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  1. 1969 was a great time to be playing World of Warcraft. You weren’t playing back then?

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  2. I’m sure you’ve been informed, but just to clarify for the peanut gallery – Blizzard counts dates as the number of days since January 1, 1970 (actually a multiple of the number of seconds since 1/1/70, but I digress). (This is standard; Unix programmers call it ‘epoch’.) Right now, it’s 1279707000 seconds since epoch (give or take a few, since I’m still typing), or 14811.4 days.

    So it records the last day that someone was on, and then subtracts it from the current day to get the time since last login. (If it’s within 24 hours, it does the same thing with the time.) So if you last logged in on Sunday, the Unix time then was 1279447800 seconds since epoch, or 14808 days. 14811 – 14808 = Last seen 3 days ago.

    (Actually, probably their code is set up to do the subtraction first and then calculate out the correct units for the distance – so 1279707000 – 1279447800 = 259200 seconds, or 4320 minutes, or 72 hours, or 3 days.)

    Then along comes a bug that accidentally sets everyone’s “last seen date” to 0. (That is, 0 seconds since midnight on 1/1/70.) The code performs 1279707000 – 0 = 1279707000 seconds since last seen, which is 40.579 years, and it rounds to the closest integer to get 41 years.

    Just so we’re all clear. :)
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  3. Aww look it is me :D

    Yeah I noticed this last night too. You were one of the ones that was last online 41 years ago.

    Cool to know there is a specific reason for it.

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  4. I’ve seen this happen to several people ^^ Where have all the pets gone that Blizzard hands out at their anniversaries?? I should at least have gotten 30 more :D
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  5. Well done, i will keep reading your blog, great just great!

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