Seriously, I am going to turn this bloody car around and go home, you hear me?

I don’t know who this is directed at.  It could be everyone and anyone online.  This is just the violent rage that has built up in me thanks to the game community, the blogging community, and that god damn bitch that keeps letting her animals get into my fucking recycling while I am at work.  OH MY GOD, at least pick up the mess!

1.  Play nice.

How hard is it?  Don’t bitch, don’t get involved in power plays, don’t decide that you are suddenly superior to everyone else because you and your epeen say so.  Feel free to disagree with each other, but don’t turn your damn opinions into outright irrational wars where you call each other names.

If you want to disagree with someone else, fine.  Hell, people disagree with me all the time.  Just don’t be insulting while you are at it.  No need to call each other every name under the sun, to draw other people into your mess, and to be a general pain in the backside.

2.  Cut the passive-aggressive bullshit.

If you have an opinion, god damn say it!  No more ‘some people think…’  That’s not what ‘some people’ think.  That’s what YOU think.  Stand up and own your opinions, rather than hinting around and never getting to the damn point.  No one is going to give you any respect if you can’t even own your own opinion.

If you have an issue or a problem, say so.  Being all passive-aggressive about it just makes you look like a whiny little bitch.

Oh, and those people?  Who have ignored people in the same damn guild/chat channel as them?  And then make you pass along their messages like we are in primary school? (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE).  /bitchslap.

3.  Lose the ego, it just makes you look stupid.

Seriously, I imagine every sad sack who thinks he/she is God’s gift to the WoW universe to be some pathetic fool who stands in front of the mirror every morning quoting corny movie lines to feel tough (I do this often).  Simple truth:  the world will go on without you if you up and quit.  No, you aren’t a damned celebrity because you own a blog.  Oh, you have a 6k gearscore?  No one cares!

There is nothing worse than a pretentious egotistical git.  When you whine about how crap everyone else is, or how you hate how popular you are, or how everyone wants you all the time, all you are really saying is “Guess what?  I’m better than you, and I know it!”  And to me, that just screams ‘I am actually a giant walking talking penis!  Who is frustrated because, while I say everyone is jealous of my walking, talking penis self since I am so HUGE… I can’t get laid!  I’m too big!  NO ONE WANTS ME!” /wail

4.  Obsessive fanboy/girling is kinda gross.

Occasionally I see this, and it makes me want to vomit.  Really violently.  Projectile vomiting even.  Especially since it causes the afore mentioned problem more often than not.

That guy there, in that guild.  Yeah, THAT guild.  With the kills and the shinies and stuff.  Guess what?  He’s just a damned person.  Who plays a damned game.  Who probably has a job like the rest of us, a family like the rest of us, and hates his commute/job/house/mother in law JUST LIKE THE REST OF US.  Same for that blogger there.  Just people, guys!  Sure, admire what they do.  Congratulate them even.  But becoming the WoW equivalent of a psychotic Backstreet Boys fan?  Stop.  Now.

BSB-the-backstreet-boys-2204916-400-298Seriously.  Who ever made this makes me want to invent the rusty spoon gun. 

And, really? The whole ‘I’d get your face tattooed on my ass, but that would be disrespectful, ‘cos poop comes out there’ attitude actually freaks me out a little. 

5.  Funny thing – we don’t all play the game the same!

So stop telling everyone to be hardcore!  If someone only does heroics, they only need gear GOOD ENOUGH for heroics!  If someone doesn’t have the time to do everything you do, that’s not your concern!  And if you don’t get to play as often as you like, or wish you had better gear, don’t take it out on those who do raid frequently.  Worry about your own bloody game, let everyone else sort theirs out (unless, you know, you are the officer in charge of that and that’s your bloody job.  Then, yes, carry on.)


You guys are supposed to be adults.  Rational, normal, SANE people most of the time.  How’s about we act like it once in a while?

<3 a very frustrated, tired, cranky Sar who is mad at everything right now.

P.S.  If you get my face tattooed on your ass, make sure you get my good side!

18 Responses to “Where Sar Rages Incoherently And Tells The Community To GROW UP.”
  1. but but if i grow up i cant go back to neverland QQ
    good post but i would check my blood pressure:P

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  2. hehe, I am ‘fortunate’ enough to have unusually low blood pressure. Raging gets me up into the healthy range every so often, which is kinda nice :-)

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  3. Oh, there’s nothing like a good rage post… Hugs!

    However there’s something in it I don’t quite recognize. And it makes me a bit curious. You’re talking about big ego-bloggers who are whining about how popular they are. I guess you’re somehow trying to spare their feelings byt not naming them. But I just haven’t seen that behavior at all. Maybe I’m reading the wrong blogs?

    And I don’t recognize the stuff about fanboys either. Sure, Ensidia have their fanboys and griefers and the problems following with it. But bloggers? I’ve never ever seen a blog with fanboys.
    How do you get those? Can’t be that bad to have a few I think. I would be insanely flattered if I had some.
    You know, in the end, I dare say that every single blogger out there is a little bit of an exhibitionist. Either we admit it or not.

    Anyways – good to see you back regularly blogging!
    .-= Larísa´s last blog ..Can someone offer LK a lozenge? =-.

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  5. Some people might love this post… ;)
    .-= Marylin´s last blog ..I Realised Something Today =-.

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  6. It’s not really necessarily a dig at any bloggers. And not a dig at Ensidia, because, well, they don’t rate on my scale of ‘stuff I care at all about’. I’m talking about people in general who talk themselves up, and then complain because no one wants to be around them (or they feel no one wants to be around them).

    If you keep saying how much better you are than everyone else, then yes, no one is going to want to talk to you! :-)

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  7. Oh, and I have seen plenty of revolting blog fanatics. I’ve heard a couple of bloggers talk about strange people who seem to follow them around. I’ve seen a couple of people be more than a little creepy on twitter to various people. AND I know a couple of people who obsessed over people in the top guild on their server. Weird weird stuff.

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  8. I’s totally gettin yer face tattooed on me arse. Right next ta the one with BRK and Hobbes.
    .-= Ratshag´s last blog ..Dead Chicks Have Nice Butts =-.

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  9. The fanboy/fangirl stuff better not be criticism of my crush on Jong from Forbearance!

    I’m with Larisa here, I have no idea what most of this is about! I thought I paid close attention to the blogosphere but it seems like there’s so much I’m missing.
    .-= Ophelie´s last blog ..I Don’t Want to Write Something Useful, so I’m Going to Talk About 10 Man Raid Leading =-.

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  10. I have no problems with this, Though I have been admittedly milking the special snowflake angle on my blog for all that it’s worth. Could you blame me though? I’m a frost mage. Snowflakes are my specialty ;)
    .-= krizzlybear´s last blog ..Shatter? I Hardly Knew Her! =-.

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  11. ahh does that mean i can’t be ur fanboi

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  12. Hahaha. <3 angry Sar.
    .-= Jaedia´s last blog ..The Explorer Task =-.

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  13. Your anger is delicious. DELICIOUS. A lady after me own ‘eart.

    I’m crushing over this post, just a little.

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  14. I’ll probably end up putting up a clarification post at some point.

    This isn’t entirely about the blogging community. This is about the community in general. As I said previously, yeah, I have seen some scary scary people in the blogging community, and attracted one or two of them on twitter. I think these people mean well, but don’t realise that it IS an invasion of personal space when they go overboard. I have ALSO seen scary people in game, who come close to stalking their servers top players and get ridiculously obsessed with their every little move :-)

    Same with the egotistical people. It’s not necessarily the blogging community I am talking to here. I’m also talking about those frustrating people who, yes, play their class really well and have excellent gear, but who get frustrated because no one wants to run with them. Why? Because they put everyone else down and say how much better they are at every given opportunity!

    A lot of this is blog stuff. A lot of this is in game stuff. A lot of this is twitter stuff. A lot of this is guild and friend stuff. It’s all drawn from everywhere, and just smooshed together in one really angry ‘I am tired and cranky and sick of this behaviour!’ post. Don’t assume it ALL applies to the blogging community.

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  15. You talk quite a bit about the blogging community in the post.

    “Simple truth: the world will go on without you if you up and quit. No, you aren’t a damned celebrity because you own a blog”

    “Same for that blogger there. Just people, guys! Sure, admire what they do. Congratulate them even. But becoming the WoW equivalent of a psychotic Backstreet Boys fan? Stop. Now”

    And I’ve still got the feeling that I’ve missed somthing since I don’t recognize it. Maybe it’s just that I’m not on Twitter, thus missing out a lot of the ongoing discussions in the community?
    .-= Larísa´s last blog ..Can someone offer LK a lozenge? =-.

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  16. Each of those comments is either preceded or immediately followed by a comment about something that happens in the game.

    For the first point, at the end of the day, many people get caught up in their own ‘fame’, and think “Oh, if I don’t do this, no one will!” Hell, I have thought this myself sometimes, and when I did go on hiatus, I managed to find many willing people to take on my responsibilities.

    And the second comment? Directly following one talking about how people can sometimes be excessive in their admiration in game. If the point WAS solely regarding blogging, it would still be valid: it is something I have seen many bloggers comment on (mainly the ones who attract the occasional fanatic – I have seen a couple of them tweet about some interesting followers), and once upon a time there were a couple of great posts about the concept of people not giving bloggers etc space online ( and are two great examples which spring to mind)

    At any rate, by that token, someone could take my comments about people in game and argue that I am focusing on the in game community. It’s, as I said, a mishmash of frustration with many aspects of the WoW community as a whole. If it was solely about blogging, I would have said so in the post :-)

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  17. Also, I feel the need to point out that, in 3 of the 5 sections of that post, I don’t mention blogging at all. Over half the post is about things other than blogging. Be nice? Applies everywhere (the amount of arguments and discussions I have seen in game and on twitter degenerate into namecalling? Far too many to count). Telling people that they are doing it wrong? I was actually referring to a handful of in game incidents. Passive-aggressive stuff? Me venting about something in game again.

    Yeah, I haven’t gone into details. The people I am talking about there know who they are, and nothing would be served by naming them. However, the basic concepts are something that a) many people see and get frustrated by and b) happen more often than the handful of incidents that have frustrated me lately.

    Hell, bloggers too big for their boots? This post is an example of just that! I’m not afraid to point out my flaws where I see them :-)

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  18. Backstreet boys is a very popular band during my teenage years, they are great performers too.“’

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