So, the Hunters (as usual!) are all ‘raargh raargh raargh’ because Volley has been removed from the game.

“We’ll be at a disadvantage!” “No one will take us to raids!” “I can’t AoE while I’m questing!”

So, I have an idea.

Blizzard, give Volley back to the Hunters.  Please.  Please please please.  That lot is so damn loud and everything, and I just want some peace, damn it.

Take my Rain of Fire instead.

Yes.  I’m serious.  If Blizzard took away Rain of Fire, I’d do a little victory dance.  Naked.  In the middle of my lounge room.  That’s how excited I’d be.

Don’t you guys get bored using channelled spells?  Seriously?  I mean, yeah, they are handy for a few things.  You can cast it, then tab out.  You can cast it, then get a snack.  You can cast it and wax your legs at the same time.  You can cast it, then check out the guy washing his car over the back fence.

But oh my fricking ever loving monkey god is it boring to cast a channelled spell over and over.

I’ve had instance runs on my Hunter where I use Volley almost exclusively.  I’ve had the same on my Warlock.  Sure, my Warlock is slightly more awesome, simply because fire balls coming from the damned sky kicks the arse of arrows any day of the week.  But it’s the same old snorefest.  Press button.  Wait.  Press button.  Wait.  Press button.

I want to have to use a rotation.  I want trash where I might have to think (gasp!) a little.  I don’t want to watch my bloody cast bar crawling downwards, and I don’t want to play a game where the main advantage is I can wax and play at the same time.

Besides, you only have so much body hair, and then what do you do?

So, Blizzard: abolish all channelled AoE’s.  I’m putting this one down to Hunter bias: why are they allowed to have a fun playstyle experience while the rest of us get to suffer the crawling cast bar of doom?  Damn you Hunters.  Damn you!

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10 Responses to “Why Channelled AoE Is Lame Anyway”
  1. The day we can shoot arrows and bullets at point-blank range (like most ever spell that cloth wearers can cast), or at least be allowed to use our melee weapons for more than a stat-stick is the day we won’t miss Volley. It’s not that we don’t love doing rotations. It’s not that we are not bored at channelled spells. It’s because it’s the only freakin’ damage we can do at melee range.

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  2. Why do you think i heal? dps is too boring, tanking is too stressful. Healing is just the right mix. Priests are great cause they have a heal for any situation, never just spam 1 spell over and over :)

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  3. Hey now! Don’t you go throwing class bias in the directions of us hunters!

    Besides, it’s only because all these years we’ve had to pretend to be a caster class and no we’re having a few growing pains. Trust me, there are plenty of us that are happy with the direction we’re going.

    So keep keep on being a skirt wearing hunter wannabe, but please, don’t give us back Volley!

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  4. Shouldn’t you be using Seed of Corruption instead of Rain of Fire anyway? :3 /runs
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  5. The only advantage, as far as I can see, to channelled spells is how adorable Taurens look while casting them. Even though it’s completely pointless I love casting Tranquility on my druid. I think it’s because male Taurens sort of put their hand in the air, and stand there looking bashful, like they’re in a maths lesson and they need to go to the toilet…

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  6. I can’t stand having to use Reign of Fire precisely for that reason. If I wanted to stand around and do nothing for most of an instance, I would have rolled a mage (I mean they never really do anything useful to begin with anyway.) Besides, as neat as the idea of raining fiery doom down upon the heads of my doomed enemies is, it’s not really my style.

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  7. Coming from the spriest side if things, I’s just glad there’s an alternatives ta dot dot dot dot…. Course, our channeled AoE don’t damage our target, just his friends, which be weird.
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  8. I’m the opposite. I love doing the smaller instances as a frost mage, preferably with a paladin tank and blizzarding away. Watching all those pretty little numbers raining down across my screen. It saves having to use skill and watch out for stuff like spell reflecting mobs and it brings a nice touch of winter the instance.
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  9. +1 for Seeds.

    I flip through the trash dropping CoA on everything, then when I find #1, start spamming Seed on it. Those rolling explosions are absolute music.
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  10. I can only imagine how frustratingly boring a channeled AOE must be, however I can tell you that instant AoE’s, as in Fan of Knives, are not the most fun things either. It is a fantastic spell, don’t get me wrong, but compared to say a Paladins consecration, it lacks a bit of strategy. Aside from pulling aggro, FoK can be spammed almost non-stop, where as Consecration has some thought behind it, as to where to drop it, how long it will last, cooldown usage. That I love, I would very much like to see more of that style AOE.

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