imageBTW, Carmen Sandiego has always freaked me out a little.  Why can we never catch her?  Why so much leg, yet so much sleeve and a scarf?  Are you hot or cold, lady?  Do you just not feel temperature, thus enabling you to hide anywhere in the world without feeling discomfort?  And how can you pull off red and orange without looking silly?  Also – WTB those thighs.  Mine are showing distinct signs of ‘too much icecream-itis’.

Where have I been?  What’s been going on?  Why am I not writing?

Well, where to begin.

I’ve spent a small amount of time killing zombies.  The zombies spent slightly more time killing me.  I also seem to have a remarkable talent for shooting my team mates in the back of the head and missing the zombies entirely. 

I’ve been chasing pies like crazy.

I’ve been cursing at the Steam client for not downloading Dragon Age: Origins as fast as I would like.

I’ve been occasionally Huntarding.  I think that word needs to be reworked to reflect massive amounts of fail. 

I’ve been blogging elsewhere, in the hopes of making money.  So far, it hasn’t worked.

I’ve been writing report cards.  The process turns me into my favourite creature – the flailing octopus writer.  If someone can design me a t-shirt with a flailing writing octopus holding several quills and using its own ink, I’ll squee immensely.

I’ve been tweeting excessively.

I’ve been shouting at people in fits of explosive rage.  It’s quite scary, really.

I just haven’t been able to think of anything fun to write about that’s WoW related.  At all.  I think I need to go back to asking you guys for topics.  I also think I might be scaring people off with my constant snark.  Whoops! <3

I’ve also been sleeping lots.  Mmmm sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

7 Responses to “Where In The World Is Carm… um… Saresa?”
  1. Well, the canonical reason behind Carmen Sandiego’s elusiveness is that she is in fact an ex-ACME Detective. Not only that, she was the top agent before defecting and becoming a criminal. So not only does she know all of the ACME Detective Agency procedures, protocols, and tricks, she knows how to exploit them to her advantage. Routinely sending her pursuers on goose chases and getting her henchmen to pull of heists as distractions to her actual goals.

    *cough* I mean… um… never heard of her.
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  3. No way, can never have too much snark. It’s what makes the world go round. That or scares Belgians, for some reason they don’t understand it.. that or these Belgians were just particularly stupid. Probably the latter thinking about it.. Anyway, I know how you’re feeling at least, when it comes to the lack of interesting things to write about. I try to only write when I actually have something to write about, as a result I’ve gone down to 1 or 2 posts a week lately, figured that’s better than churning out crap just to keep the posts flowing. Writing when I actually feel like it. Nuffink wrong with that!
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  4. You know ACME had it bad when they regularly had to rely on middle school kids to try and find her, with generous donations from your local PBS stations. XD

    (If you’ve never seen it down under, public tv network PBS up here in the states used to have a geography-quiz-like gameshow based on Carmen Sandiego for kids. I still remember the a cappella group that sung the theme song.)

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  5. Do it, Rockapella! That is all.

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  6. Shuddup witht he Dragon Age Origins thing… I wants it but I has no money! *pouts*
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