Since I play a resto Druid, which immediately makes me the World’s Leading Expert on All Things HoT and Heal Related… I thought I would write you all a list of the things which you should do to make you all as awesome as me.  Sure, sure, it isn’t Warlock related… maybe that will come tomorrow.

1.  If you hate healing the people you hate, heal without glasses on.  Seriously… when the name plates are all fuzzy, everyone is equal. (Disclaimer – I take no responsibility for tank death if you use this method).  Of course, it’s just more fun to not heal the people you hate ;-)

2.  Drink a can of Coke for every person in the raid.  The caffeine levels will give you the sufficient amount of ‘jitter’ to click all over the place really fast.  Coffee also works.

3.  Listen to really LOUD ANGRY music.  Slow music = slow sloppy heals, so the faster the better!

4.  Ignore every bastard who tells you to heal them.  When they are dead, they’ll shut up, and you can focus better. Besides, all the chatter takes away from the music!

5.  Tell everyone that you decide who you are healing by throwing a dice.  It should keep them on their toes so they don’t take any extra damage.

6.  When all else fails, stand in the fire and heal yourself through it so you look good on the meters.  No one will notice, honestly.

7.  Healing is great for people who like to multitask.  As a Druid, I often /dance so I look like I’m doing something, then work on painting my toenails.  It generally works out that I can paint one toenail per Rejuv cast on someone.  I also got half way through Guitar Hero WHILE healing!

Using these 7 tricks, you will be well on your way to becoming the best healer EVAR.  You’ll also have glorious looking toenails, and will kick ass at Guitar Hero!

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5 Responses to “7 Ways to Improve Your Healing – A PSA!”
  1. May I also recommend

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  2. Best post in the history of posting.
    .-= Shayzani´s last blog ..Mrhrhrhhhrr… brainssss… =-.

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  3. Sar….you totally forgot to include the most essential piece to healing. So please make your raid-mates aware at the beginning of each and every raid. :)

    a) Every Rejuvination is only given at a minor cost of 1 gold per cast per toon.

    b) Every Healing Touch is given at the minor cost of 5 gold per cast per toon.

    c) Every Regrowth, Nourish, Tranquility and Wild Growth are charged at 10 gold per cast per toon.

    d) Every Innervate on a dps class comes for the unbelievable great deal of 100gold per cast per toon. (for we all know how those silly mages/locks have to have their shiney high dps numbers =] )

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  4. Awesome post! I dig it. However, I must contest that this does not apply to the paladin healbot. Our methods are much simpler:

    1) Obtain alcoholic beverage of choice.
    2) Consume alcoholic beverage of choice.
    3) Drunkenly whack-a-mole chosen healing add-on.
    4) Profit?

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