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Yay, my Kris Kringle present arrived!  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did (I had to make myself wait until Christmas Day to unwrap it, of course!)  Many many thanks Shawndra, and I hope you have a fantastic Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! This holiday season, we should all decide what to get for our favorite fel cookie bakers in our lives. Below, a list of things Maiera would like, and hopefully, Saresa as well.

  • Robes. The prettier, the better. Even better if they are pretty and useful. Some examples that I found are Merlin’s Robe or Royal Moonshroud Robe(for those heavy into raiding), Ebonweave, Moonshroud, or Spellweave(for the new 80),Arachnidian Robes or Chan’s Imperial Robes(for looks). There are many other gorgeous robes out there suitable for role play or around the town wear. I’m sure we’d both like to see comments about them after this post!
  • Consumables. You can’t wrap them due to their stackable nature, but a gift of food and potions cannot go wrong. Flask of the Frost Wyrm is a favorite among spell casters, and a stack would be a great gift to the raiding warlock. Imperial Manta Steak, Spicy Blue Nettlefish, or Tender Shoveltusk Steak are yummy meals sure to please any warlock above 70. I’m not too sure how well Runic Mana or Healing potions would be received, but if you paired them with food or flask, I’m sure they might get used. You could even toss a nice stack or two of Kungaloosh in there. Alcohol never goes to waste!
  • Pets. Sometimes warlocks tire of their minions, and need something cuddly and lovable to fawn on them and just be happy to be owned. If you don’t know what pets they own, try and find out first. Some favorites that some might not have are the white kitten, any of the raptor hatchlings, or any of the whelplings. If you remember, pick up some pet supplies from Breanni in Dalaran as an added surprise!
  • Something Shiny. How about some lovely gems or enchantments? A Runed Cardinal Ruby would find a home in the next new piece of gear. That new Black Magic weapon enchant on a handy vellum would be nice, too (hint hint). Of course, a gift of uncut gems or enchanting materials would certainly be just as well received.
  • Gift Card. Gold is always received well. You can’t wrap it, but you can send it with a message. For that warlock who doesn’t have epic flying, or that is trying to buy their way into the good graces of any number of factions, you can’t go wrong with cold, hard cash. This is perhaps the best gift for the warlock that has it all!

There you have it. Now, go run off and buy or farm up a present for Saresa. I promise I won’t tell her what you bought. Just make sure all the funds were struggled for in game. Save that real world money for lollies or cat food. I’ll throw in a kitten for free (postage and handling paid for by recipient).

To read all of the Blog Azeroth Secret Santa posts, have a look here!

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This week’s Shared Topic was suggested by Relevart of Relevart’s Druid Reliquary, and it asks us to ponder one of my personal favourite topics to whinge about – The penalty systems in WoW, and player ‘entitlement’.

Relevart’s prompting statement makes a much nicer introduction to the topic than –I- could ever think of, so let’s hop to it, shall we?

I know a few other bloggers have shown interest in the idea of player motivation and I absolutely love the idea of examining the concept of what makes us want to/need to/desire to play.

I thought a neat springboard for such a discussion would be that of the penalty system (or lack thereof, as you might see it) in WoW as well as the recent claims that Blizzard is caving to the casual players’ feeling of entitlement to see and subsequently conquer any and all content, regardless of capability or time.

I suggest these two because I think they are inherently linked at the core, with entitlement driving the penalty system and to a lesser degree, the inverse. However, I would not be opposed to separating out the most relevant topic in order to condense posts.


Now, way way WAY back in my salad days as a blogger, I think I did a big long honking series on what gets me into WoW, and, y’know, it probably still applies.  However, at that point I never really thought much about penalty systems and entitlement.  I was making my first forays into raiding, I never expected to have a great deal of success, and, well, the people in the hardcore guilds saw content A, I saw content B, and that’s all there was to it.  I never really griped about this, I never thought it was ‘unreasonable’ that I didn’t get to see Illidan (well, eventually I did, but that’s an entirely different tale).

Now, well… things have changed a lot.  The playerbase can quite easily see the vast majority of the content.  Most people I speak to say ‘Yeah, I’ve been in Ulduar.  I’ve done ToC.’  Sure, they may not have seen Yogg, or attempted ToGC, but they’ve been there.  Everyone gets to see the content at the level they choose to see it at, and everyone gets to enjoy the shiny bosses Blizzard has so thoughtfully provided for us.

As I type this, I find myself questioning why I do not like this aspect of the game.  It sounds fair, and nice, and wonderful that everyone has a shot at seeing the content.  At the same time though, I find it bizarre that people can not make the obvious link – when we all can see it and do it, it cheapens it in some strange little way.  You hear people scoffing ‘Is this the best Arthas can throw at us?’, ‘I hope Icecrown is harder, but I doubt it will be.’ ‘Arthas is half the villain Illidan was.’  And, yeah, yeah, hard modes are supposed to be an answer to this, but there isn’t the same satisfaction in downing a boss on hard mode than there is in downing a genuinely difficult boss for the first time.

I never had an issue with not being able to see all the content.  There is still a part of the playerbase which seems to feel the exact same way.  What ever happened to just enjoying what you were able to see, instead of demanding to see everything?  Yeah, I sound like a spoilt hard core raider ‘Muuuuum, the little kids are playing in the big kids pool… they’re ruining it!’, and I have been flamed and flamed again over it in the past, but I guess I just don’t understand where you are all coming from.  Or something.  Especially since, well, hello… I’m NOT a hardcore raider.  Hard modes?  Pshaw.  Hell, I’m often lucky to raid twice a week recently!

I guess as players we often feel entitled to do everything. “I pay my 15 dollars a month, just like those hard core guys!”.  We also feel entitled to be challenged “I pay my 15 dollars a month, just like those casuals!”  We also feel entitled to enjoy the game, to have things our way (even if others disagree), and to often be pushy, demanding, and annoying, just because we pay our 15 dollars a month.  A visit to the official forums is all you need to show you how entitled we all feel.  Hell, I have a ridiculous sense of entitlement myself.

As for penalty systems, well, as Syrana said… they don’t really exist anymore in the game.  Hell, they barely existed before.  I don’t think I can make much more comment on those than what she already has.  Although, I am glad in a way that we aren’t penalised more harshly, especially in the levelling days.  If I got my XP taken away, I would have just packed up my little red wagon and cried the whole way home when I first started playing WoW.

At the end of the day, I have nothing to say here that I haven’t said before.  The game feels dumbed down.  I am so worried that it will be even further dumbed down in the expansion.  By appealing to the lowest common denominator, we don’t all actually win, and I think that the way the game is now actually increases tension between the casual and the hardcore player base, and everyone caught in between.

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Now, I am no screenwriter… but when Halophoenix from Azeroth Here And Now suggested a Shared Topic about the WoW movie, well, I just couldn’t resist.

We all know WoW has some epic storylines… whether it be Horde or Alliance side, or the massive clash between the two, there is a plethora of stories to choose from.  But have you all considered how much more entertaining it would be if it was about – Me!

Quite frankly, we all know that I am the best thing about WoW.  I am most certainly the most awesome thing to be found in the game.  And the epic adventures I have had!  Just imagine….

A lone Warlock, struggling through Serpentshrine Cavern… she skulks through the place, when she is suddenly beset by ferocious Murlocs, with a conscience to match her own.  She delves deep within her inner powers, finds that dark, twisted part of her soul, and calls upon it to fight off the gurgling creatures.  As she throws dark shadows around her, the Murlocs scream, thirsting for her blood.  They claw at her face as she destroys them, eating away at their very souls from the inside out.   Slowly, one by one, they fall.  The Warlock is bloodied and bruised, but she smiles with grim satisfaction as she rifles through the burnt bodies, looking for treasures… or hell, maybe even a snack.

The fact that I happened to have a tank and a healer with me at the time is completely irrelevant, OK?

There would even be comedic relief – the audience would cackle mirthfully as she battled Mages, watching her confused expression as she took what seemed like the toughest time to beat them down.  After having a post Mage pwning snack, she reaches over to her back to clean her weapon… and discovers that it’s a fishing pole.  Giggling mirthfully, she takes a long relaxing soak in the nearest moonwell as she thinks about her latest method of killing Mages.

And romance!  Boy oh boy is there romance… and not any romance, but even the forbidden love variety!  Pursued by all sorts of lowly beings, she is accustomed to throwing suitors off left right and centre.  But, one day… a lowly Mage somehow manages to interest her for just a moment.  Tantalised by the forbidden nature of the relationship (not to mention the fact that when he annoys her, she can just sic her Felhunter on him!), she explores a new world of unequal love…

Personally, I like the first part of the movie the best.  Who needs Arthas when you have the epic tale of Saresa?

This has been brought to you courtesy of another Blog Azeroth Shared Topic!

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What does it mean to me to be a member of the Alliance?  That noble, well… alliance of races, all that represent honour, dignity, respect and everything else which is good and just.  Why, as a Warlock, do I want to be a part of that?  Shouldn’t I be a part of the seedier, dirtier, infinitely more disgusting and evil Horde?

Well… let’s just say I didn’t want to face an eternity of crippling back problems and a missing lower jaw.  Nor did I want to channel Kermit, and lope around singing ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’.  Not to mention the difficulties of asking for a large steak when visiting Thunder Bluff!  Talk about foot (or rump?) in mouth.

I just wanted to be pretty.  I wanted people to stare in wonder at me, slack jawed and stuttering before I cast the deadly shadowy spell that ended their life.  So, of course Human was the way to go*.  Attractive, charming, diplomatic, and ever so deadly.

I know, I can hear you asking… but how does a Warlock, the most evil and dastardly of all creatures, fit in to the pure Human race?  How can such a malevolent creature, her soul almost torn asunder, succeed in the Alliance?  I’ll let you in on a little secret…

The Alliance are the epitome of evil.  The Horde?  They are really a pack of do-gooder, limp wristed stamp collectors.  The Horde are a banding of the unjustly excluded, trying to fight to have their place in the world, free from the tyranny the Alliance visit upon them.  I mean, seriously… a pack of cow-men-things?  How are THEY supposed to be evil?  Not to mention Thrall, and his fairy tale dreams of the Orcs having a place to live, fitting in to the world and succeeding (memo to Thrall – you are part of a green, unattractive and unfortunately thickskulled race.  Just be glad we allow you to live in the first place).

You want to see evil, you visit Stormwind one day.  No, no… don’t just look at the gloss and the glamour of it all… I want you to peer into the seamy underbelly.  The low level teenager dancing naked at the mailbox, hoping for a few copper to feed who knows what addiction she has.  The band of Rogues, secretly plotting against the very people they profess to follow.  The orphans, ‘innocently’ clattering about town, snatching wallets and hawking flea ridden creatures to unsuspecting idiots.  The King himself, seething with rage, blinded by his own hatred and arrogance, on the verge of pulling the whole of the Human race into warfare.

Even the oh-so self righteous Night Elves… take a look at your failed ambitions.  Beware the pride of the Night Elves, for it is biblical in proportions, and their downfall is equally enormous.  Teldrassil, anyone?  What other race would even dream of the notion that they would be grand enough to create a whole new World Tree?  Well… maybe the Humans, if we were any good at gardening.

Gnomes and Dwarves… supposedly ‘sharing’ a city.  There must be tension beneath the surface.  Most of the Gnomes are relegated to a small quarter of Ironforge, kept separate from everyone else.  There, too, ambition and greed leads the Alliance astray.  The Dwarves and their foolish treasure hunts, always having to be rescued, and still demanding a cut of the bounty!  The Gnomes!  Well… what can we say… their very existence just leaves one speechless.

Draenei… alien space goats, so inclined to join the wrong side of a battle and fall to darkness, to become Broken.  Yes, the temptation always lingers for these hoofed blue creatures.

This is the Alliance.  This is the greedy, selfish, immoral sewer of a society that I am a part of.  Where else would a Warlock really want to be?

* Blood Elves were not around when I started playing WoW.  Even if they were, their crack-addled, somewhat anorexic looking state does not appeal to me, nor does living in the gay mecca of WoW.  How am I supposed to get a man in Silvermoon?


This post was brought to you courtesy of another fantastic Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, suggested by Spinks of Spinksville.

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Brought to you via a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic!

Euripides of OutDPS suggested a really interesting Shared Topic for this week – What would happen if there were WoW Lobbyists?  After all, there are just as many people who play WoW as there are who hunt (according to the statistics), and the Gun Lobby in the US is supposedly a powerful thing indeed (here in Australia, we don’t even have one, and if we did, well…. they wouldn’t be especially powerful.  I guess they are kinda like the Shooter’s Party).  What if we could bring our power to bear (not as in Druids) and force those nasty politicians to do what we want?

Unfortunately, I don’t think a WoW lobby would work at all.  Frankly… the lesser classes would bring it down.  The Warlocks would have to do ALL the work (as usual), and since there’s a lot less Warlocks than there is everyone else, the whole thing would just be a shambles.  Just imagine…

  • A Paladin meets the President to try to get WoW players, oh… better internet? *shrugs*  Talk would soon disintegrate into ‘My Hammer is so Awesome!’ and other illogical babbling, along with their usual pacifist ‘noooo, we can’t kill the sick people who will infect everyone else and wipe all of humanity out!  It’s just not NICE!”
  • A Mage comes along to try and resolve the situation, since they have ‘superior Intellect’ and all.  Unfortunately, a Secret Service guy thinks the Mage looks questionable (so… I am guessing it’s a Gnome Mage who is approaching then), and the Mage overreacts and sheeps the guy.  Mayhem ensues.
  • So the Priest rocks up to try and save the day.  They stub their toe along the way and keel over, dead.  Yes, the Priest, once again, forgot to heal themselves.
  • The Death Knight, being a creature of little brain, spies the dead Priest keeled over, immediately thinks that the President must have killed him, and charges into get revenge.
  • The Rogue sees the opportunity to carry out their assassination plot and tries to help the Death Knight… but subtlely, so that the DK is the one thrown in jail for killing the bloody President.
  • The Druid just Shadowmelds and waits… typical.
  • The Hunter tries to trap the idiot DK, succeeds in stepping in their own trap and setting their pet on the dead Priest… I guess the kitty was hungry?
  • The Warrior keeps yelling for everyone to attack him, but all the other people have WAY too much aggro by now, and they just get ignored.  Bored, they start punching a wall, and get arrested for destroying public property.
  • The Shaman is so confused by which totem is the most appropriate for this mess that he doesn’t achieve anything at all.  Meanwhile, people are getting into a weird frenzy of slapping, sheeping, poking and /spitting.
  • Finally, the Warlock /sighs, kills most everyone with a nasty bout of AoE, and then sets about making it look like it was the Druid’s fault all along, while muttering to themselves how bloody stupid everyone is.

So, essentially… a WoW lobby would bring about the end of the world.  One way or another.  Although the situation might have been avoided if the damn Mage had remembered to cast Intelligence on everyone!

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Deconstructing is a word that, frankly, I hear a hell of a lot of.  As an English teacher, I am forever harping at the kidlets (“You call THAT deconstructing??”) about deconstructing all manner of things.  However, this week the ever delightful Spinks has suggested that we deconstruct our own favourite quest.

Now, we all know I don’t really quest.  As in… I pick up a quest.  I look at it.  I abandon it in utter frustration because it is too hard, too boring, too far away, or I just don’t like the sound of it.  However, there are a couple of awesome quests which stick in my mind.  The Wrathgate chain clearly is a standout, as is the Dreadsteed chain, and that other awesome Warlock chain


The best quest.

The quest of ALL quests.

You know the one.

Mmmm…. Amberseeds!

This quest raises so many questions.  Why do they keep the Amberseeds there?  HOW many people have eaten those Amberseeds?  Does the Health Department know about these seeds?

Most importantly….

Who has to clean the bloody toilet?  THAT would be a nasty job!

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This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic is all about the total ‘tards that surround us every day in game.  Since Gnomer managed to suggest something that I am totally in sync with (‘tarding it up is my specialty!), I decided that I would have a shot at writing about this one.

So, what is a locktard?

Thankfully, they are a very rare creature which can not be often spotted out and about in Azeroth.  Key tips to finding this rare and fascinating creature include keeping an eye open for:

  • The lock who soulstones themselves in parties instead of someone who can rez
  • The lock who takes the Mp5 gear, because ‘it’s shiny and I hate lifetapping’
  • The lock who spams Searing Pain, because they talented into it
  • The lock who talented into Searing Pain because it was there
  • The lock who uses their Voidwalker to DPS
  • The lock who melees when they go OOM
  • The lock who can’t chain seduce effectively
  • The lock who fears a mob into other packs of mobs in instances
  • The lock who life taps themselves half to death and then stands IN THE VOID ZONE

No doubt there are other characteristics of locktards out there. While I don’t spot too many locktards, they are out there, and they should be stopped.  However, I am sure that there is a little locktard in all of us. Honestly, I have done half these things myself… oh no, I am secretly a locktard?

/identity crisis

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So, it has been a while since I have done a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic.  I figured I should really have a go at doing one since I am forever nagging other people to do them (thanks to the wonder that is Twitter), and this one of Copra’s really made me think.

“LF Good Guild”

“What is the best guild on this server?”

“You guys suck, I’m looking for a good guild”

All of these statements are something we see most everyday in WoW, and generally in the global chat channels (LFG Spam anyone?).  Most of the time we completely disregard them, although they often attract some silly answers, and start all manner of arguments.  However, do any of us really understand what a ‘good guild’ is?

There are so many different things which can be used to describe and categorise a guild.  We can talk about their progression, their talent in PvP, the friendliness of the people within the guild, their ownership of a bank and tabs within that bank (!!!), or any manner of things, but people will always disagree on whether the guild in question is a good guild or not.  At the end of the day, we all have things which we value differently, so each person will have a different understanding of what a good guild is.

When people ask me what a good guild is on my server, my most immediate answer is to rattle off the names of the top four or five PvE guilds.  To be honest, I am not sure why I do this – I think I have a basic understanding that most people are asking which guilds are the most progressed on the server, and so this is the question I answer.  This is also easy to categorise, and though there is always some debate as to who is “Number One” (I’ll never forget the day the “Number Two” guild actually surpassed the “Number One” guild in Sunwell, cementing their place in BC as the ‘top’ guild technically, although not in the minds of many), most people will be able to identify a guild on server, point them out and say ‘That there is a great guild’


These guilds are not always ones which I would categorise as ‘good’.  Their players are not always ‘nice and friendly’, they do not always use ‘nice and friendly’ means of getting to the top, and they quite often have little to no empathy for the ‘little guy’,  In short, these are not nice happy friendly guilds.  They aren’t the sort of people who I would enjoy sitting down and having a chat with, and they aren’t the sort of guild that I would consider applying to.

So what would I consider to be a good guild?

I look for a few things in a guild, and they really aren’t difficult requirements:

  • People should generally be friendly and polite
  • There should be a guild scapegoat to provide endless giggles and amusement
  • People should be understanding of real life commitments.
  • People should have some skill in playing their class – while being nice is all well and good, I do actually enjoy playing the game, and it’s difficult to do so properly with people who can’t play.

However, my list is completely different to someone who is looking for different sorts of guilds, so at the end of the day there really isn’t a way to effectively a answer this question – it’s all in the eye of the beholder!

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So, the latest BA Shared Topic has come from a place where few of us venture to dare… the realm of an Angry Dwarf.  Yes, that’s right, Saithir at the Angry Dwarfs suggested this week’s topic: your favourite, bestest, PROUDEST achievements.  Well, to be totally honest… I don’t have that many achievements which I am proud of in game.  I don’t have too many, don’t have a single title (apart from Jenkins, which hardly counts), and rarely work towards them.  However, we shall see what we can get from the very slim pickings I have done.

“Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich?” – Yes, I like to punch stuff.  A lot.  So much so that I punched my way all the way to 450, with the Rocky theme playing over and over and over and over in my head.  I’m so experienced I’d totally whip Rocky’s ass right about now /flex.  Never mind that Rocky is a bajillion years old…

“Going Down” – Because I worked out how to do this a NON stupid way before pretty much everyone I know.  While guildies were running around trying to find things to jump off, I simply mounted my bird, flew into the air, and dismounted.  hey presto, E-Z Achievement!

“Shop Smart, Shop Pet… Smart” – this is kinda cheating, since I got it on my Druid.  This achievement was the result of a lot of work, and a lot of mooching off others.  Sar can take credit for teaching Hermia how to mooch effectively (note: it involves making the OTHER people feel bad that they haven’t done enough work FOR you.  A truly difficult skill to master).

Runner Up

Yeah yeah yeah, so it’s cheating… I just thought that this one deserved a special mention of its own!

“The Fishing Diplomat” – because I conquered my fear of going into a Horde city.  My only wish now is that I had done so naked, because, well… they are Orcs.  We have to give them some reason to live, right?

Since I like to add a little something extra to posts, I’m going to add my top 3 Blogging Achievements

I have had only 230 spam comments so far, and a year is almost up.  I’ll just pre-emptively award this one, hey?

And of course, the BIG DADDY of them all, the one that beats everything else on this page…

Sure, I wasn’t actually interviewed live.  To be honest, I don’t know whether the intertubes could have handled that.  I would have probably broken them.  However, it is probably one of the top experiences I have had as a blogger!

What about you?  What achievements (WoW or blog related) are you most proud of?

PS.  Matt advised me to quit blogging.  So, if I suddenly disappear… all blame him.

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halloween2 So, I didn’t get the pet for Hallowe’en.  However, I was lucky enough to score the sword, which resulted in some very evil looking flame throwing!  We all know that it is all about the appearances, right?

So, it’s the third day of NaBloPoMo.  I was going to make a video, since I haven’t work my glasses all day and now can barely see, but I could see myself well enough to be assured that I look hideous.  Funny how video days invariably fall on ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’ days.  Yes, they do exist.  On the plus side, it also means ‘Thin’ and ‘attractive’ days also exist – sometimes at the same time. 

Since the video idea failed, I am going to take a stab (with my new sword) at a BA Shared Topic!  Coming to you from Sydera@WoM:

What Kind of Warlock are You?

1.  You see a bunny hopping down the road.  You

a) Hug it!

b) DoT it, just to be disappointed when the first tick kills it

c) Blast it with the biggest nuke you have


2.  What is the most appealing aspect about being a Warlock?

a) Cloth is just so pretty!

b)  The ability to slowly and painfully kill someone is what being a Warlock is all about

c) Massive Pew Pew Powers!…. itty bitty escape ability!


3.  Which word best defines a Warlock?

a) Misunderstood

b) Evil

c) Monstrous


4.  Which is your favourite pet?

a) Imp: he’s so cute!

b) Felguard: Ugly, huge, and deadly

c) Pet?  Huh?  Oh, that annoying thing that follows me?  I just kill it!


5.  (Courtesy of Lassirra!) Would you rather:

a) flay someone alive and feed it to your demon (only if he was hungry!)

b) burn someone to a cinder, and feed the remains to your demon

c) all of the above



Mostly ‘A’s:  You are a kind hearted lock!

Shouldn’t you really be playing a priest or something?

Mostly ‘B’s: The Richard

You enjoy being utterly evil, and delight in making people feel pain for a looooong time.  You probably prefer the Affliction playstyle, and delight in scurrying around throwing DoTs everywhere

Mostly ‘C’s: The Nuke

You love seeing large numbers light up the screen, but still ensure that your enemies don’t have a completely painless death.  You probably invest lots of your points in Destruction, and pew pew with the best of them!

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