I was kinda reluctant to post about this to be honest.  I think that it has been talked about on most every blog out there, and I really have nothing new to contribute to the conversation.  But, hell, it’s been a slow week, I have little to talk about on my Warlock, so here goes.


For money.

Ho hum.

I can’t even really define what the mass reaction is.  I don’t think there is really a mass majority in one camp or another.  There isn’t even a majority in the ‘I don’t cares’.  But, I am sure it will be a massive success for Blizzard, who can not make enough money off us it seems.

Now, don’t get me wrong…  I’m not saying that I dislike this.  At first, I was all like:


ZOMG RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!  How DARE they make a pet where all you have to do is buy it?  That is the STUPIDEST thing ever!  Where is the fun?  Where is the reward?  Where is the OMG I FARMED FOR FRICKING HOURS AND I FINALLY GOT MY OOZELING AND OMG SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Instead, we have something akin to

“Hey… I think I have ten dollars left before I max out my credit card.  I am totally going to blow that cash on a set of pixels.  Yeah”

But then, well… I kinda got over it.

And then I had a thought.  Which led to another thought.  And another one.  Next thing you know…

Sar TV!  In which Sar seeks to educate you all about things which cost about $10.  And stuff.


- I misuse the word ‘exponentially’ once.  I was having a brain fart moment, it’s been a stressful week, give a girl a break!

- It’s blurry as all hell.

- If you were wondering, the cats’ names are Kamiko (the tabby) and Suki (the white fluffy one – pronounced Soo-key, because it’s NOT THE JAPANESE WORD).

- Yes, I have got a fat roll.  I blame the Chupa Chups.  And the coke.

- It’s been a while.  I’m out of practice.  And I was never much good anyway – just ask the trolls!

- Stupid microphone on camera hates me.  I suspect it’s because someone hasn’t actually installed the drivers or something *looks innocent*.  So, I have to wear my headset.  And yeah, I know, the sound quality sucks.

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15 Responses to “Ho Hum Pets Hum Ho”
  1. Mark my words, this is only the beginning of the micro-transaction era in WoW… what else will there be for sale within a short while?

    -Pets already
    -Xp potions
    -Level ups

    and later -I’m sure of it- additional content like in DDO.

    It’s a kind of a sad day.

    C out
    .-= Copra´s last blog ..Two different issues in one post =-.

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  2. It must be nice. It’s been a while since I had Sar TV. The only thing that could be better than this is to have Reptar TV. But we can’t have everything you know?

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  3. I had a choice today. My partner, who is very pleased with me for various reasons, wanted to get me a small treat. Her initial offer was a kebab from a place we really like that is right next to the doctor’s office I was going to; but I went with the Panda pet instead. Yes, the kebab would be tasty and nice, but it would also have been gone before I got home. The panda pet will be with me for the rest of my WoW career, on every character.

    Admittedly, I collect pets, and I have put in my share of grind time. I’ve probably got a day’s /play trying to get the stupid oozling you mention. >< I am not above microtransactions for cool pets, and the panda IS cool, very.

    Will Blizzard add more things to MT? Probably. They already offer race changes, faction changes, etc. But I don't think that's a bad thing. As for bleeding more money from people, well… WoW remains one of the best values around entertainment wise. Even if all I do is raid I get like 16-24 hours a month of play, for the cost of one movie or dvd.

    I hope they don't sell levels. XP pots I wouldn't mind. I think they SHOULD be selling gold. Nothing would kill the goldseller market faster. The moral high ground of 'buying gold is lame' is fine, but people will always do it, I'd rather Blizz get the money than Random Hacker who has stolen someone's account for it.

    In short: I'm vehemently in the camp that approves. It's a cheap indulgence, and well worth it to me. If it's not worth it to others, I say firmly, don't buy.

    I've long said, I would pay $10 each to get the CE pets from vanilla and BC that I missed, and the two pets listed are just as detailed and cool as the CE pets. I'd still buy a mini-diablo, a zergling, or whatnot in a heartbeat, though. :)

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  4. 1. Your right blurry as all hell, but you got your point across and I totally agree with it.

    2. Who cares about fat rolls, if your happy, coolio.

    3. What the hell are Chupa Chups? What do they taste like?

    4. Love the accent.

    Pangia- Druid of Area 52

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  5. I love you Sar.

    I bought the pets, but I LOVE you. You rock! And omgyoutalksoquicklyibarelyunderstoodbitsbutidothesamethingsoitsok!

    .-= Softi´s last blog ..Need Moar Sleep =-.

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  6. Now that I have watched the video, I will say:

    You are gorgeous. :)

    Also, I want a chupa chup.

    More videos, please! I may not agree with you, but I loved watching it!

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  7. Awww, thanks for the comments guys! It was actually a lot harder to make a video than I remembered, and the blurriness of the damn webcam does not help (bad quality FTL – planning on getting a video camera while I am in Japan if I have the dosh).

    @Pangia – A Chupa Chup is a type of lollipop… and they are, without a doubt, the best lollipops in the world. The one I am eating in this video is a cola flavour chupa chup. ZOMG yum!

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  8. I’ve seen those lollis around, but never tried one, to be honest. That said, I’ve wondered as to their pronunciation, given that ‘chupar’ (chew-par) in Spanish means ‘to suck’.

    Insofar as the pets though, I have to admit I find it disconcerting. Now, let me state that I hope you know how fond I am of you, and that I respect you very much Angela. Nevertheless, I don’t want to get on a rant here, but your words to me seem indicative of a growing sentiment in WoW that is elitist and insular at best: this demonization of micro-transactions and the players who patronize them. There is the implication that time not spent grinding for hours on end is time ill-spent, and that RL money spent in exchange for those hours is some sort of cheat or cop-out, but it isn’t as that currency was formed from the ether. RL hours were expended to earn those funds, why shouldn’t there be reward? I get 24 hours a day, same as anyone else: why should my time be worth less because I expend it at a job instead of in the game?

    Granted some might argue that the inverse should be true: that time spent in the game should result in rewards in RL. Such an idea is simply preposterous, in my opinion. The game is entertainment. It is relaxation. It is a reward. It should not be a job of any sort and to equate the two is akin to equating Quetzalcoatl to a cricket bat. There is no corollary, and to attempt to force one is injudicious entitlement to an absurd degree.

    Do I think that this advocates such things as buying characters or whatnot? No. There is no substitute for experience. But the simple expenditure of time does not equate to skill either. Just because someone spends 7 years in school doesn’t make them a doctor, but they may have still paid the same amount of money and hours of their life as one without that accomplishment. But that doesn’t mean the doctor should be thought of any less for their time and money spent, let alone for their successes.

    In short, I am annoyed and ultimately insulted by this developing notion that because I have financial success, and would use that to improve my game playing experience and reward myself to compensate for the fact that I can’t spend the same hours in the game as others, that I deserve less game, less enjoyment, for it. That the defining structure and requirement of the game is grind, grind, grind, raid, raid, raid, and if someone can’t commit that, then they should gtfo or live with the stinking stigma of disapproval and noob.

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  9. I think the issue many people have is more that:
    – Why should you be able to get more in the game because you happen to earn more or live more comfortably than the person next to you?
    – Many people are using the reasoning ‘It doesn’t have a direct in game impact’, which, I am sorry, is wrong. Not all of us play the game to raid or get the best gear. Some people compete over achievement points, some do compete over pet collections. Why should we be able to essentially purchase achievement points? Are the people who take these aspects of the game seriously less important than those who raid?
    – A lot of people have said that this is the beginning of a micro transaction market within the game. While this has been happening BEFORE these pets (Faction transfers? Recruit an alt? Race changes?), I think it will certainly develop. Next, we will probably see tabards and mounts. I think that’s a fairly safe bet. Maybe some other vanity items as well. While that’s all well and good, do we need a reminder in the game that ‘oh look, that person over there clearly has a great deal more disposable income than I do’. There is a good reason I have never been interested in micro-transaction based games.

    I don’t think it’s elitist to say that it feels ‘cheap’ to buy pets rather than grind them. Not that some pets even require grinding anyway (Hello most cat pets!) I just think it does create this awkward feeling between those who can afford to blow extra cash and those who can’t. Not to mention a nightmare for parents of children who play! I’d hate to have 2 kids with accounts who wanted these shiny new pets!

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  10. One tip.
    Maintain eye contact with your audience when you make a video. You are looking at your reflection on your monitor… I get it but sit your camera in the middle of the screen (on a book, if you have to) so you can look at yourself while still looking at the people watching your video.

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  11. By that argument, why should someone be able to get more out of the game if they have more free time to play when I’m paying the same amount they are? Do I deserve less because I work more than some college kid who can raid 5 days a week from 5pm on? Do I deserve less game because I spend time with my fiancee?

    To think that I do any less ‘grinding’ than Joe LookAtAllMyEpicz is false. I just happen to do my grinding at a deskjob.

    And by the same token of “oh look, that person over there clearly has a great deal more disposable income than I do” — how is that any different than, “oh look, that person over there clearly has more free time to play the game than I do.” How is that any more fair?

    It’s all a matter of perspective.

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  12. Well, at this point in the game, you don’t need to do a revolting amount of grinding to get things anymore (and they are getting rid of some of the more annoying grinds very soon, like the daily heroic and rep grinding on multiple characters). Even some of the pets which need grinding generally don’t take too long (except that damn oozeling!)

    I just fail to see the fun in buying items on a credit card rather than getting them in the game. It doesn’t feel like much of a game if it’s a glorified version of dressing up a paper doll. I don’t mind not having the stuff I have to grind for a great deal – I’m pretty happy with my lot (and you would know just how little time I have as of late to spend in the game hehe… don’t even remember the last time I saw you online Gabriel!). Sure, I get frustrated that I don’t have time to get all the badges I need for gear and things. But little things like this? Eh.

    And, yes, I know that this makes me look like an elitist. Hell, it is getting to the point where I may as well accept the tag, since I think that we should get things in the game because of things we have done in the game ;-)

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  13. I agree with Saresa and disagree with Gab. From my point of view, I think Blizzard has more then enough gold as it stands, and it would better be served if they just did these pets as a tribute to long time WOW players and just gave them away. That would speak volumes to the player base. Or instead of the cop-out give half of the cost to charity (which is clearly a tax write-off), make it all to charity and not just for two months (damn that was lame), and make it for a year.

    My point being, if I wanted Micro-transactions, I would be playing Runes of Magic.

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  14. I have seen some vidcasts fade-to-black, but I am reluctant to suggest it as I love your silly freeze-frame faces.

    Personally, I think micro-transactions aren’t the problem in and of themselves at the moment, it’s that they are far from being ‘micro’. If the pets cost a few pennies I wouldn’t care, but the prices they are charging combined with not being able to get the pets any other way will likely generate rifts between players.
    .-= pjharvey´s last blog ..Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions at Queen Elizabeth Hall =-.

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  15. Pangia:

    Don’t think I haven’t done my fair share of grinding in WoW. I was in the closed beta. At 10am PST on 11/23/04, I was creating my characters and off at a run. I did MC. I did BWL. Ony. AQ. ZG. I did open world PVP back when there was no reward. I remember when having a guild that could run UBRS was a big deal. I have been in the trenches, sludged through it. I have more playtime than 90% of the playerbase, even after taking a year off from the game. I own Collector’s Editions. I’ve been to two BlizzCons. I have every right to think that dedication and devotion to the game should be the sole merit for reward.

    But I don’t.

    I dislike Blizzard’s business model and their growing antipathy to their playerbase and hubris, but it’s their right to do so. We live in a capalist society, and they should see reward for their work. So if they want to do micro-transactions, more power to them. I don’t have to condone it, nor patronize it. But to villify someone else for taking advantage of that? Why? Because they haven’t earned it? They earned it. Just not through conventional means. Calling them cheap merely diminishes their RL accomplishments as well as insults their morality or ethos.

    They’re not stealing from anyone. They’re not harming anyone’s game experience. Granted, the idea that someone might, gasp, have something they didn’t have to grind hours and hours for or get lucky on the random loog generator or be able to put up with a group of strangers with draconic guild rules or loot systems in raid encounters designed to be experienced by 5% of the populace or less — that might *threaten* someone’s position on a totem pole. I know from personal experience that those accomplishments are largely not based on skill, but TIME. With easy-mode trend of WoW, this is even more true than it was before.

    And to judge someone based on that luxury, or lack thereof, quite frankly, is unfair, and unbecoming.

    Angela, as I said in email, at the end of the day I’ve always liked you and respected you, and
    will continue to even if I disagree with you. I don’t see you as some faceless, grubbing elitist nor will I ever; I know you too well to think so poorly of you. Furthermore, I like to think I can disagree with aspects of your opinion without disliking you yourself one iota. :)

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