So… people say skiing is easy.


Does this look like the face of a competent skiier to you?  Because, to me, I look like I am about to pee my pants in absolute terror of falling over.  It didn’t get much better from their either… My first fall (which was my only ‘proper’ fall, I must admit’ resulted in me crashing into my sister and taking her out.  Of course, we both just laid there in the snow laughing for about 10 minutes while we waited for her boyfriend to help us up.  My second fall was when some random guy crashed into me, took me out… and made me fall on someone else as I went down, taking them out… very messy!!! 

The third fall was probably the best.  My sister and I decided that we were getting kinda chilly, and we weren’t confident enough to ski down the slopes since the visibility had dropped to next to none.  I had the brilliant idea of skiing down the road, like I could see other people doing.  I made my way merrily down the hill, and then suddenly realised I was at an incredibly sharp corner… with an oncoming drop.  Yipes.  So, rather than try to get around the corner (and probably not turn enough and go plummeting off the edge), I decided to run into a giant wall of snow that would have been at least as tall as me.  My sister then tried to come down to help me, and managed to stack it in the snow about 8 metres up the hill behind me.  Of course, I had to get up, pick up my things, toddle all the way back up the hill, pick her up, and find her things for her and pick them up too… I think the fall kinda scared her.

I think she described it as ‘You were going down the hill, and it all seemed to be fine… then you suddenly turned 90 degrees and faceplanted into the snow wall’.  I am nothing if not dignified.


Also… all the pictures of blonde alpine beauties are also a lie.  You know how they run around in their ski jackets and stuff that makes them look shapely (and a lot less like a blob, which is what I look like in the above picture)… and they have this long, flowing blonde hair that always looks gorgeous and just brushed and glowing?


P1000556 I think more appropriate descriptive terms would be manky icy hair that looks… well… manky and icy.  Especially that GIANT LUMP OF FRICKING ICE that attached itself to me.  Of course, my hair was also constantly freezing itself to my jacket, so whenever I moved I made weird little squealy sounds of pain.  Tomorrow I am wearing my hair in a bun.

It was pretty fun though, even if I did drive the ski instructor nuts with my inability to make pizza legs properly :-) 


And, since we all like pictures….

P1000551My sister and I.  The weird thing all Japanese girls seem to do in photos with their fingers is clearly contagious.  I also have an epic case of beanie hair, and the bags are the result of a horrid sleep on a futon mattress.  Urgh.

P1000549I don’t remember exactly what happened here… but it’s scary.  The person lying on the ground is my sister’s boyfriend… she is the one doing the questionable movement in front of him.

  P1000548 Um….  See the whole ‘arctic beauties are clearly a lie’ thing?  Scary stuff.


I might post more photos from my trip later on :-)  I think these are horrific enough as they are!

2 Responses to “The Japan Raid – They Lie!”
  1. It looks like great fun. Hope you come back in one piece and continue to have fun on your trip!
    .-= hydra´s last blog ..All the Ninja Raiders =-.

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  2. Oh the joys of skiing with long hair! When mine was long, I kept it tightly braided and it would still take hours to untangle after a day on the slopes.

    I love reading travel stories, can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!

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