The following is a mere handful of the wonderful blogs which are scattered across the WoW Blogosphere.  As a rule, I avoid linking the larger, well known blogs unless I consider them to be of absolute exceptional quality, or if I find them to be personally interesting.  Generally the ‘big guy’ blogs have a large enough readership that I know who they are, you know who they are, the whole universe knows who they are… so you don’t need me telling you to read them.  So no, I do not link a certain big WoW site!

Each of the following blogs is Sar read, Sar tested and Sar approved.  Some are old, some are not so old, but all offer entertainment, insight, and fantastic reading (or viewing or listening).  If you have a suggestion for my blogroll, feel free to contact me through the above link (see: top right hand corner of page) with the address and a quick statement of why that blog is so fricking fantastic that I should immediately link it.  Also keep in mind that not all blogs are for everyone, and if I do not choose to link you, it is not a reflection on your writing, blog design, or body odour.  Although perhaps you could consider a shower.

Sar’s Top Blogs: November

This month, I have decided to highlight … no one.  ‘Cos I’m kinda a bitch like that.  And I’m a little behind on the whole WoW scene.  So, until I catch up, have no links!  Bahahahahahahahaha!

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