Euripedes from Critical QQ wrote a really interesting post about the inevitability of progress.  And, you know, he’s right.  Progress is inevitable!  The more we play, the better we become, and the more we learn about the game.

Of course, in my case, that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a lot to learn…

Let’s have a look at a Sar raiding UI screenshot, from, a year ago? *shrugs*  In any case, it isn’t bloody pretty, and it makes you see why people can do so well blogging about interfaces and mods.

Most Borked UI Ever

Admittedly, this is when I was playing on my 15” laptop (oh, the horror!), but my goodness what a cluttered horrible screen!  No wonder I could never really see what was going on around me.

Today’s version of it is a lot cleaner.  Having a 24” gives me a  lot more real estate to play with, but I would like to think that I have improved somewhat!  Of course… there is a lot left to be desired in other aspects of my gameplay.

<3 Whelps!  Thank goodness they are easier to deal with at 80 than they were at 60… or even 70.  My frapsing skills also leave something to be desired… goodness me, that is a horrid looking video!

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5 Responses to “Things Which We Learn Over Time”
  1. Love the song!

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  2. Seconded. My husband made me turn the music back on :P

    It’s amazing how much our UI can develop over time. I found my first raiding character proudly displaying her thistle tea on a bar ^.^
    .-= Windsoar´s last blog ..Elementalist, Book 1 =-.

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  3. I’m surprised you managed to see the target on that screenshot… but confess my original layout was almost as bad. Was still a “clicker” during Kara and had 6 rows of 12 buttons + pet bar covering the bottom of my screen. No wonder I used to stand in the fire – I couldn’t see the stuff!

    Now, pretty much the only things I have on screen are a dot timer, threat monitor, pitbull unitframe and pet bar. my main 7 spells are keybound and I have a small bar with utilities (fel/demon armor, fire/spell stones, summon/health/soul stones) at the bottom of the screen, well out of the way and fading out while in combat.
    .-= Everwrath of Silvermoon´s last blog ..Tanking =-.

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  4. I support your choice of music for that video, Sar.
    .-= shopshopshop´s last blog ..A Bloody (Well-Deserved?) Nerf =-.

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  5. WoW–I’m ADHD and somewhat drawn to clutter, but that’s so intensely overloaded with stuff that I don’t think I could breathe!
    .-= Frijona´s last blog ..Post-Weekend Update: It’s a Poll! =-.

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