I am home from my little holiday with the kiddies (a.k.a. end of year excursion), utterly exhausted and sunburnt to all hell.  Since I have been away for a while, of course there has been no posting (lazy lock was lazy and did not bother pre-writing posts).

Anyway, my extended absence has meant that I need your help.  That includes you in the back there!

I want you guys to suggest some stuff for me to write about.  Anything at all.  What have you always wanted to know about Warlocks?  What questions have you always wanted to ask?  Fire away!  I need some inspiration, and it’s time for you guys at the reading end of things to do some of the work for me ;-)

So how about it?  What do YOU want to hear about?

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  1. I have a 74 warlock (might be 73 I forgot which) that I should really get down to levelling, feel free to stick up some “how not to be a retarded level 80 warlock” if you’re really stuck :p
    .-= Jaedia´s last blog ..Faction Ties =-.

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  2. What a great opportunity…

    I’m healing lead and a guild officer in a guild that (unfortunately) is mainly doing 10-mans. When we do a 25-man, we’re pugging 7 or 8 DPS (go figure: We have tanks & healers!).

    Anyway…we usually have one lock, sometimes two. Our main lock is generally near the top of the meters; no complaints there. In fact, no complaints at all.

    HOWEVER…I’d like to know that he’s doing everything else he should be doing to help the raid. (Not that I suspect he isn’t–he’s a class lead and team player, very responsible guy; but how do I know HE knows his class as well as he could?)

    So besides the great DPS, what else should a lock be bringing to a raid? (Yes, healthstones, soulstones, summoning closet…) Any particular buffs he should be providing? If so are they active (have to be cast) or passive (like a Draenei’s Heroic Presence)?

    In short: What should I expect from my lock?

    And welcome back, Sar :)

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  3. Sweet, thanks guys! That’s a couple of posts for me to write throughout the week!

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  4. Welcome back Sar! We missed you on Twitter :D
    .-= Fiorra´s last blog ..Priest Columnist….me? =-.

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  5. Thanks for the welcome back! The first post I think is scheduled to pop Tuesday sometime. The rest will be this week :-)

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