I kinda failed to write this post BEFORE I left the house a few days ago.  Yeah, I know, bad bad me!  However, I think that most of you are aware that I am heading off overseas for a month very soon (in two more days, as a matter of fact), and so posts from me shall be rare, and full of boring real life stuff like photos of me half killing myself skiing, being ill when confronted with the possibility of eating sushi – I don’t like cooked fish, let alone raw fish.  Or anything else that lives in water, for that matter.  Except calamari.  Nom – being buried alive in snow, etc etc.

So, if you really find the whole idea of a month of random RL Sar disgusting, as I would myself if I weren’t me (and totally unaware of how awesome I am), feel free to tune me out until the start of February.  No WoW posts ‘til then.  I even left my authenticator living on its little hook at home!  So… unless you want completely unqualified waffle….

Yes, I am aware that’s nothing new. Thanks for pointing that out, person just like the kid in the supermarket (You know, the one who loudly points out all the fat people?)

Ahem… Unless you want completely unqualified waffle, I suggest you spend the month lurking on the EJ forums or something. 

2 Responses to “So This Is Christmas… And I’m On Vacation!”
  1. Have an absolutely fantastic time, Sar!
    .-= Wai Wurrie´s last blog ..The post that’s been Mass Effect-ed =-.

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  2. Have a safe and great trip Sar!
    .-= deyndor´s last blog ..My WoW Year in Review Meme =-.

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