I tried really hard to not write really angry blog posts. I kept telling myself that people really do not enjoy reading me yelling and raving about how much I don’t like this, that or the other about the game. The problem is… if I’m not ranting, I don’t have much to say. It’s almost like I don’t know how to write anymore if I’m not cranky. So, I guess we get to welcome back the cranky Sar this year!

The game has become full of angry, elitist asshats. It’s like you give everyone a pile of gear, and all of a sudden the egos shoot through the roof, everyone thinks they are better at the game than anybody else, and it all becomes about gearscores , following Elitist Jerks slavishly and everyone treats everyone else like crap.

Even when I am not in the game, I see a stream of tweets. ‘I hate these bads I am stuck with.’ ‘Oh, look, I found a new way to judge people!’ ‘I can’t wait to kick this person from our group’. The new pugging has brought such a negative attitude to the game. People aren’t happy if the people they run with are less than perfect, if they don’t have perfect gear, if they aren’t doing what they think they should be doing. And it’s contagious. All of a sudden everyone starts whinging. The game has become a giant cacophony of whingy whiny spoilt brats complaining and squealing because they don’t get their way.

“Oh my god, look at their gear!”

Oh no… you mean you might be in a heroic with someone in BLUES? The horror! Fancy someone actually wanting some god damned GEAR.

Newsflash: You don’t have to be in ToC epics to do a bloody heroic. Hell, you don’t need Naxx epics… not that anyone wears that stuff anymore anyway. Heroics are tuned for people to wear BLUES. Epics might make it a little faster, sure, but it doesn’t mean it is only possible to do them that way. So, stop being a whiny little shit who drops group because ‘waaah waaah waaah 2 of the DPS are in blues and this is sooo slow and OMG it’s totally killing me to run with you inferior beings’.

Stop being a self absorbed twat who thinks their time is more important than anyone else’s. Your fricking purple gear does not make you special. AT ALL.

“You run with THAT spec? Wow….. noob”

This just outright drives me INSANE. Let’s imagine a world where everyone specced exactly the same way. Every Mage was an identical arcane spec. Every Warlock was affliction. Every tank specced the same as well. And every healer. Why the hell not? Let’s make us all the same, because that’s what makes the world fun, right?

I just have two little words to say to that. Fuck off. Why aren’t people allowed to spec however it is they enjoy playing? It’s a damned game. They are bloody heroics. You know how much DPS you need to do to be able to get through a heroic? Bloody 1500. THAT IS ALL.  People can probably even pull that with the most poorly designed spec from hell that they somehow ended up with when they let their cat control the computer.  Get over it.


So, what’s my solution to all the bitching and whining that I see going on in game? Suck it up, princess. Just get your badges, shut your mouth, and move on at the end. Obviously, none of this excuses the following

- Ninja AFKs

- Rudeness

- General Asshattery

- Totally stupid shit like pulling before the tank

Stupidly obvious caveat that shouldn’t need to be said, but if I don’t someone will pull me up on it… the new heroics are a bit harder and require somewhat better gear. The STFU principle still applies though!

Oh… and you guys have to let me off on the whole ‘poorly written’ bit. I am travelling and busy and all that stuff… I’m just sick to death of my twitter stream and chat channels being full of whiny little bitches.

16 Responses to “Rants… you know you have missed them!”

    I have a firm policy of not looking at people’s gear, unless I see something pretty and want to know what it is. But really, if you’re holding your own, I simply don’t care. If we’re not wiping, I don’t care. If the group needs my massive DPS to balance someone’s crap, I don’t care. If we fail, then I care, but other people care long before that so I don’t have to.

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  2. I’m with you for the most part.

    The only time I’ll genuinely criticize people’s specs is when they’re trying to do bleeding-edge progression raiding with it. If you’re going into ICC right now? Then yes, you DO need to have the cutting-edge best possible gear and spec, because you owe it to 9/24 other people to do the best possible.

    And I will openly criticize people in heroics who don’t know what they’re doing. That includes 1) NOT doing the 1500 DPS minimum required, or 2) are geared INAPPROPRIATELY for their class or spec. I mean expertise and haste gems on hunters, MP5 on ret paladins, that kinda crap.

    There’s no excuse to be level 80 and running heroics without basically understanding your class and how it works. Low level gear or an odd spec, I’ll forgive. But not knowing what you’re doing, and therefore making MY experience more difficult? No sir.
    .-= Jezriyah´s last blog ..Inherent Trollish Superiority =-.

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  3. Yes, it’s frustrating when people don’t know what they are doing. But I find it even more frustrating that the typical response is to a) Tell the person they are a total moron for x, y, z in a rude and disagreeable way or b) Spam global channels bagging that person out.

    Offer the person some damned constructive criticism in WHISPERS… if they don’t accept it/want to hear it, their loss, but stop complaining. :-) (not that I am saying you are complaining… it’s just a general comment to all)

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  4. Agree Agree Agree!

    I ran a group today on my druid. I was healing an noticed 3 things by the first boss: 1. it was taking FOR-EV-ER to kill things, 2. The tank was getting hit hard and had 23k health, 3. The rogue was getting facestomped.

    So I opened recount and took a peek at gear. Come to find out, the rogue outgeared everyone including my lowly healer by a lot. The tank was in all blues and the other 2 dps were not much better.

    You know what? The group was GREAT. The tank did a great job and rogue adjusted to hold off on the aggro. The 2 lower geared dps were doing 1.2k-1.4k dps, the rogue about 2.5k b/c he was having to hold off so much.

    I adjusted my healing a bit and we trucked through. Not a negative word from anyone. Total blast and I’d take that group again over most of the ones I’ve had recently.

    Oh, everyone but the rogue got at least 1 upgrade I believe – yay for progress!
    .-= Eury´s last blog ..Renewing the Qi and Guild goodness =-.

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  6. I am hearing you on FM.

    It’s so depressing to be around that I’ve started playing less. And that takes a LOT of negativity.

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  7. Hehe I love your rants Sar :) xx
    .-= Softi´s last blog ..No, seriously… SERIOUSLY??? =-.

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  8. Actually, I’ve never done a random heroic on my main (a mage). I hear too many horror stories, and when the rest of ICC opens up, I’ll get my badges soon enough. The best groups I HAVE run, though, are doing the random with my lvl 74 DK. We run regular instances in greens and some blues, and my groups have been fine. Everyone comes in, is mostly quiet, and does their job. Nobody has epics yet, and everyone tries their best. (Most of the time, sometimes I’ve had space cadets in the group.) It’s interesting and fun. I’m too used to facerolling places on my mage so it’s nice to play at the appropriate level for those regular dungeons at the lower levels.

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  9. I once got a really snarky comment from a dk on a random dungeon simply because I had my water elemental out. “HERP DERP ARCANE IS BETTER, YOU’RE SUCH A SCRUB” and so forth. One boss and 6k dps later, he shut up completely. *snicker*
    .-= krizzlybear´s last blog ..Can’t Beat My Epic Mace =-.

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  10. Well bloody said. As much as I’ve come across the whole gamut of idiocy whilst doing pugs recently, and I do complain, I do not like to see gearscore, spec or simply ‘not knowing’ put down upon. Hell, I’ve been told on my warrior that I couldn’t tank heroic Strat without epic gear. (Did the timer in dem blues, weren’t even trying, either).

    the one thing I wish is that whispers worked cross-realm. There have been a few times I’ve wanted to make suggestions or help people who’re new to the game / their class but didn’t want to say it into party chat – where people can get easily offended.

    This is especially bad at lower levels, though – I don’t know why people expect everyone to know every facet of their class / role when they’re just starting out ._.

    .-= Aurik´s last blog ..Twitter Secret Santa =-.

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  11. Agreed.

    Your rants, as I’ve probably said before, make my heart happy.
    .-= Shayzani´s last blog ..10man Tanking Gear Loot List =-.

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  12. i agree with you completely – there’s far too much elitist arseholery around. i always find it sad that the assumed anonymity of a game like wow, can encourage the shittiest most impolite behaviour because people think etiquette and politeness don’t matter.

    it’s much easier for people to just point and jeer. so few are willing to point things out constructively and help people improve, preferring instead to tear them down.

    You know what – the people you really remember – are the random people who look at what you’re doing, and give you a bit of advice on how you could do it even better. My friends list is full of people like that, or people who received such advice with grace.

    Great rant Sar /applaud

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  13. Agh I totally agree to the point my blog post today was about the same thing except mine’s more ranty and probably badly articulated (I’m sometimes bad at pointing things into words and people take them the wrong way)

    I’m fed up of elitism.. pointless elitism.. in a game.. I’m surrounded by it, even my fucking bf is an elitist :/ to the point I try not to talk to him about WoW too much at the moment unless it’s random casual talk.
    .-= Jaedia´s last blog ..The Problem =-.

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  16. This hasn’t been my experience at all. Perhaps my battlegroup is special or I am just lucky but the majority of PuGs I run now are with undergeared players who aren’t terribly skilled or knowledgable about their class. Nonetheless we get through the instance. Oftentimes we all learn something about the encounters and I might point out a class mechanic or two to a player that they hadn’t utilized. If you are considerate, it’s been my experience that people will reciprocate.

    On the other hand I do enjoy stomping through instances every now and then with similarly geared/skilled players. I’m currently raiding ICC10/25, am appropriate geared for that content and I’m very knowledgeable about the Warlock class. It’s fun and often twice as fast or faster to run dungeons with comparably skilled players. Still, I’m a representative of a small minority and I’m not going to be pissy just because most people play the game more casually.
    .-= Sean´s last blog ..Bring Out Your Dead! =-.

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