Yay, my Kris Kringle present arrived!  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did (I had to make myself wait until Christmas Day to unwrap it, of course!)  Many many thanks Shawndra, and I hope you have a fantastic Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! This holiday season, we should all decide what to get for our favorite fel cookie bakers in our lives. Below, a list of things Maiera would like, and hopefully, Saresa as well.

  • Robes. The prettier, the better. Even better if they are pretty and useful. Some examples that I found are Merlin’s Robe or Royal Moonshroud Robe(for those heavy into raiding), Ebonweave, Moonshroud, or Spellweave(for the new 80),Arachnidian Robes or Chan’s Imperial Robes(for looks). There are many other gorgeous robes out there suitable for role play or around the town wear. I’m sure we’d both like to see comments about them after this post!
  • Consumables. You can’t wrap them due to their stackable nature, but a gift of food and potions cannot go wrong. Flask of the Frost Wyrm is a favorite among spell casters, and a stack would be a great gift to the raiding warlock. Imperial Manta Steak, Spicy Blue Nettlefish, or Tender Shoveltusk Steak are yummy meals sure to please any warlock above 70. I’m not too sure how well Runic Mana or Healing potions would be received, but if you paired them with food or flask, I’m sure they might get used. You could even toss a nice stack or two of Kungaloosh in there. Alcohol never goes to waste!
  • Pets. Sometimes warlocks tire of their minions, and need something cuddly and lovable to fawn on them and just be happy to be owned. If you don’t know what pets they own, try and find out first. Some favorites that some might not have are the white kitten, any of the raptor hatchlings, or any of the whelplings. If you remember, pick up some pet supplies from Breanni in Dalaran as an added surprise!
  • Something Shiny. How about some lovely gems or enchantments? A Runed Cardinal Ruby would find a home in the next new piece of gear. That new Black Magic weapon enchant on a handy vellum would be nice, too (hint hint). Of course, a gift of uncut gems or enchanting materials would certainly be just as well received.
  • Gift Card. Gold is always received well. You can’t wrap it, but you can send it with a message. For that warlock who doesn’t have epic flying, or that is trying to buy their way into the good graces of any number of factions, you can’t go wrong with cold, hard cash. This is perhaps the best gift for the warlock that has it all!

There you have it. Now, go run off and buy or farm up a present for Saresa. I promise I won’t tell her what you bought. Just make sure all the funds were struggled for in game. Save that real world money for lollies or cat food. I’ll throw in a kitten for free (postage and handling paid for by recipient).

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