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Today, my sister and I ditched skiing to spend the daily frolicking in the snow… you know, building snowmen and what not.  Let me just say… we kick ass at snowman building!


Isn’t that the most awesome snowman you have ever seen?  He even has a cute little hat!  I just want to take him home and install him in my yard… too bad he would melt very rapidly.

Too bad, as well, that it isn’t our snowman.

P1000597THIS is our snow(wo)man, who I have dubbed Queen Pinhead, for the extreme difference in the size of her head and body.  She was a nurse in the war whose arms got sadly chopped off by an overenthusiastic surgeon, hence the arm stumps that you may or may not be able to see. She also has a scarf made out of snow, because my sister and I are arty and clever like that. (And yes, our snowwoman has a melodramatic backstory.  That’s totally normal.)

Right after I took this photograph, my sister kicked off her head.  There is a photo of me holding said head Hamlet style, but it’s on my sister’s camera… and it really doesn’t look like a head at that point.  I look like I am mourning a ball of snow, and it makes no sense.

I also got hit by several snowballs thrown by Japanese in the process of making this snowman.  My sister got hit with none because my fat ass was protecting her.  I took them for the team, damn it!  I think they were targetting the blonde because I was easy to spot.

Today is our last day at the snow, so we are celebrating it by getting well and truly hammered (well… as hammered as one can get off half a bottle of hundred proof Japanese vodka… so well and truly tipsy?), then going to a karaoke bar and making fools of ourselves. 

More random photos!

P1000594THIS is why I don’t do beanies.  Ever.

P1000599Hot Chocolate in a CAN.  Everything in Japan comes out of a vending machine, I swear! 

P1000601   Me trying to look like a mushroom out of Mario with my sister.  By the time I remembered my sunnies, it wasn’t half as glary.  Figures!  There is also a stupid snowflake RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY NOSE.

/hugs to all!

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Well, the plane didn’t crash (despite the excessive screaming of the psychotic lady next to me who thought it was going to and we were all going to die and blah blah fricking BLAH), and I landed at Narita at 7pm yesterday Japan time.

The first thing I did was find a bathroom, because I really really needed to pee and the last thing I like to use is a plane toilet.  Even when I flew to LA, which was a 13 hour flight, I didn’t go to the bathroom… plane toilets just freak me out, what can I say.  Anyway, in the bathroom there were three toilet options:

1.  Fancy high tech loo: more buttons than a space ship, I didn’t even know what any of them did.  I was afraid to use something that looked like it had more gadgetry than the Sputnik, so I gave it a miss.

2.  Glorified hole in the ground: Um… squat loo?  No thanks, I’m lazy and don’t really like hovering above a hole!

3.  Normal western toilet – huzzah!!!

After that I went to go do the whole immigration/customs thing.  Not sure why, but for some reason you need to get a shuttle from one part of the airport to the other.  Guess it’s marginally too far to walk, so they make you take a 1 minute train ride.

I got through everything ok (although one of the immigration officers started speaking Japanese to me, and then was a little confounded when I couldn’t understand a think he said).  Turns out he thought I must be half Japanese because my middle name, Naomi, is apparently a Japanese name.  Heh.

My sister and her boyfriend picked me up, and we drove around for a bit (it was about 2 and a half hours from the airport to their place), and we grabbed some dinner along the way.  Wasn’t too bad… the meat was super fatty (which was apparently normal) and it made me a little sick, but it was fairly tasty.  I still fail at chopsticks as well, but I should be a master by the time I leave!

This morning I got to try pizzaman and nikuman.  Basically it’s filling in bread… kinda like a hot pocket I guess, but steamed.  Oddly enough, the pizzaman is pizza filling, and nikuman is beef and vegetables.  Now THOSE I could handle eating!

I think we are going to ride bikes around Ashikaga today, and pack to get ready for skiing.  Now, the shower is calling my name, so I best be going!

P.S. – I find it hilarious that my sister now speaks English like a Japanese person, and randomly throws Japanese words in her sentences.  However, I wonder if her and her boyfriend are using it as a secret code to talk around me ;-)

P.P.S – My sister’s boyfriend’s mate arrives tonight I think.  Will be nice to have another ‘Japan first timer’ around!

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