Y’know, I often want to write posts about my Druid.  I play her just as much as I play my Warlock now, and she feels almost like a second main to me.  Now… this blog really doesn’t look very Druid friendly, does it? So, I decided to give Hermia a space of her own to call home.

Now, this space does not mean that I will be quitting writing here at Destructive Reach.  Saresa will always be my main, and I will write here just as much (and hopefully a little bit more) than I already do.  I just felt that this place was starting to get littered with Druidic stuff, and I didn’t like that much at all.  So, just as I started a RL blog to clear up a lot of the crap that was getting written here… I started a Druid blog to shoo that over to somewhere else as well.  Feel free to head on over and have a look around, but, be gentle – she is just learning the ropes after all!

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