OK, so by my watch, I have 15 minutes to get dressed, blow dry my hair, get all my things together, and leave.  So, of course, I am instead writing a speedy post (you telling me you don’t write straight out of the shower while wearing a towel?  What is WRONG with you?)

So far, I think it has been….20 days since I last logged into the game. So, a good minimum of 40 Emblems of Frost, a few gold (given my usual gold accumulation rate, I’ll estimate this to be… wait, I think I have saved myself 500 gold!), and a bit of chit chat. 

For a while there… I was missing it.  I spent the whole week at my Mum and Dad’s cursing myself for leaving my authenticator at home on its little hook, way way waaaaaaay out of reach of my grabby little hands.  Never mind that I couldn’t play at my parents anyway, since both their computer and their internet were both terrible.  I just missed the game!

In Japan, I also found myself missing it occasionally.  However, it only seemed to be during those moments when I would much rather be somewhere else (hello, sister and her boyfriend making out REALLY LOUDLY in the room next to mine!), or when I happened to see guildies on twitter (/wave Tziv!)  Most of the time I was just way too busy to actually care too much about not being in game, or the fact that when I get back I am going to have to play like an insane Chinese gold farmer to get my character caught up and back up to scratch.

Now, well… I miss it more because it’s DAMNED hard to talk about the game here when I am not playing it.  I mean, what can I say?  I can do the whole band camp routine:

“This one time, at Nagrand, an Elekk fell on me….”

Yeah, we won’t even contemplate the rest of that story. 

I can also still rant a little I guess, because people seem to have this uncanny ability to get my goat even when I’m in a different bloody country and out of the game… but there is only so much one can rant about before they start to sound like a certain person who shall not be named.  You all know who I mean!

So, instead, you get really fast terrible posts written when I am wearing a towel.


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  1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve answered my phone using that line…
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