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Yep, I’ve been unfaithful.


My small, poorly specced Hunter is almost ready for Outland.  Just 2 small levels to go!  Trajan and I have been slaying Dark Iron Dwarves endlessly, chasing people who have no idea where they are going endlessly, getting lost ourselves endlessly, pulling aggro endlessly… yeah, we’ve been doing a lot of BRD, you get the point.

I’m completely embracing the ‘I have no idea what I am doing’ nature of levelling a new class.  Yep, I’m a noob and I am proud.  See, with every single one of my characters, I’ve embraced the following philosophy while levelling:

So long as shit is dying and that shit isn’t me, I’m doing OK.

I  like sitting there doing research.  I like reading.  Even more than these things though, I love discovering things for myself.  I love playing around with spells, and doing things a little more unusually than most people.  I love trying to discover a use for something that feels senseless, rather than dismissing it as boring or stupid because EJ said so.  Sure, it means my bars are cluttered.  It means I’m probably using the wrong shots.  I’m probably levelling the wrong pets.

I also don’t care!

Don’t worry too much – Sar has only been retired until Cataclysm.  Raiding is snoreworthy at the moment.  I’m tired of everything revolving around raiding or progression.  I’m having too much fun rediscovering the light side of the game – even if the light side has me running BRD for over 10 levels straight…

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