So, Twitter introduced this simultaneously awesome, yet irritating-as-a-Gnome ‘Follow These People!’ thingamajigger.

So far, I’ve found some cool people.  I’ve also found some people that I do not want to follow, not that Twitter gets the god damn point there.

But, today?


What the?  Follow myself?  What sort of crazy world is this?  I mean, for starters I wouldn’t recommend me to anyone, ever.  I’m not all that exciting on Twitter (it’s the equivalent of watching a small child discover a video camera for the first time – when you play it back you get a whole heap of nostril shots, maybe something of the cat getting chased, and then more nostril before finally getting dropped on the ground and sat on). 

So, I’m a little offended that Twitter thinks my taste is so poor that I would even want to follow myself.  Seriously.  I follow quality, damn it…

Wait… does this mean Twitter thinks my follower pool is so small and straggly that I have to resort to following myself to bolster the numbers?  Seriously guys – that hurts.

Maybe Twitter has just realised that I spend most of my time talking to myself, and we may as well make it official.

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3 Responses to “Chasing My Own Tail”
  1. Well, you did mention the word “boobs” in a recent tween, so that has a lot of potential from certain perspectives.
    Grimmtooth´s last blog post ..On a good day

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  2. Er, ” a recent tweet”. Placing me squarely in the middle of your target demographic, using the ‘boob’ tweet as a reference.
    Grimmtooth´s last blog post ..On a good day

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  3. Ahhh, but I love reading your tweets! Particularly the inebriated ones! ;)
    Softi´s last blog post ..My Baby Warrior is All Growed Up!

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