(Totally not WoW related, sorry.  Probably won’t even make sense.  You’ll understand why at the end!)

Well, what Hellfire used to be before it got all wimpified.

So, stupid me came up with the following plan to deal with travelling this week:

- No sleep Tuesday night, to ensure sufficient sleepiness for Wednesday

- Sleep all afternoon/early evening Wednesday

- Leave home at 10pm, to arrive at airport at around 8 or 8.30.

- Win!

Step one went perfectly.  A very tired grouchy Sar rocked up to work Wednesday feeling exhausted and irritable.  Which meant that grouchy Sar reacted really badly when her day went to crap. Which meant that by the time she got home (late, because some asshat moved all the work she left for her students while she was away because people are inconsiderate morons who like to try and ruin her teeth by making her grind and gnash away so she doesn’t hurl abuse at them… or shoot them in the face with a shotgun.  They are lucky there wasn’t a shotgun around!) she was in a vile rage and did not feel at all like sleeping.

So, she went to bed at 8pm, and tried to sleep.  Of course, she started to drift off, then realised it was 9pm.  So, no sleep again that night!

Now, driving 10 hours on such a small amount of sleep, in a bad mood, is not a good idea.  Crap that can happen (and did happen!) includes:

- veering all over the road when your arms decide to die

- dropping the clutch like crazy when you happen to be in horrible stop-start traffic.

- actually realising your eyes are closing if you try to glance down at the speedometer

- then realising you are almost falling asleep every five minutes… thank goodness for that weird noisy bumpy paint that warns you about running off the road!

- misreading speed advisory signs for corners (mixing up 45kmph and 85kmph?  BAD.  If I wasn’t a half decent driver I’d be at the bottom of a cliff right now)

- struggling with pea soup levels of fog (hey, it doesn’t get that foggy where I live!  We don’t have mountains, valleys, or hills for the fog to hang around) when you can’t even keep your damned eyes open

- being completely unable to sing along to the most singalongable songs ever.  That’s when you KNOW you are tired.

I think Blizzard is secretly trying to kill me so I stop complaining about them.

And yes, that sentence is grammatically awful, but I’m too tired to decide which end needs fixing :-P

Sar’s brain, after 51 hours of no rest, signing out!

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  1. No dying in my country! Is very bad guest behaviorizings, and then we gotta clean up the mess.
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