I need a raid break.  You know how you hit that point where logging in on a raid night just feels tedious?  Painful?  Like your head wants to explode?  Yeah, I have most definitely reached that point.

On Tuesday, as the group for the weekly was forming, I panicked and hastily /quit.  Not sure why, but the thought of doing something in a raid made me want to slam my head into a monitor.  Even if it only WAS Ignis.

Oh god, It’s Ulduar AGAIN?”

Crap, I have to kill trash?”

I have to kill FLAME LEVIATHAN again??”

Oh god, I have to put up with being stuck in a bucket?”

“AAARGH I can not do this!”


Seriously.  That all ran through my head in about 2 seconds flat.  It was sheer panic, people!

So, I am having a break.  Sure, they might get Lich King down without me.  The strange thing is, I just don’t care anymore.  I remember when missing a boss downing was the single worst thing I could do.  I was devastated when I missed a handful of first kills in BC when I got a new work schedule.  Now, I couldn’t give a damn, and I don’t even give a damn that I don’t give a damn.

I don’t know what I will do in the game if I am not raiding.  The thought of battlegrounds makes me want to punch a baby in the face.  Questing is OMG urgh.  I could turn my attention fully to guild recruitment, but I think we all know that the time for recruitment is really not right now.  I’m not sure what I am going to do.

But I don’t much care anyway!  Bring on Cataclysm I say, so I can talk about Warlocks and Destruction properly again.  In my improper, gut instinct fashion, because that’s much more fun than plowing through math, damn it.

Also: I’m going to Blizzcon!  Huzzah, people!

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One Response to “Raiding, Alas, I Knew Her Well”
  1. Aoyanagi says:

    Burn out happens. To everyone. I’m just now coming off of a 2-week Wow/raid-cation myself. Taking some time off is really the best idea when you get to feeling like this Game has become a Chore. Enjoy yourself, watch movies, read books, spring clean your house, go hiking, whatever. Just enjoy it. My suggestion would be DON’T look for something else to do within WoW. Just don’t WoW for awhile. It does a body/mind/soul good.

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