So, I was chatting with a friend after my raid tonight, and he got to his usual ranting of ‘DPS are all idiots, when I raid I assume 90% of the DPS are going to be incompetent, tanking is so much more difficult and important, yadayadayada’.

Bullshit.  Let’s dispell some dumb-ass myths here, shall we?

1.  DPS do not need to know what is going on in the fight, tanks do.

Since when does a tank need to be more aware of everything that is happening around them than a DPS?  What, my magical ‘Oh look, I’m a ranged DPS!’ bubble means I won’t die in the fire?  Or I won’t die when one of the tanks goes down, because, ’Oh, I’m just a DPS’.  Everyone in the raid should be aware of what is happening around them, regardless of what they do.  Whether I am tanking or DPSing, I have a fairly good awareness of what is going on.  The only time I am more aware of what is happening to other players is when I am healing, because, hey… that’s my job.

2.  Tanking is harder than DPSing.

So you have a much more complex job as a tank?  Let’s see….



– Has to use a few abilities to attack

– Has to use a few abilities to attack

- Has to watch out for stuff on the ground, etc

- Has to watch out for stuff on the ground, etc

- Has to hit ‘Oh Shit!’ buttons where appropriate

- Has to hit ‘Oh Shit!’ buttons where appropriate

- Has to maintain threat

- Has to not pull threat

- Has to live

- Has to live.


All looks very similar to me.  Sure, you are all looking at a different side of the boss.  And you have a slightly different view of the whole ‘aggro’ issue.  But, at the end of the day, tanking isn’t automatically more complex just through the virtue of being a different role.

3.  DPS just aren’t as important as tanks.

Yuh huh.  Tell that to the enrage timer.  Or to the boss who has to ‘have that shield nuked down NOW!’ (hai there, Valkyr Twins!).  Or to your healers when they go OOM because the fight is just taking so damn long (although, according to my friend, if you use mana you must be a ‘bad’ healer…).

It’s people like this that really piss me off.  It’s even more annoying when they are friends.  Seriously…

Oh, and your “Clearly DPS aren’t as important because if you lose one, it’s not an instant wipe?” argument?

Stick it where the sun don’t shine, buddy.

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5 Responses to “Warlocks can totally Dispell!”
  1. I don’t totally agree on the difficulty or the awareness of tanks but I totally agree DPS are important.

    As a tank all I do is hold on to things for others to kill. The druid does contribute to damage but the warrior not so much (Prot Warrior DPS lol). But tanks do need to keep a very good overall picture of raid positioning so they don’t drop things in the wrong places.

    This doesn’t mean that DPS doesn’t watch but in a number of fights (particularly Hard Modes) I notice that the hard mode consists of making DPS move and DPS at the same time. Which typically our DPS fail at doing to start with.

    That said – I love the DPS – the faster they kill it the less I have to do to stay alive. They are every bit as important as the Tank and almost as important as healers

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  2. That second point is a possibly more than a little shaky but really, you’re right. Dps get dumped on quite a lot typically.

    As a tank, I very much appreciate good dps when the boss is pounding away at me and all I can think is “omg please stop hitting me ow ow ow”
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  3. Definitely interesting points for sure. I play a hunter in 25 man raids (guild is in ToGC), warrior tank for 10 mans (up to ulduar), and I recently started druid healing in 10 mans (naxx/os). At the end of the day, I would personally prefer to have my weaker players at the DPS roles. Not that DPS isn’t important, but a couple really strong DPS can carry weaker DPS. But if you get a weak tank with bad situational awareness and a sub par understanding of their abilities, you are going to have a much more difficult raid than just having 1 weak DPS. At any role I play, I would much rather carry a weaker DPS than try to carry a weak tank.

    I would say that people confuse responsibility of the job with skill needed to do the job. Healers and tanks have more responsibility only because there are so few of them compared to DPS. It’s not a more difficult task to be good at, just more responsibility per individual because you make up a smaller percentage of the raid.

    In the example your friend gave you about losing 1 tank vs 1 DPS, well what % of tanks is that? 50% probably. If you lose that same % of your DPS, ya it’s a wipe. I would imagine if the typical raid makeup these days was say: 8 tanks, 8 healers, and 9 DPS, there would be a lot fewer arguments about which role is more difficult, more important, etc.

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  4. I generally agree that DPS has as difficult a job as a tank, but only insofar as the individual DPS’er cares to a) know the fight and b) knows their class and c) gives a crap to do their best in the fight. I think the stigma is due to the reality that there is a minority of DPSers who, for lack of better words, are sodding slacker gits. They ruin it for those who work really hard at being all they can be. The problem is, as said above, they can be carried by the rest of the raid, whereas a tank who does not meet a, b and c above directly results in wipes and a lack of progression. It’s a matter of numbers.

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  5. I won’t say that DPS is easy, especially not with all superbonus-don’t-stand-in-X-colored-fire and random stuff fights have nowadays…

    I will say that one crappy tank effects a lot more dps than one crappy dps effects a tank when it comes to raids.

    Also, see Gabriel’s comment about the sodding slacker gits.
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