No, really.

I’d like to know.

Y’see, I saw many tweets last night about Halion.  About people killing Halion.  About people nearly killing Halion.

And all these tweets made me wonder.

How difficult do we want Ruby Sanctum to be?

See, we all know I tend towards the masochistic side of things.  I want my raid bosses to spank me, and spank me hard.  For weeks at a time.  There’s no satisfaction in it otherwise – it isn’t a challenge if he/she/undefinable it hasn’t been wiping the floor with us.

But many people want the game to be easier.  Apparently, raiding is only fun if you can win the raid.  So, if that’s what people want nowadays, I guess it’s acceptable for a new raid to be cleared within hours of release.  And not just by the ‘top’ guilds, but by a variety of guilds.

So, I’m not going to get on my soap box and rant (quite yet), because I have a funny feeling that what I want out of the game isn’t what anyone else wants.  Hell, that’s what turned me off raiding in the first place – that it just wasn’t the same, it wasn’t the right sort of challenge for me.  But I would like to know: How many of you wanted a boss that could be tumbled over within hours?  How many of you wanted something a little harder?

As for me?  I’m mentally going back in time and beating my head against Black Temple and Sunwell.  Oh, the memories…. *dreams of Mother Shahraz*

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10 Responses to “Is Halion A Pushover?”
  1. Yeah it’s a bit sad when they release new content and it takes exactly 10 minutes from server going up to the first kill being recorded. What’s the point? Where’s the challenge? I didn’t even bother going in there last night. I logged on, added my realID friends, did the fastest weekly in history (Noth died before the second wave of skellies spawned) and said goodbye. By that time three of our guildies were already done with Ruby in different random pugs.
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  2. Well it’s nice to know I’m not the only one :-) hehe

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  3. You definitely aren’t alone. Content should be hard so when you finally win after hours and hours and hours of wiping, you feel awesome and happy and your heart is pounding and someone is having an orgasm on vent.

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  4. Wormskull says:

    We went straight in on 25 Heroic last night (there’s no requirement to do normal first), and the fight is HARD. Nowhere near downing it. Admittedly we’re only 8/12HM on ICC25, but anyone who walks in there and clears RS 25 HM on the first night isn’t going to be challenged by any mass-market game.

    For the rest of us mortals, Blizzard have come up with a fun, complicated challenging fight that will take some real effort to beat. I’m sure there will be a lot of folks choosing to avoid the challenge, paddling around in the RS10-normal kiddie pool and complaining that it’s not challenging enough, but it’s their choice to do that. For people who genuinely DO like a challenge (instead of avoiding it and whining) – it’s all there and I really recommend it! It is not in any way shape or form, a “pushover”.

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  5. There were people who cleared to LK in like, what, a couple hours from release of the fight? Ignoring the beta testers who already know the fight, most people still got a decent challenge out of the place.

    Halion is a step up. Even on normal mode all it takes is one or two people to mess everything up and cause a wipe. Everything can be going absolutely great and then just a couple people dpsing a little harder can cause a shift in the balance and cause a wipe.

    It’s definitely not a fight you’re going to be pugging very soon, nothing like Onyxia or Sarth. Imagine if flame walls also moved in a circle, oh the amount of deaths they would cause…
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  6. On normal mode, yes it/he/she is a pushover. We got the kill on the second or third try not having read about the fights, watched videos and without boss timers. I am sure HM Halion will be painful until we get the kill but it doesn’t seem to be overly complicated. I liked that some of the trash needed a bit of CC and kill ordering.

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  8. @Erinys Exactly! To me, it just doesn’t seem as exciting either when you down something in normal, and then just go and do the same thing with a few changes on hard mode. It’s just a more annoying version of the same fight.

    @Wormskull I guess it irks me that there IS a version of the game that can be referred to as ‘the kiddie pool’. But then, I am one of the very few people who doesn’t get the whole ‘everyone should see all the content’ idea anyway. Sure, that may sound elitist, but then – I don’t care if I don’t see all the content either!

    @latusthegoat Unfortunately, I already know of people who have successfully pugged the fight. Which, frankly, bothers the hell out of me.

    @Mr.T I’d be interested to know how your raid reacted to such a fast kill. Was it very exciting for everyone?

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  9. I still miss the era when dungeons and instances were places to be explored, not the small linear loot pinatas that they have become. But now, even our raid instances are all “just go in, kill, profit” places. We explorers are not amused.

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  10. Wormskull says:

    I’m still not understanding something here. I seem to be alone in thinking that the new raid is fun and challenging, but I also seem to be alone in not doing the normal mode first. It seems to me that choosing to do it as normal and then bemoaning the lack of challenge is a weird kind of masochistic choice – why do it? Is it to actively seek out the misery of having something to complain about?

    Who else has gone straight in to heroic, and how are you finding it?

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