Apart from the fact that I am awesome, of course.

For those of you who may have been living under a rock for, oh… um… a while now… Twitter is this micro-blogging thing that is all at once wonderful, inane, fantastic and stupid.  Basically, it allows you to type 140 characters about most everything you can think of.

Oh, you have a twitter already?  Well, then why aren’t you following me?

1.  You have to follow me to be able to see what I say.

I kinda got sick of my family stalking spying on following my every move over the internet.  I love them to bits, but some stuff they just DO NOT NEED TO KNOW.  So, I set my Twitter account to private.  Sure, it makes me a little harder to find.  It also cut back on the amount of spam followers I had though, which was awesome.

2.  Instant contact with me!

Want to ask me a totally random question, but don’t think it’s good enough for an email?  Just want to shoot the breeze?  Hello Twitter!  Ask me most anything, and you should get close to an instant response (unless I’m at work.  Or asleep.)

3.  You can totally do my bidding!

When I get stuck for blog posts… who do you think I turn to?  Twitter of course! (Speaking of which… Twitter based post incoming tomorrow)

4.  Get to know the ‘real Sar’

… because I’m not scary enough here, clearly.  Seriously – why are you all still reading this again?


If you haven’t joined Twitter, go visit here.  If you have, you can follow me here!  I approve new followers every day (when I have them to approve), so I’ll get to you quickly!

/cheers for random filler posts!

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