely reminders are like booster shots – you damned well need them no matter how much they make you cringe.  And hey, if you are good, you’ll get a lollipop at the end.

Account security, people.

It’s important.

Because otherwise, some mangy ass thief is going to find their way into your account, molest your squidey, touch your favourite pants, and smoke all your herbs.  And, if you are still playing WoW, which one would assume you would be if you are reading this… well, that would really bloody suck.

So why the heck am I babbling about this? 

Because some mangy ass mothertootin’ thief got into my account, y’see.  And they went through everything.

Now, for me, this wasn’t a massive deal.  It’s not like I was planning on playing any time soon, they weren’t interrupting my raid time, and I didn’t much care about all the crap accumulated in my bank, for the most part.  For you, however, this could prove to be very bloody inconvenient.  So, what should you do?

1. Have an authenticator already!

I mean, now they have a free call in authenticator service even.  What’s not to love?

2.  Check your computer every so often for bad shit that likes to lurk around the corners of your shadier files.

Yeah, that hard drive full of ‘Arty movies’ *coughcough* could have something ugly there.  Or that addon you just installed.  So, every so often, run a virus and bot scan on your system.  And make sure you keep those programs up to date!

3.  Change your password every so often.

You should change passwords, as a rule of thumb, once a month.  And please, for the love of all things chocolate and gooey, don’t make your password something easy (like password.  Yes, people do that.  I know.)  If you really fail at remembering passwords, write them down somewhere.  People say not to keep passwords near your computer, but if you are like me and live in the bloody sticks, it’s fairly unlikely someone is going to be interested in the password for your WoW account when they break in.  If you are worried about this, keep them saved somewhere else.

Otherwise, you too could end up with a molested Squidey.  Because these guys will take everything.  Including, and not limited to:

Your Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling!!  No more pet you probably never click on for you!

Illustration of the Dragon Soul.  If those punk ass bastards knew how long that damn thing took me to get, and how amazingly angry I would have been at the thought of its disappearance, they might have thought twice.

Terestian’s Stranglestaff – those bastards touched my Squidey! 

Unidentified Plant Parts – hey, I might have been able to identify those one day…


That and it’s just creepy when someone goes through your bank.  It’s almost like someone breaking in and going through your knickers… you really don’t want strangers knowing the state of your underwear!

So, account security.  Get on it! 

And here… have a lollipop.


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So, we’ve all had a couple of weeks now to play around with the new talents and abilities the patch has dropped in our laps. Let me just say this, Affliction is the freakin’ bee’s knees! Soul Swap is my new favorite spell. I didn’t think anything would overtake Seed of Corruption but I’ll be damned if I don’t love the instantly applying all my DoT’s on a new target. When I first looked at this spell, I figured it would only see situational use on trash mobs and in PvP. Thanks to the Soul Swap glyph, this spell is pure freakin win. For those of who don’t know what it does, the Soul Swap glyph allows you to transfer all your DoT’s onto a new target while still leaving the original ones on the target in exchange for a 10 second cool down on Soul Swap. I shed a tear when I first discovered the glyph.

Soul Swap isn’t the only new cool toy we got. We got a completely overhauled Soul Shard system. Gone are the days of carrying around 20 or more soul shards for all our spells. Now we have 3 soul shards for use primarily during combat. I’m not sure how it’d working out for the other specs, but I’m underwhelmed by this new mechanic for Affliction. There’s not really a whole lot for us to benefit from with this. Instant cast Soul Fire is nice when you’re on the move but chances are you’ll be using this time to reapply a DoT so it’s a situational ability. My favorite use for Soulburn is to enhance Seed of Corruption. It’s like Blizzard said to us affliction warlocks “yo we heard that you guys like DoT’s so we’re putting a DoT inside of your DoT’s to give you more DoT’s while you’re casting a DoT.” Gotta love instantly applying Corruption to every target in sight.

Our rotation remains pretty much the same, the main difference is that now Haunt is the main method for refreshing Corruption and not Shadow Bolt. Making sure we’re casting Haunt when it’s off cooldown is a bigger priority than it was before. Bane of Agony lasts longer so we’re having to reapply it less often. Aside from that, our rotation remains pretty much intact. All in all, I’ve been very happy with the changes Affliction has seen in the new patch.

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