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Well, I have formed an opinion of BlogTV :)… basically I need to be more prepared! What was meant to be good fun and relaxing was a bit stressful because I was still half asleep, and I clearly wasn’t talking in a manner which encouraged discussion. Oh well, everything is worth a shot once or twice, and in that spirit I have scheduled a show for next week at 8pm Saturday Eastern (which incidentally is also my birthday). Hopefully the later start means that I will be a little more coherent, although if it attracts more strange folk who ask me if I want to look at their private parts I wont be too thrilled! Many thanks to Dechion for coming, it was great to see you there! Hopefully next weekend works out better anyway.

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Coming to you through the wonders of video over the internet! I’ll probably talk a little bit about one of the Shared Topics (rather than writing a post about it), but I am sure that eventually it will take a life of it’s own, with hopefully some great input from who ever shows up (which means you guys will need to ask questions). Feel free to show up whenever, and it will all be in good fun :) I tested everything briefly today and all seems to be well, so fingers crossed!

Click HERE to go to the show.

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As you can see, there is a new poll up in the side bar. Basically, I was thinking that I really want to get into a proper BlogTV thing some time soon. While it is kinda fun chatting to my camera, I would much more enjoy talking to actual people, and hearing actual questions and ideas.

For the uninitiated, BlogTV is a place where a person can talk using their mic and camera to a bunch of people who talk back and to each other in a nice little chat box. TJ has done this many times with great success (or what looked to me to be great success), but it just doesn’t work out for me. Of course, it does have some disadvantages – you have to be there at the time to see it (unlike youtube, where you just watch it where ever), and it probably wouldn’t be too much fun if not many people showed up. Of course, I don’t expect masses of people to come see (I’m not that popular!), I just want to try it!

Anyway, get back to me, and I certainly won’t be crushed if people aren’t keen. Just answer the poll please!

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Oh when I woke up tonight I said I’m gonna make somebody love me…. and don’t you know don’t you know don’t you know, don’t you know that it’s yoooooouuuuu…

I think that would be the song that every blog post is singing to itself. Every blog post wants someone to love it, perhaps even truly believes that someone out there will love it. Of course, there has to be something about it that makes it at least likable…

While I was going through my incredibly hefty reader this morning, I found yet another fantastic post from Larisa (seriously, does her brain ooze awesome like this all the time?) about just WHY she likes the blogs that she reads. Needless to say, I was so intrigued by this that I just had to write a response of sorts. Perhaps needless, because I agree with pretty much everything that she said, but I would love to put my own spin on it. I absolutely insist that you read her piece first, because she has stated it much more intelligently than I can hope to. Larisa says that there are three types of blog (or blog post), while I essentially argue that there is two.


I honestly believe that many people get into reading blogs because they are looking for knowledge, or the pencil kind of blogs. The ones with lots of info and tricky calculations which I am sure took a lot of scribbling and erasing to work out. My first experience ever with a blog was researching some information for a resto druid friend of mine. Lo and behold, this led me to Phae’s wonderful place, where I still go today (even if I don’t understand all that icky math). I found BBB similarly looking for information when I first developed my interest in Feral druids. From there I would click a link here, click a link there, simply because I was determined that I would learn as much as humanly possible about every class and role in the game. I still haven’t achieved this yet, by the way, despite the 200+ blogs in my blog roll.

I would argue that informative blogs are the ones which get hit the most. I am not sure if a wide variety of people would read them consistently, but they would generate a lot of traffic and have perhaps the best reputations in the game. Everyone who plays a hunter knows who BRK is (or should). Hardly anyone who plays a Warlock knows me, and this makes a lot of sense.

Blogs which tell stories engage the reader in a different way. I read story blogs (by which I mean those which are not didactic, but more diarised or chatty) consistently, and like to feel as if I know the person behind the writing. Heck, I am sure that you are all like that as well! These are the pen style blogs, where someone grabs their pen and scrawls down their thoughts and messages for the day. A great example of people ‘knowing’ the person behind the blog is evident in the reaction to TJ’s news about her new partner – the internet en masse rallied together to say “Congratulations, but he had better treat you right, or ELSE!” Random strangers engage with these sorts of blogs in such a way that the people on them almost feel like family. My blog perhaps fits in this category, although I do not have nor seek the insane fandom that TJ has managed to accumulate. Besides, I really have no counterpart to her chicken nugget love! These blogs may not get as much new traffic. However, the same people tend to come back all the time, leave comments consistently, and a writer really begins to develop a relationship with their readers. I could probably name the handful of people who come here consistently and are kind enough to leave a comment or opinion on what I write. It’s just that sort of relationship.

I always wish that I could write well in the didactic style. I’d love to be considered a reference for Warlocks. However, between the fact that this writing style just does not suit me (I spend all day doing this didactic stuff, I can’t do it here) and that there are many excellent Warlock blogs and other references out there who I simply can not hope to surpass (Nibuca, TeePee, I am looking at you!), I feel more comfortable just being my chatty old self. Now, if I was writing about something I was truly knowledgeable about (which is only one thing in the whole wide world, how sad is that – The Russian Revolution and Stalinist Russia, huzzah!) I would be able to write in that style. Since I’m still working this stuff out, you are stuck with me as I am.image

Of course, as I have said, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Now, there is something within these styles that captures a readers attention and holds it. Doesn’t matter whether you are writing to inform or to entertain, if you can’t hold the reader’s attention then they just aren’t going to stick around, or they will just find themselves interested in something more fun. Personally, I enjoy reading blogs where the person who is writing has a distinctive voice. Larisa mentions this as well. I want to be able to tell that this is your take on something. Honestly, there really aren’t many things which we can write about and be totally original with in WoW Blogs. Surely there isn’t all that much left! So, go ahead and talk about stuff we might already know, but do it in your own way. Be original and exciting (a big ask, I know). I enjoy reading things which are written in a blogger’s own ‘voice’, and those blogs get a heck of a lot of love out of me!

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As I mentioned in Twitter, I have been catching up on my Twister Nether Blogcast listening (it involves me being able to sit at the computer for a while because I don’t have an Mp3 player). Now, in the particularly great episode featuring Nibuca, there was mention of making your blog pink to make it blatantly obvious that you are female. Nib said that she could not go that far, and that she hates pink. Actually, to rephrase that, she can not STAND pink. Now, you guys want to know a secret?

… I really do not like pink either. So much so that I was completely baffled when this blog became a revolting display of pink love. To make it even more confusing, it also became a pink and purple love fest! All my close RL friends would be able to tell you that this really isn’t me. It’s quite out of character. In fact, I think that the blog chose it’s colours more than I did. I know that I wanted to steer away from blue, because that seems to be a prevalent tone across many blogs. I included green, because that is my alltime favourite colour. The pink, well… I think it decided that it wanted to screw with me a little. To try and rub my femininity in my face (accept it woman, you are a girl!)

In all seriousness, it really just kinda happened. I was pretty insistent on some green in here, but I didn’t want an entirely green blog, because that to me suggests restoration. Total opposite of a Warlock. The header was purple, because that IS the Warlock colour, and I thought orange kinda contrasted well. Then I needed something to match, so we have a lilac sort of side bar, and a pink background.

It’s grown on me as well. For perhaps the ugliest looking blog in the world, I love it anyway. Perhaps I am the red headed stepchild of the blog world!

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Thanks to Snake in the Grass, I paid a visit to Wordle to see what my blog would look like. I’ll let the picture do most of the explaining, because it’s just easier that way.


I wonder why threat is the biggest word. It’s even bigger than Warlock! I do think it’s pretty cool though, and some of the word combinations are just great. “Work increases fire” anyone?

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There has been a stack of discussion lately about females and gaming. I have stated my thoughts somewhat incoherently in the following video, but I might just write them out as well at the end of this post since my written word makes much more sense than my spoken ones! Feel free to read or not read if you watched the video, as it will be pretty repetitive.

Video is now back up, last time I checked there was sound the whole way though, lets hope this one works

Personally, I do not understand all the fuss that there is about female gamers. Of course, there are going to be some who exploit the fact that they are female (and I have unfortunately met a couple of women like this), and there are going to be others who try to hide their gender so that people don’t discriminate against them. Personally, I just treat it as a total non issue. I don’t go out of my way to mention that I am female, although people generally pick it up through the way I write or things I happen to say. They certainly realise when I get onto vent! I don’t expect people to start treating me any differently or to act any differently around me once they know either – I am still a person who is interested in the same game as you, as well as many other things. Personally, I think that the ‘fat slob who lives in his parent’s basement’ stereotype is much more harmful to the gaming community as a whole, and the MMORPG community in particular. MMORPG’s seem to attract most of the flak for being responsible for ‘hooking people on games, ruining their lives’ etc etc. I am sure that everyone imagines the typical WoW player to be an unemployed lazy slob living off their parents or the welfare system. I personally do not know a single person to fit this stereotype. Most of the players I have met are intelligent people with families and active social lives. In fact, I am probably the most reclusive of most of them, and I still have successfully completed a degree, and, believe it or not, do make it out of the house occasionally!

Other things mentioned in the video include ‘Why Shadow Bolt is bound to the number 2′ and a quick mention of Matticus’ SYTYCB big question he had.

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For the longest time I have wanted a T-Shirt depicting me fishing in a moonwell. It all started when Kalf said I just HAD to have a WoW shirt for when we go to pick up our copies of Wrath of the Lich King (apparently it involves getting to the shop RIDICULOUSLY early to be first in line since they give away prizes and things), and I said that I would have to get one made up of me fishing in the moonwell. Why? Because it ticks him off!

Anyway, I really suck at arty stuff, as you all know. Absolutely horrible at anything which involves pictures, drawing, painting, colours… so, I am throwing it out to you guys. Here is my tentative mock up of what I am thinking – feel free to change it a LOT, because my design is a bit meh.

The intention is there, but the execution is lacking. Shame really! The rules are as follows:

- Max size is 3000×3000 pixels (which takes up a significant amount of the front of a shirt)

- Try to make it something which will work well on most colours please! (which is a major issue with mine). Mine looks kinda dicky on a shirt anyway, since it’s on that nasty big square background.

- From what i have read, pale colours will have the colour of the T-Shirt kinda show through.

I also have an idea for a second T-shirt. No mock up, but the theme is “Evil: the person who takes the last cookie!” with a soulwell ;). Well that, but better phrased.

I don’t really expect anyone to buy these shirts except for me, but I will probably put up a store just in case ;). I’m only doing it because I want my Moonwell T-Shirt! I guess the winner can have one as well, if they like. I am thinking a 2 week deadline should be sufficient. If you have any ideas, email them to me at destructivereach AT yahoo DOT com DOT au please!

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OK everyone, tomorrow is the day where I finally get around to doing my video. I definitely have the house to myself, as my sister has gone to the boyfriend’s for the week and my brother is off on school camp. Huzzah, alone time!! So, I would love to hear any questions you guys would like to ask. As a general idea, I will probably do one in response to TJ’s video (since she asked for it!), but I might waffle on with some other stuff as well. So long as it all fits in a 10 minute timeframe, anyway.

So, shoot… but I reserve the right to dodge ;)

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I have always thought that the idea of Blog TV sounded like fun. Of course… I could run out of stuff to talk about (although that’s rare), or no one could show up, in which case I would be talking to myself. So… Blog TV. What do you guys think? I’d even invest in a new cam (maybe, if I have the money) because my laptop one kinda ticks me off.

So: Blog TV or no?

If yes, what would you want to hear Sar ramble on about?

Reminder of potential issues: For those of you who may have listened when I appeared on the Epic Dolls Podcast, you already know I have an annoying voice. I also currently have a coldsore – yes, I have reverted to ‘herpesface’ phase. Time zones also suck – and I am bad at maths, so I screw them up even worse than usual.

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