whiny-mage 150x150 So, for quite a while now the Whiny Mage and I have been playing around with the idea of him posting on the blog.  I thought that a Mage would be an interesting foil to my usual Warlocky attitude… and besides, it has been a long time since I have had someone to mock, ridicule and pound upon mercilessly in the interests of amusing myself and the general public.  Hopefully these posts will continue (although at this point in time I have no idea what he will talk about… I will leave it entirely up to him what happens from this point forward).

I know, I know… he’s a Mage and all… but I am fairly sure you will enjoy it.  (Oh, and all the capitalisation and most of the punctuation?  Yeah, that was me… he was kinda against it, but the English teacher in me just couldn’t help herself, and, well… I –do- have editorial rights here after all!  So, blame me!)

<3 Sar



There once was a Mage and Warlock
who met fishing on a sewer dock.
He was whiny as hell,
she was cute as a bell;
the wolpertinger looked on in shock.

A mighty leader of raids
a Mage, nay THE Mage of his age.
Commands there were many,
demands there were plenty,
now all, not just some, call him sage.

With shadow and fire she fought,
saw the Mage, had a thought, hatched a plot.
She was evil its true
but the Mage would not rue
the one day her heart he had sought.

With curses and fire and ice
the two could not simply play nice.
With the Mage nearly dead,
and the Warlock ahead
with many an evil device .

The Mage firmly caught, it is true
not sure if a port now would do.
Running home would not work,
in shadows she lurked
so he thought, "What the hell… I love you"


I’m a Mage and I whine, maybe so
but heck where’d my DPS go
Blizz is out of their mind
this is clearly a sign
a ‘lock i should clearly have rolled.

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One Response to “Greetings From the Whiny Mage!”
  1. I have just one issue with this: as a Mage, you should have kicked her Warlock arse.

    The bit about fishing is cute too!

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