I was doing a spot of reading here and there, and I read something that didn’t quite ring true to me.  Nothing unusual for the internet, just one of those random comments you see on news articles about celebrities occasionally “I’m six ft tall, blonde, thin and gorgeous, and look JUST like this celebrity, only hotter!” yadayadayada.  Anyway, it got me thinking:

What are some of the white lies (or perhaps not so white?) lies we tell in WoW? 

I know I can think of a few I have done:

– “Of course I am defense capped!” (I was only a smidgen off!)

– “Yep, I have run this heaps of times… I know what I am doing!”

– “I don’t have a healing offset, sorry”

– “What do you mean, ‘Did you repair before the raid?’  Of course I did!” (as I heal with broken pants)

– “I know I have a flask in these bags somewhere…”

– “I am confident I can do x amount of DPS” (While thinking ‘OMG OMG I am so boned’)

– “Ooops, the cat just jumped on the keys.  Sorry!” (to be fair, this one is also sometimes true)

And a couple I have been sorely tempted to do….

– [Alt + F4] “Oh no, I’ve disconnected!  I can’t get back in!  I guess you’ll just have to replace me”

– “Whatever gave you the impression I’m a girl?  I’m a guy, seriously” (OK, OK, so sometimes I think it would be easier to pretend I’m male in certain groups.  Is that really a crime?)

And some I have seen….

– “Well, my main is [insert class here], and I’d just like to say, you’re doing it all wrong”

– “I’m a girl, honestly… that’s my male roommate talking on vent for me”

– “I always Main Tank for my guild, and I never have aggro problems with them”

– “I did not fall asleep at the keyboard!”

– “I’ve had 30 drinks before raid… lets go!” (what is it with people exaggerating how much they have had to drink to a STUPID extent!?!?)….. (although, when raiding with Aussies, this may actually be true.  There is no Aussie in Moderation).


What sorts of white lies have you told in the game?

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6 Responses to “Weekend Fluff: Little White Lies”
  1. Pretty much the only one I usually use is “I don’t have a tanking spec” (true now) and “I don’t have a tanking set” (still false).

    Also: “whoops, must’ve been lag.”

    Also: “whoops, I ran out of food after that last wipe.” And no matter what, I ran out of flasks on the last thing I ran.
    .-= Stop´s last blog ..The first five things I’m doing after 3.3 drops =-.

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  2. Ah, on twitter I said I didn’t recently.. in WoW, yes. Yes. All the time.
    “Sorry I can’t boost you I’m semi afk.”
    *Alt+F4′s out of fail pug*
    “No, sorry, I don’t have any spare dust/leather/gems/etc.”
    “Sorry about the fire, I totally lagged out.”
    .-= Jaedia´s last blog ..The Week #5 =-.

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  3. - Sorry I don’t have a healing offset.
    -Yes I have Mc’d the instructor on Naxx 25 ( my guild had like 4 priests and they used to fight over it so it wasn’t until I Pugged one run that I had to do it)
    - and after someone trying to chat to me about how pretty my name was and then going off on a political tirade when they asked if I was a real girl I lied and said in the most male like response I could muster ” Nah man Im a dude.” “Oh”
    .-= Zahrah´s last blog ..Ice Crown Here I come.. uh wait.. wait for me =-.

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  4. -”Sorry I was alt-tabbed reading the strat” (sometimes true…)

    -”Sorry, my mic is broken”

    -”My husband doesn’t like me to talk on vent”

    (Those last two because of people being OMG your a GIRL?! Get on vent!)

    -”Oooh, I sent all my cloth to my bank alt, sorry” (When begged to make bags)

    -”No thanks, I’m about to log” (when asked to run something I either dont’ want to run or by someone I don’t want to run with… wasn’t planning to log til they asked then hop it quickly to an alt they don’t know)
    .-= Syrana´s last blog ..Screenshot Sunday: Last Night Must Have Been Fun =-.

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  5. I lagged out (while taking a call *cough*)
    Agh disconnections! (in bad groups)
    Sure, I can tank! (I just dont tell them it’s BADLY!)
    Sorry, not on for long – kidlets running about (once they’re in bed for the night)
    Yes I’ve read the strat for this boss (*dies in a fire*) ;)
    .-= Softi´s last blog ..It this top too low cut? =-.

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  6. Does any one have a tank alt? … silence!

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