It’s been a while since I have had the time to play WoW.  Mainly because the boy keeps stealing my computer every time I have nothing better to do!  In fact , the only reason I am able to write this post is because he is too busy watching the cricket to use the damn thing.

From what I can tell, the vast majority of my guild is defecting to SW:ToR.  So, I think things will be pretty quiet on the WoW social scene for me.  However, I’ll still plod along, maybe just PuG this that and the other if I ever hit 85, and muck around with alts.  Who knows?

It’s funny, because the thought of playing WoW is a lot more entertaining than actually playing WoW.  I don’t know whether it’s because things are so quiet in the game or what… I usually don’t cope well without a bunch of people to chat to.  So, to that end… if you want to add me on Real ID, let me know.  I’m always after more people to chat to!

Here’s hoping I can actually get in the game and get somewhat interested again!

One Response to “Getting There!”
  1. With 4.3 the game is much more solo friendly, since you can now use the Dungeon finder and Raid finder the need to have a big social group or guild isn’t as necessary anymore, unless you are after that (and the harder challenges that the normal raids give).

    If you ever need a healer, just let me know :)

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