About Gingerlei

Gingerlei was kind enough to blog over here at Destructive Reach for a few months.  Unfortunately for him, I then decided to quit, which kinda left him high and dry (because, yeah, I’m a bitch!).  However, I thought it best to leave the About Page here, so anyone going through the Archives can have a little insight into the person who wrote the decidedly better posts on this humble little blog.


My name is Humberto and for my entire WoW existence, I have played a Druid. The siren call of being able to rain death down from the heavens as a giant, mutated owl beast was too much for me to resist.  Merrily did I level my Druid through Azeroth, using the powers of both nature and the arcane to destroy any monsters in my way.  Alone I was an unstoppable feathery ball of death but when the time came to team up with other would be heroes, I was shunned and ostracized.  “Freak!” some would scream. “l2healz!” others would shout.  Despite this, I still pushed on and eventually made it 70 and the world of raiding.  Trading my feathers in for tree bark would be the only way I would ever see the inside of most raid instances and did so grudgingly.  How could one be taken seriously as an instrument of death and destruction when one spent most of his time as a frumpy little tree showering groups of adventures with the blessings of nature?  My heart yearned for something darker, something deadlier.  It was then I rolled my very first Warlock, a human female by the name of Gingerlei on Frostmane-US.

I’ve made 2 locks so far, one Alliance and one Horde and absolutely love the class.  There is just something uniquely satisfying about sending your Voidwalker into a large pack of mobs, dotting them all up, then sitting back and drinking a martini as you watch them meet their slow and painful end.  I plan on leveling my Warlock to 80 through questing and heavy use of both random battlegrounds and the dungeon finder, hopefully giving me ample material for the blog.  I’m the raid leader for a semi-serious raiding guild on Frostmane-US Alliance side so you may see some tips and boss strats along with the usual Warlockery in these here parts.

Outside of Azeroth, I’m a 27 year old red blooded American male.   I work at a small IT consulting firm as a Senior Network Engineer and work silly hours.  One of the perks though is I sometimes get paid to play WoW unbeknownst to my boss.  I enjoy all manner of geeky things from D&D  and Sci-Fi novels to comic cons and ren festivals.  My dorkiness knows no bounds.

In game I can be found on Faelican or Gingerlei both on Frostmane-US Alliance side.