The following is a guest post from one of my potential minions *cackles*, who I stupidly forgot to get a pen name from, so this will be edited later with an actual name attached instead of being by ‘Random possible future minion model number 27454A’.  Enjoy!  Be sure to leave any thoughts, theories, questions and queries in the comments at the bottom.  <3 Your evil overlord(ess), Sar,  (Yeah, if I get myself a minion, it means I get a title as well.  I deserve it).  P.S.  And I came up with the shitty title, so no blame on anyone else for that.  What can I say, it’s been a long week at work…

PvP has always been an odd animal for me, especially Battlegrounds. My first experience was as a lowly mid-teen druid in Warsong Gulch. All it took it was two or three matches of getting steam rolled by twinked out rogues to forever swear off pvping. Fast forward two years later and I was starting to get the hang of this whole BG business and even dabbling my toes into arenas. Currently I have two max level toons, an 80 Druid and an 80 Death Knight. My time in Battlegrounds was entirely spent either using an axe to perform facial reconstruction surgery or rejuvenating every ally in sight with my leafy heals.

As entertaining as it was to cleave someone in two then use their still bleeding corpse as an IED on the rest of the Horde in the vicinity, it didn’t leave me with the feeling of true evil I expected of the Death Knight class. After careful consideration, and the thought of becoming the co-blogger of a blog dedicated entirely to Warlocks, I decided to dust off a little lock I had started playing a few months back and give her the love and attention she truly deserves. One of my first orders of business with my Warlock was to give Battlegrounds a try. My experience as a caster DPS in BG’s was full of all sorts of frustrations as shifting into Moonkin form on my Druid pretty much just screamed “Hey! Think of how awesome my antlers would look as a trophy on your wall!” to any Horde in the vicinity. I was determined to make sure this would not be the case with my lock.

My spec of choice for my adventures in Arathi Basin, because there was not enough tequila on hand to get me to willingly go into Warsong Gulch, was and still is Affliction. The whole reason I created a Warlock in the first place was to watch my enemies die as slow and as painful a death as possible so Affliction was the way to go. My strategy in the Battlegrounds was really quite simple. DoT everything in sight and stay with a group. It seems like common sense but in my experience it’s something a lot of locks seemed to disregard. Success in Battlegrounds is really all about coordination and carrying out the objectives of the map which also seems to be universally disregarded amongst most of the WoW player base. Going off alone usually results in a trip to the spirit healer and upwards of 30 seconds to think about the mistakes you’ve made or to rant in general chat about what a bunch of bads everyone on your side is. Player experience may vary.

Now that I had a basic idea of what I was going to do, I needed to figure out which demon to use. From prior experience, I developed this belief that the PvP demon of choice for Warlocks was the succubus. Not sure why exactly I believed this but I did and having just finished the annoying quest line to obtain said succubus I was more than happy to summon her out. After the first wave of Horde attackers at the Goldmine, I figured this wasn’t the best course of action. From my understanding the big appeal of the succubus is Seduction, which allows you to crowd control an opposing player. At my current level the succubus is sadly missing this ability and thus next to useless for me. So I swapped her out for the go to Warlock demon, the imp. Now I was really putting the hurt on folks and rode my DoT everything in sight strat with my imp out to a record of 15 killing blows, 5 deaths, and 56 honor kills. Not bad for my first Arathi Basin run as a lock.

Basic strat in hand and choice of demon settled for the moment, it was time to expand upon the foundation strategy. Once I had Immolate, Curse of Agony, and Corruption on every target in the area what is there left to do? One option is to fire off a few Shadow Bolts until something dies. Not a bad idea but not really taking full advantage of the warlock toolkit up to this point. Drain Mana and Fear are two very useful abilities that sometimes get overlooked in favor of trying to climb up the damage done chart. Most coordinated attacks in AB will contain at least a couple of DPS and at least one healer. That one healer could very easily turn a simple attack into an all-out massacre of you and the rest of your teams defending forces. Any time I was on defense and I saw a team of attackers coming with healer in tow, I made it my personal mission to take that healer out of the fight. First order of business was to get all my DoTs on the healer so that even if I was the only one in my group focusing on the healer, he was still taking damage and was forced to make decisions. He could heal himself, heal the rest of his party, or start dispelling my DoTs. Now it’s time to throw another wrench into his plans with Fear. Even with the DoTs reducing Fear’s duration, you’ll still have taken the healer out of the fight for a couple of seconds and will have given them sometime to run their course. By this point everyone in the attacking party should hopefully be looking pretty grim and I can either start finishing off some attackers with Shadow Bolts or relieve the healer of some of his mana via Drain Mana and put even more of a squeeze on him.

Most of my strategies here may not apply to those of you rocking level 80 Warlock and full Wrathful gear. But if you’re like me, rolling your lock for the first time then hopefully you’ll find something of interest here.

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  1. P.P.S: The first person to say ‘OMG a post about Warlocks what is this I don’t even’ gets a punch in the face :-D. I love having the power to eat other peoples words. /rawr

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  2. Hey Sar you should check it out…I just dinged 80 on my Gnome Mage and need an overlord to keep me in check.

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  3. Minion model number 27454A says:

    OMG a post about Warlocks what is this I dont even

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  4. Hey, Will you be posting a follow-up post? The husband and myself have squandered some time exploring over your webpage and interestingly you discussed one thing we were discussing just the other week with our son. We often find ourselves arguing with the littlest of things, isn’t it silly?

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