1.  Brain is empty.

2.  All the Blizzcon news has been posted, reposted, regurgitated and posted again, and then splattered ALL over the internet.

3.  Stress!  ALL my Year 12 students failed their exams!  STRESS!!

4.  Seriously.  Brain is empty.  I open Live Writer.  The screen glares at me in an accusatory ‘So where the hell have you been, Missy?’ manner while my brain frantically tries to think of something to say.  All that appears on the screen are the words ‘green fire’.  REPEATEDLY.

5.  Too busy flirting and causing general mayhem.

6.  Mother and grandmother coming to visit soon.  Eeeep!

greenfiregreenfiregreenfiregreenfiregreenfiregreenfire…. ahem

7.  WoW and I have not been getting along as of late.  My computer is getting revenge for my trip away.

8.  Trying to scheme ways out of jury duty.  It’s not working. 

9.  Reports are due.  AGAIN.

10.  Did I mention ‘Stress’?!?!?!

Will have real post, possibly about Soul Shards, soon.  When the brain comes out of retirement. <3

3 Responses to “Reasons Not To Blog”
  1. /comfort

    I smell a burn-out! Get some rest and recoup, you’ll be fine. Parents coming to visit isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds at first.

    As for your students: …………greenfire!
    .-= Niadyth´s last blog ..My Guild is Weird (and I love them for it) =-.

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  2. /hugs

    I agree with Niadyth there, you’re gettin a lil burn-out there. Don’t sweat with the blogging – when you want to write, write. Otherwise, don’t stress about it. We’ll all still be aboot when you are ready to blog. ;)
    .-= Softi´s last blog ..The day half a tree fell down in our back garden =-.

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  3. I think I smell extra homework for your year 12s…

    1,000 word essay on why Locks should be OP.

    Then at least they will get a pass from their teach!
    .-= Gnomeaggedon´s last blog ..Solo class instances =-.

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