I don’t care when Cataclysm comes out.

I don’t care what happens in it.

I don’t care if it is all new and shiny and everything in between.


Because I am already sick to death of hearing about it.

Today, I unsubscribed to almost every single WoW blog I read.  You in the beta?  I don’t read you anymore.  You talking about stuff that’s in the beta, or the PTR, or anything else?  Sorry, on the hit list.  I’m sticking my head in the sand and waiting for this to all pass me by.

I realised I was having a bit of a weird reaction to the plethora of beta news that’s floating around when I had a rather snippy reaction to someone today.  “Have you seen the awesome lock changes?” they ask me.  “No, don’t know, don’t care!” I growled.  Wait, what?  Since when do I not care what is happening to Warlocks?  Since when do I not care whether things are good or lame or what have you? Well… since people started nattering on about it constantly.

There’s only ever been one real reason why I’ve been excited about Cataclysm coming out, and that was because I thought Wrath was a stinking pile of felhunter poop.  Anything to get away from the expansion that I have had so much difficulty enjoying.  I don’t care about what is actually happening in Cataclysm, so long as it’s more interesting than Wrath.  I don’t much care about class mechanics at this point, so long as they come out OK in the end.  Stuff gets changed, and changed, and changed again before it makes it to live, so I’m not going to bother my pretty little head about it now.  Sure, it may be exciting to some, but at this point… it’s kinda like having a friend narrate the whole plot of a movie to me without me being able to watch it.  And yeah, I know I could download the PTR and poke around, but I can’t be bothered.  Which is how WoW seems to be affecting a heck of a lot of people these days.  I should really make a new character and call it Bartleby, because that’s who I most resemble with my current attitude to WoW, Cataclysm, and blogging about it in general.

Yep, I’m suffering ‘Cataclysm: DILIGAF’ syndrome.  How about you?  Excited, or just plain over it already?

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20 Responses to “Overexposed and Unenthused: Cataclysm and Me”
  1. Bravo. Even though I’m in the beta, I hate reading so much negativity about a work in progress. Beta is beta, that means it’s not done yet. I wish more people would realize that and stop bitching.

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  2. Believe me, I hear you. I can barely stand writing about it as it changes every week and sometimes I think “oh why bother! It’ll be different next week!”

    I knew a Bartleby, but didn’t know the the significance. Looks like I’ll have to read this short story.

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  3. @Hake whiners like to whine, unfortunately. I don’t even care about the good stuff at this point, isn’t that awful?

    @Dawn it’s times like this I feel sorry for you wow.com guys. I don’t know if I’d be able to write with as much enthusiasm as some of you do about things I don’t care much about.

    And yes, Bartleby the Scrivener is most definitely worth a read :-)

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  4. Also, a link to the actual story here :-) http://www.bartleby.com/129/

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  5. Am with you there – I wasn’t particularly unhappy with WotLK rather than the way is going as a whole, but I am tired and stay away from most Cata related info when I can. I don’t understand why you would spoil yourself that way, I’d never want a beta key for example. I’ve stopped reading sites like MMO Champ and to be honest, most of the ‘oh look another cata snippet of info’-posts bore me to death. I had a look at one class post the other day thinking how uninformed I am, but then this game ain’t rocket science – there will be plenty of time to figure out stuff..
    Syl´s last blog post ..Why do you play another race in MMOs

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  6. Still excited Sar, sorry.. I’m gonna touch on the PTR a little bit in my blog post… whenever the hell I finish writing it, but it’s nothing overwhelming so don’t unsubscribe me….. if you even subscribe to my blog now :P lol
    Achloryn´s last blog post ..Achievement Spam

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  7. I’m pretty over it as well. I’ll see it when I see it. All these blog posts about it, people trying to theorycraft ALREADY when things are still not done, or just acting all “NEENER I’m in the Beta and ur not”… done with it. I’m not unsubscribing anyone, but if I see that they’re talking about Beta, they get a big Mark as Read. Hell, even when they release it, things won’t be “done”. There will be at least a week or two of “oh crap” patches to fix all the little stuff that goes wrong when the game goes live. Like I said, I’ll see it when I see it.

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  8. I’m in beta, and frankly I’m having a blast.

    On my blog I’m trying not to spoil anything major — the quest chains are just too good, and frankly, broken. There’s too much stuff going wrong right now to really give a true feel for the changes.

    Now don’t get me wrong, as we get closer to a release date, I’ve got a bunch of posts in the works — stuff that I intend to write about that really is spoiler-y, but I’m trying to make sure I at least give a disclaimer on my posts that give fair warning.

    Wrath for me has been exhausting. It’s bleak and cold — and Arthas has been dead for months. I’ve been bored. Beta has gotten me back interested in the game for a bit, so if it keeps giving me something to do until actual release, I’ll take it.
    Morynne´s last blog post ..Cataclysm- 5 Beta Myths Debunked

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  9. No beta, no PTR, no mirroring mmo-champion at NMR.

    Me and the team, we still gots Rash of the Itch King stuffs fer ta take care of.
    Ratshag´s last blog post ..Is Where There Be Good News Everybody

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  10. I’m pretty much on the fence. The lore changes excite me. I’ll be rolling newbs to soak it all in. But I just skim class mechanic stuff for now, because, as you say, it’s all up in the air and I can’t be arsed to put deep thought into something so transient.

    So I’ve effectively applied my own meta-filter to the whole thing. As I read various blogs (and wow.com, of course) I’ll see blah blah blah OOO LORE blah blah class changes (yawn) blah blah OOO NON CATA STUFF blah blah.

    I work with programmers, I’m used to the dull roar in the background. (emphasis on the dull)

    I DID pass through the resentful, mouth-foamy stage you seem to be in at the moment, and thankfully it’s brief with sufficient amounts of alcohol.
    Grimmtooth´s last blog post ..A Grind So Evil- Even Warlocks Fear It

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  11. I’m with you Grimm. I’ve been enjoying every single bit of lore news that’s been coming out. I’m a total dork for Night Elf lore so I’m especially looking forward to questing in Mt Hyjal. I’m also looking forward to race changing my lock over to Worgen. Go go evil pound puppy!

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  12. I remember when Wrath was in its beta, and everyone was buzzing or panicking over everying little change that was posted. So many of those never made the live game. So this time I’m not paying much attention to the cata beta information that’s floating around. Who knows what the end product will actually play like, and that’s what I’m interested in. To be truthful though, I do read BRK’s posts, but that’s because he’s such a character. :P

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  13. I agree with you on being tired of seeing nothing but Cataclysm info. I have been combating that by ignoring everything but the lore posts. I have friends/guildies talking about all the stuff, but they know that I don’t really care all that much and haven’t bombarded me with the info. I have accomplished everything that I wanted to for the expansion and frankly it is time for a break. I was leveling alts and trying my hand at the AH, but now I am kind of bored. I have switched over to Dragon Age (yes I know it is a year old, but I just got it for my b-day last month) so I have been out of the loop. This means that I don’t have anything to post about.

    I am enjoying your new writer though. :)

    Don’t make apologies my dear, you must do what works for you :D

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  14. Sorry to hear Sar. I personally love exploring the Beta and all that is associated with it. Not so much loot or lore, but I am curious about mechanics and changes. The revamp of the starting areas is definitely something to be excited about.

    On the other hand, I couldn’t stop wishing the lock changes would finally, eventually drop, as I sat soul draining a wooden plank of it’s souls, thinking how heavily that shard bag weighs me down. Darn it.

    Good news, I hear we won’t have to wait much longer.
    Elkagorasa´s last blog post ..Getting the leveling greens

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  15. I’m getting less and less interested as time goes by. I’m barely skimming through my wow blog feeds lately, I’d rather just wait till Cata comes out than read speculation about things that aren’t finalized.
    Jasyla´s last blog post ..Guild Meet

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  16. Oh thank God – I thought it was just me.
    Tam´s last blog post ..Forever Noob

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  17. Finally have a chance to get back here, and holy heck comments! Great to see such a variety of opinions :-) I don’t think I feel foamy-mouthed… just tired. It’s almost exhausting reading stuff about it, I just can’t get enthused by it anymore. Sure, a lot of it will probably be my disillusionment with WoW (thanks, Wrath!) coming through, but it’s just so blah.

    So, it’s nice that some of you are excited, and it’s also nice that I am not the only one who just finds the whole thing to be blah :-)

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  18. [...] will revive me and I know Chas is devouring every scrap of information that comes his way … but like Saresa I’ve hit information overload, and I’m just not interested in Cataclysm at the moment. I’m [...]

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  19. I’ve also opted out of the Beta and the PTR, and information about them. It means I read very few blogs these days, and am totally clueless about upcoming class or PvP changes.

    I’m cool with that. I’m happy doing my thing on the live servers. Cata will be here soon enough, and I’m looking forward to experiencing it fresh. If it sucks, it sucks and I stop playing. If it’s great, I’ll be all WOWIE ZOWIE THIS IS AMAZING! on my blog. I’m really glad there are a lot of folks who are enjoying the Beta – I just prefer not to. :-)

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  20. I feel as though I’m being pulled in two directions – I don’t really want to regurgitate Cataclysm news because I know some people hate it, but on the other hand, I know that a lot of people are waiting for news.

    So I very clearly mark Cataclysm posts, so that people can skip over them/mark as read.

    I hope it means that I don’t lose too many readers.

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