Seriously… it’s like ranting is a substitute for all that is nice and happy and fantastic in my world.  Or something.

I read a couple of posts in my naughty ‘I’m going to sneak home from work for an hour because my Year 11’s made me feeling like killing myself’ break, and they really intrigued me.  I guess I’ll deal with them individually, and then get onto my opinion (and feel free to, you know, stop reading at that point, because I know you are all going to disagree with me here).

The first one was an awesome guest post by Mimetir on World of Matticus.  You really have to read it to get the full impact of its awesomeness, but this particular statement hit me hard

I think there is enough evidence to say that some players felt the unstated rules of WoW had been re-written overnight using pictures sketched with crayons. Other players felt that the rules were crystal clear for the first time.

The reaction to the dramatic changes in raiding has been very, well… let’s just say it’s certainly been divisive in all levels of the community. I think that best sums up what the effect has been.  There’s people out there who absolutely love it.  Then there’s people like me, who hate it so much that it almost induces them to quit the game.

Well, on the total flip side of myself, we have Larisa.  Now, from what I know of Larisa (and I have been reading her for a long while now), she isn’t usually the sort to rant.  I guess that’s what hooked me in straight away.  She basically took aim and blasted people like me front and centre!  It appears that Larisa really likes the new system, and gets very frustrated at people complaining that WoW is too ‘easy mode’ nowadays.  She also raised some excellent points.

1.  “What annoys me so much is that the loudest criticism comes from players who themselves are far from having cleared all the current raid content.”

Oh, whoops, that would totally be me!  Well, I’m not going to justify myself in this little space… hopefully the rest of my argument will speak for itself.

2.  “Well, I guess they find him [Yogg] too hard compared to the upgrades he offers. The wipe/gear quota isn’t favorable”

Well… the gear in Ulduar isn’t worth getting full stop.  I wouldn’t blame it on the wipe/gear ratio – I’d just blame it on the fact the gear was always a bit terrible, and I’d say there are a lot of people like myself who will SCREAM if they have to do Flame Leviathan, or Hodir, or General one more time.  Seriously. Snore.  Naxx gear is easy to get, but it doesn’t mean we will keep going there.  Hell, people don’t even take alts there that much anymore!  Last time I had fun in Ulduar?  10 man hardmodes.  But if you asked me to do those encounters again, I don’t think I could muster up any enthusiasm, hard mode or no.

3.  “I’ve praised the hardmodes before and I do it again: they’re there for us to be able to put the bar at exactly the level where we want it to be to get the kind of gaming experience we’re looking for.”

But it’s not.  I want my difficult raids to be new, exciting and fresh.  Killing a boss with a couple more adds, or a little less assistance, or on a timer just doesn’t cut it for me.  I remember in BC, I was always so excited downing a boss.  It was HUGE to see them die for the first time.  Now?  Blah.  Snore.  Even on hard mode it feels like ‘I just killed the tacky, slightly more difficult mode of a boss I’ve already killed’.  There is no exhilaration in hard mode raiding.  Fun?  Oh sure!  But, at the end of the day, the boss is dead, and I just don’t really care.

4.  “Is there anything at all preventing you from skipping the faceroller raids altogether and stick to hardmode Ulduar and heroic ToC? Nothing. Nothing at all”

Too bad most every guild starts out on normal.  Hey, if we all started out on hardmode, and never did easy, it would be great!  In what universe is a guild likely to do that though?  And, the more hardcore your guild, the more likely you are to have to do both, simply for the badge farming.

But the thing that really, REALLY gets me cranky?

This system bites people like myself on the ass.  Hey, yeah, of course there’s a personal reason why I hate it.

Blizzard have really killed the ‘Skilled, 2 nights a week’ guilds and players.  The people who don’t have the time to sink into hardcore raiding, and so are stuck doing easy modes.  It’s bloody hard to find a 2 nights a week, casual guild who will do hardmodes.  Sure, with ToC, it’s theoretically possible to fit both normal and hardmode in, but I am never all that fussed on running the same damn instance again to do hardmodes.  ToC just isn’t that fun, people! 

I can hear some of you snickering in the back ground now *pshaw… like you could get anywhere on 8 hours a week*.  Well, buddy, you can!  In BC, I was an 8 hour a week raider (at least in terms of ‘progression raiding’).  We started late in BC, and by the end, we were in Sunwell.  Sure, we only got to Felmyst, but hey, we were a Sunwell guild!  And EVERY boss that I downed through BC felt awesome.  Absolutely awesome.  In fact… that was the last time I heard mass cheering on Vent.

So, yeah, hardmodes might not be easy.  I just want to know whatever happened to challenging content that we didn’t have to clear on normal first.  And why people are so eager to jump down the throats of those of us who don’t like the new system – we aren’t giving you a hard time about your preferences, let us have ours!

P.S. – Larisa, I loved your post!  This was just easier than commenting and then blogging about it anyway.

11 Responses to “Because Angry Rants Make Me Feel All Warm and Fuzzy Inside”
  1. Nice rant, Saresa! <3
    I don't agree that it's impossible to pick hardmodes over normal ones if you're on a more casual raiding schedule. We have three scheduled raids a week, with an expected attendance of 2/3. And we don't only do normal modes.

    But yeah, I guess you have to be a bit lucky and persistent in your persuit for likeminded players.
    However considering how many players that complain about the easiness of the normal modes, there should be plenty of them who would happily skip them to concentrate on the heroic ones. Or is it just how they're talking?

    I think the forgiving normal modes is a great thing since the entrance level of skill is lowered. This means that newbies too have a chance to experience the thrills of raiding and get caught by the bug – even if they're not as skilled as your guild was in TBC. In TBC they would have been locked out completely. How fair was that?

    The current diversity of the game is awesome. We just need to learn how to handle it.

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  2. I’m not sure I agree with “Blizzard killed 8 hours a week” raiding. on the contrary, i think it made it easier then ever to raid part time.

    Fact. once you’ve cleared ToC on Normal, you do not need to ever come back there on normal. you can start straight with heroic.

    Fact. you do not NEED to farm badges. you do not NEED to farm gear. Skill is better then gear, right? right? Adequate gear is easier then ever to get. unless you are going for server firsts? you don’t need cutting edge gear. and 8hour a week raider wouldn’t be going for server firsts anyway.

    Raid instances are short, which means you don’t have a situation where you cannot clear a raid becasue its just too big. and then there are extended lockouts.

    it all comes down to..are you raiding for gear or are you raiding for content? ToC is kinda lackluster lorewise, but I personally find the fights pretty fun, especially on heroic mode. Ulduar is pretty great and you might be sick of FL, but I still like it. Icecrown citadel is shaping up to be very interesting.

    just becasue most guilds farm normal modes does it mean you have to?

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  3. “And why people are so eager to jump down the throats of those of us who don’t like the new system – we aren’t giving you a hard time about your preferences, let us have ours!”

    While you may not give others a hard time for liking the new system, there still are a lot of people that dislike-hate-the new system who blame casuals and anyone that tries to discuss pros of the new system.

    Unfortunately, that blaming isn’t productive nor is it appropriately aimed.

    You are able to present your differing opinion in a respectful manner, not everyone can do that. And even if I don’t agree with you on whatever position that may be – I at least know where you are coming from.
    .-= Syrana´s last blog ..Reporting For Duty (RP) =-.

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  4. Hm… I thought I did a comment but it seems as if someone ate it. I just wanted to say that it should be possible to do more challenging modes than normal even though you’re just raiding twice a week. We have a light raiding schedule in our guild with 3 raids and 2/3 raids demands for attendance. And we’re doing just fine. The key is discipline. And of course, as Leah says, extended lockouts.
    Considering how many people that are complaining about the easiness of the game it shouldn’t bee completely impossible to find a bunch of likeminded people, who like you rather raid for challenge than for gear.
    .-= Larísa´s last blog ..Why I don’t want to hear another "WoW is too easy" statement =-.

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  5. I worked at a game company in a previous life and the most expensive part of our game to develop was the content. It was extremely expensive, actually. I’m guessing the same is true for World of Warcraft. I think Blizzard decided that they just couldn’t afford to spend so much money for content that so few people would see. So they opened up raiding to as many people as possible. With any change, there are bound to be people that don’t like it, but on the whole, I think Blizzard did the right thing.

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  6. @Leah tell you what – you find my a good 8 hour a week guild that is dedicated to hardmodes, and I’ll look into it… because such a thing doesn’t exist on my server. As I said, guilds who do hardmodes take the game seriously and expect you to be wearing the best gear, and to dot hat, you really need to farm normal modes for badges and trophies.

    I has actually having a discussion last night with someone, and unfortunately, I do not enjoy ToC at all. I find the fights to be very dull, and as a raid, well… it’s kinda blah. Ulduar I’ve done to death and would quite happily never go there again.

    As I said, I think the best thing that sums it up is the night my 10man group decided to just go in and do some Ulduar hardmodes. Sure, it was harder, but I wouldn’t say it was especially exciting downing those bosses (again). Excuse the language, but at the moment hardmodes just feel like ‘Same shit, different colour’. The exhilaration of raiding (OMG first boss kill!) is gone for me, and Wrath won’t be bringing it back unless there’s some content that’s at a BT/Hyjal level of difficulty.

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  7. Oh… that’s what I forgot! I seriously think the level of skill required in BC for raiding was exaggerated somewhat. It wasn’t a huge amount of skill – just a huge amount of patience, and not giving up after wiping all night on a boss. THAT is the sort of thing that regular/hard mode has killed, unfortunately.

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  8. “And why people are so eager to jump down the throats of those of us who don’t like the new system – we aren’t giving you a hard time about your preferences, let us have ours!”

    I don’t begrudge you your preference at all. I can understand where it’s coming from; you have a history with the game and raiding that I don’t share. However, the problem you’re pointing to is not essentially one of game mechanics but of social ones. You want a guild that will tackle the harder difficulties exclusively and on your schedule. That so few people are interested in such a venture might point to where there true motivations lie rather than any failing on Blizzard’s part. You still have access to your Sunwell of old: it’s called toggled hard-mode in Icecrown. The difference now is that the rest of the casual raiding population – that is the vast majority of the raiding population – will experience that content too. If you can’t find like-minded people to tackle the more difficult encounters from the start, then your real objection lies with the fact that the vast majority of even the hardcore raiders prefer the easiest possible route to their end goals rather than relishing a challenge, and Blizzard provided them an easier route in Wrath.
    .-= Sean´s last blog ..Bring Out Your Dead! =-.

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  9. [...] explains it beautifully: I want my difficult raids to be new, exciting and fresh.  Killing a boss with a couple more adds, [...]

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  10. Sadly, I couldn’t agree more. I actually wrote a very similar post on my site some weeks ago.

    First of all, Hard Modes have absolutely killed the fun of progression raiding. It is just no fun to kill a boss with ease and then kill him again with my hands tied behind my back. This absolutely kills the enthusiastic feeling when seeing a new boss for the first time and then killing him. Y-S was a nice encounter, but all in all, way to easy in normal mode. Killing bosses for the first time in TBC was so much more emotional and epic.

    Secondly, the choice of providing hard modes has led to a very dumb balancing. Normal mode bosses are extremely easy. They are designed for under geared people. They are designed for not so skilled players. Normal mode bosses will eventually die, even if I just let my cat walk over the keyboard. Hard modes on the other hand are designed for really hardcore guilds. They require skilled players. They require a lot of gear. So, who was fun? Unskilled players and absolute high-end raiders who check wowprogress every 5 minutes. Many good, somewhat casual guilds are bored, somewhere between facerolling the normal mode content and struggling with hard modes.

    Last but not least. The eff-ing huge mass of loot raining from every corner and emblem of the game onto my character has absolutely erased every pride and interested I had in gearing up my toon. Everyone looks exactly the same. Your gear doesn’t represent at all your achievements in game. No more respectful spotting of the very first few T6 shoulders in town. Did you raid 25 man Ulduar and some Hard modes? All that gear is absolutely meaningless after a very short period of time and must be replaced with TotC gear to succeed in TotC Heroic. Heck, most 10 man raiders are at this point so much better geared than I am, just because 10 man TotC is so easy and holds so much loot, and 25 mans are relatively slow with gearing up people.

    To cut a long story short: Minesweeper hasn’t looked as attractive next to WoW in years.
    .-= drug´s last blog ..Future of Shields Up! =-.

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  11. [...] all of the talk going around that Wrath of the Lich King made things significantly easier and therefore "killed the [...]

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