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As pretty much all of you are no doubt aware, I am embarking on my first big trip at the end of the year, off to Japan, then Canada and the US.  In some ways, I am really looking forward to this holiday, but in other ways I am dreading it.


Well… I can say with 99.9% certainty that I will not have as much money as I would like.  That’s just a given.

I’m also a bit nervous about travelling on my own through the US and Canada.  Now, I know that it’s perfectly safe… I’m just more worried about the fact it’s all so unfamiliar to me.  I don’t have the first clue where I am going, what there is to do, or anything like that.  I think I’ll just be winging it.  Hell, I don’t even know where I’ll be staying yet… or how I’ll get from the airport to anywhere else.  I’ll probably just go with backpacker’s hostels, and if I can manage to scab free accommodation anywhere along the way, that’s a bonus.

I’m kinda hoping I can meet people along the way as well.  Of course, this all depends where I end up going.  And, for that, I am really looking for input from you guys.  After all, more of you would be familiar with places to go and what not than I would!

So, here’s the VERY vague itinerary I have planned.

28th December:  Fly out to Tokyo and meet my sister.  Crash at her place for free – huzzah!

30th December – 4th Jan: Ski trip in Japan with my sister, her boyfriend, and one of his mates.  I have a horrible feeling this will involve me rolling down hills, possibly breaking bones.

6th January: Fly from Tokyo to Vancouver.  Only a 9 hour flight I think, which is fairly tolerable all in all – that’s about how long it takes me to drive from my place to my parents’ anyway

…  Not sure what the hell I am doing from this point on, until

26th January: Fly out of LA back to Sydney.  Means I am spending Australia Day on a stinking plane.  What a rort.

Things I –think- I want to do:

  • Is ice hockey even played at that time of year?… I would imagine it would be, being winter and all.  I figure, you should really see a game of ice hockey if you are going to Canada.
  • I’d say skiing, but I am doing that in Japan.  And I probably couldn’t afford another ski trip.  And I think a ski trip would suck on your own.
  • Go to Washington along the way, since, hell, I’ll probably have to go through there anyway!
  • I’d consider a trip to Vegas, but again, Vegas sounds kinda lame on your own.  And I am really not sure how far away it is.
  • Hit San Francisco… not sure why, but it sounds good.

So, I was wondering – what sort of things should most definitely be on my to-do list?  While I prefer cheap, since I am kinda broke, I am willing to spend a bit of cash where necessary.  If people also know some good, inexpensive places to stay along the way, well… that would rock as well.

And I have already vetoed hiring a car.  The weird backwards roads over there scare me too much!

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9 Responses to “Sar’s Big Adventure”
  1. This sounds like a great trip! I’m from the US, but I’m on the east coast. So, i don’t know the west coast at all. But I will say, traveling by train is great and relatively inexpensive. Check out Amtrack’s website for different routes. You might be able to come up with some sort of itinerary for Cali and other points of interest based on their routes.

    I have always wanted to go to San Fransisco. If I were going, I would definitely also got north of there for a winery tour. I have no idea what the prices are like, though. I assume that is something you can also find online.

    As far as youth hostiles, they may exist in San Fran, but otherwise they are rare, if they even exist at all. I know there aren’t any in New England.

    If you have a laptop, bring it. There are tons of free wi-fi hot spots just about everywhere you go.

    Hope that helps and have a blast!!

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  2. Oh, and you will be here in prime hockey time.

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  3. You’re mistaken, Australia is where the backwards roads are at.
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  4. I’d say hit up yelp.com for the cities you know you want to visit. It will help you decide where to eat/sleep and perhaps help you plan out some of the more mundane details of your trip. :)
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  5. You should definitely take in a hockey game. The hockey season just started and it runs until early summer / late spring. (may ish? can’t remember). Anyhow, Vancouver’s team is the Vancouver Canucks. (go see a game were they play against another canadian team. Those area always the best games)

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  6. Y’know, I have always wondered…. what’s a Canuck? Is it even a thing?

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  7. Yup. Correct. Standard NHL season is ~84 games and runs from beginning of October until mid April, with the Stanley Cup Finals ending in early May typically.

    Here’s the schedule for the Vancouver Canucks:

    Here’s the schedule for the San Jose Sharks:

    Here’s the schedule for the LA Kings:

    Here’s the schedule for the Anaheim Ducks:

    That should cover you insofar as locations you’re visiting that have hockey teams ;) It’s also basketball season and American football season here too, so… yeah. Hehe.

    I don’t wish to appear contentious, but Youth Hostels are all over. It’s just a matter of doing research first. Failing that, there are cheaper motel type places and even B&Bs (though those are rare, unlike traveling in UK/Ireland).

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  8. As a California native, I can help.

    There are a number of hostels through out our great state. (http://www.hostels.com/us.ca.html). A few that I’ve seen are on public lands, like around lighthouses. This means that you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of the coastline.

    The Amtrak is an excellent way travel. The fares are cheep and can you get from Northern Cali to Southern Cali for less than $100. Amtrak routes page. (Check out the 11 Coast Starlight route). Take an hour and visit Sacramento, see the capitol, maybe spot Swartzenegger on the steps.

    Yes, Napa and the wine country is lots of fun. Check into the wine-train, dinner and a tour in one. There are fairly regular tours through the valley and can be done solo. (As Gabriel mentioned, check into B&B’s, they are the flavor of the month here)

    If you do rent a car, bus (“Blue Van”), etc.. you may look into visiting like Yosemite (should be snow).

    And no visit to this coast is complete without a visit to Mickey Mouse and Disneyland.

    As for Vegas, fun – sure, but not my thing. Awesome hotels, lots of buffets, and loads of people, and the ever-present slot machine bells…

    San Francisco – Market square for shopping – christmas decor should still be around. Golden Gate bridge is awesome, take a trolley car from Market to Pier-39 and walk to Ghiradelli square (CHOCOLATE!).
    Muir Woods (http://www.nps.gov/muwo/index.htm)

    Let’s see other touristy attractions:

    Monterey Bay Aquarium (http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/)
    Herst Castle (http://www.hearstcastle.org/)
    Redwood forest (look into John Muir Trail -> http://johnmuirtrail.org/).

    Darn, I need to get out more.. drawing a blank.
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  9. Hi Sar,

    I think you should check out Crater Lake in Oregon and also the Grand Canyon. Both are awesome and beautiful and you’ll be close by. And, they are things you can do by yourself. There is also the Rocky Mountains.

    Why don’t you google stuff to do in the US in the area you want to see?

    Either way, I’m fairly sure it’s still free to see the Grand Canyon and I know it is to see Crater Lake.


    Seattle is a great city. Also, take the ferry to Vancauver Island, Ca.

    Sooooo much to do in the US and Canada, omg. I would have trouble choosing!

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