I am so tired of seeing crap everywhere about Real ID.

So what am I going to do?

Write a post about Real ID!  Whoo hoo!

So many people have their panties in a knot over Real ID.  Some people are more on the social curmudgeon side of things (I thought Dorfs were meant to be social!), others are concerned about privacy issues, and others are telling you to untwist your knickers and pull them out of your arse before you get a haemorrhoid.  OK, maybe that’s my words, not his.  But you get the point.

I for one will be happy to add just about anyone to my Real ID.  I don’t give a flying proverbial if you know my real name (sticking with the whole ‘I’m not afraid of you, internets!), I’m not going to stress too much about being hacked when a) I have an authenticator and b) I have nothing to steal anyway, so NER.  Seriously, if you are really desperate for a fricking White Dress, go for it!  Just don’t take the masses of holiday garbage from my bank, please, I beg you!

Look, the thing is, I don’t care if you want to have a Real ID or not.  I’m more interested in making sure the Imp is using the bathroom on a regular basis, and the Succubus is getting her checks all regular and stuff (seriously – it’s a Minion Union Requirement).  I don’t care if people can find me on my Super Secret Alts, because I don’t bloody have any.  And I don’t play the game to escape from people, because it’s an MMO god damn it – if I wanted to escape from people, I’d play a single player game. Duh.

Sure, there are ‘some flaws with privacy.  Like I said, I’m not a privacy nut, so none of it affects me.  As someone with a rather unusual name, it probably should, but stealing my RL identity would probably be like hacking my account – I have no money, my credit rating is probably already shot to hell, and if you get me a criminal record or something I’ll have something to discuss at dinner parties: “Hey, did I tell you about the time I got arrested for drug trafficking in Venezuela while I was sitting on my butt at home?”

I just can’t be arsed sitting on my little soap box and telling you whether or not to Real ID.  And I’m not going to spout off little statements every day on Twitter sounding like a pompous arse because I won’t or will Real ID.  Here’s my announcement.  I’m using it.  You want to add me?  You know where to find me.


… unless you are one of my students.  That would just be too weird.  And would ruin my naked mail box dances forever.


P.S.  Seriously.  Read Stop’s post at least in those links.  It’s nice to see some not-paranoia floating around the place.  And it has 100% less arse than my post.  Although last I checked, arses can be pretty good.

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2 Responses to “Warlocks Are Never Hypocrites – Much.”
  1. I totally agree! I just wish it was cross-region as well… *sulk*
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  2. Yeah, this is mostly the sentiment I have myself. And if people really are concerned about privacy Blizzard has kept around the normal friend list as well. Sometimes though I wonder if people will notice if I ninja remove them from my list because I don’t want a damn message every time “that guy I met at level 79 and was totally just adding on the list for questing” logs on and off 72 times because he has ADD. (This mostly describes me btw.) I guess my Real ID list is too easy! >_>
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