Today, I was pondering coming back to the game, and futzing around on alts.  Why?  Well, I had work to do, I was procrastinating, and I used to play WoW when I was procrastinating.  That and I need to stop going out and start saving money, and WoW would let me do just that.

What do you guys think?  If anyone even looks here anymore, I’d love to know your thoughts on the current state of the game, the state of the Warlock, and whether or not it is worth my while reactivating my account, or whether I should just spend my spare time shooting zombies and eating pizza like I have been… or whether I should try RIFT or something (although, really, could I possibly be arsed blogging about a new game?)

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6 Responses to “Poll-o-riffic”
  1. So I just moved from a Elemental Shaman to a Demo/Destro Raiding Warlock. And I love it. The guild needs a Demo lock and after a few days I think I have it down fairly well, at least outside of raiding. Inside still have items to change.

    But really, I find it fun. And with 4.2 coming out soon if you can go back to an active guild you’ll have plenty of people to play with as everyone is trying to get exalted with the new Avengers of Hyjal faction.

    But even while I do enjoy parts of WoW… And I played RIFT for a few weeks and a little during beta. Didn’t have enough to keep me. (I mean really grinding all over again to do what I enjoy, Raid)…Lately, I am just waiting for the next big thing… SWTOR!

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  2. The game is very alt friendly right now. Since Deathwing kinda burnt everything down and made us start over, even the questing is a bit different, even refreshing.

    Who am I to say anything, though. My blog is under a thick coat of dust, and I though I have been leveling another priest (lulu is almost 78), I have been finding a lot of my fun in Minecraft building my Barbie Dream Fortress. :P
    Shawndra´s last blog post ..My First Gaming Computer

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  3. Sar, your awesome, and I doubt ever you’ll put up a post like this without responses. :p

    Current state of the game… god. Big question. Over all I think its in a good place, IIRC you were somewhat saddened with wraths easier raiding? Well thats gone (and wanted BCs “harder” encounters), well, they are back, blizzard seems to have moved from a easy normals/hard heroics model to a hard normals/evil heroics and then nerfing the normals at the end of the tier.

    Alts and leveling is fantastic atm, with the whole world rebuilt thing, questing is a blast.

    Warlocks? We’re in a OK place numbers wise, all 3 specs perform well. I could be a little happier mechanics wise, but I’m probably nit picking at this point.

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  4. I’m surprised at how little has actually changed for locks since Cata hit. Most every other class is getting all sorts of nerfs/buffs/bananas in the ass, but us locks are still strong.

    Also, I tried Rift when it came out, but it did get really grindy. They have some really cool ideas going for them, but I couldn’t do two MMOs at once (plus starting a new job at the same time sorta killed my drive to play). Rift has stolen a lot of my guild’s raiders since Firelands was delayed to patch 4.2.

    Left 4 Dead is still an awesome game, but I only have it on my xbox. This one time me and my buddy Keith…

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  5. Warlocks are (as always) a blast to play. Plus we get this nifty legendary staff in 4.2 :D

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  6. Warlocks are always a solid class. The others are just fine too. It doesn’t really matter about classes until raiding.

    I do hear that hunters are having fun taming all the pets. Particularly since they changed that you can now have a zillion.

    Azeroth is out there to explore. And if you do it’s always a good time.

    And we miss you.

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