I don’t know what it is though.  I still love the game as much as I always have, but I just don’t feel motivated to do anything that I am required to do.  I used to be able to do the bare minimum that was required to get by, but now I can’t even do that.

What am I talking about?  Dailies, of course!

My anti-daily stance has always been pretty well known.  I really do not believe in logging in to do a boring monotonous task which I would rather not be doing.  I don’t pay $15 a month to do the equivalent of house work.

Now, I feel like there is even more pressure to do all these things I really hate doing.  I have next to no gold on my Warlock, and the list of things that I need to do is piling up like crazy.  I don’t have enough of the stupid new badges, because I don’t do the heroic daily (hello?  I graduated from heroics when I started raiding, and have no interest in them!  Why do I have to do them now?)  It’s getting to the point where it is ruining the rest of the game for me because I log on, feel immediately guilty about not doing all the boring crap, get frustrated and then log off.  And end up in situations just like tonight… it’s raid night, I have no gold, no consumables, and the thought of doing dailies makes me want to go and shoot myself.  Seriously… I spent all day cooped up marking exams and compiling statistics – the last fricking thing I want to do is dailies!

I love WoW.  I love raiding.  I love goofing around with friends.  But boy oh boy do I hate having to do pointless repetitive crap to get anywhere in this silly game!

(PS – I also hate the Faction Champions fight too.  And I hate that anyone who asks for help with it on the forums or asks questions about it is told that they are a noob.  Growl)

6 Responses to “Not Burn Out”
  1. Set up a Naxx10 run and go have some fun. With the shards, BoE epics, emblems (epic gems) and money you’ll come out 500G aboutish ahead.

    And it’s fun to just pewpew through it ^_^
    .-= Shy´s last blog ..Work in Progress and a little Blog Love =-.

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  2. The game becomes infinitely more enjoyable when you can free yourself of the “must accomplish this” mentality. Those dailies will still be there tomorrow.

    Also, I used to hate the faction champions fight when it was preventing us from progressing, but I mus say it is one of the more rewarding kills. Don’t be afraid to mix up your strategy if one method doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere. Also, frost mages are very handy to have for this fight.
    .-= Jon´s last blog ..The Plight of the 10-Man Guild =-.

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  3. I also hate the Factions Champions fight too as well. :-D Totally not a newb if you hate it, just normal and probably not hardcore, which isn’t news to me anyways.

    Shy’s suggestion is good, or like me you could switch up and do some BGs/WG. It’s not much on the cash drive, but it totally switches it up for me, and you can make *some* money.
    .-= Fulguralis´s last blog ..A Change Of Pace =-.

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  4. I read your blog a lot and enjoy it, can’t remember if I’ve ever posted or not. So, first time poster long time reader applies I guess.

    I also dislike the dailies a lot, so I decided to do something about this whole making gold situation. I took my alt 80 who was just kind of hanging out collecting dust, swapped his profession to alchemy, paid 1000g in mats to max it out in a day, started crafting epic gems with transmute specialty. Needless to say, I spend about 10 minutes on the AH a day and now I have more gold than I know what to do with.

    Blue quality gem – 9-12 G
    Eternal Needed – 12-15 G
    Epic Gem sells for – 150-180 G

    This market has yet to slow down on my realm and the price seems to have stabilized right around 160 per raw gem. I’m sure some of the JCers are scooping up my gems cutting and turning profit, but every time I proc 2 or 3 epic gems my eyes light up at the thought that it’s another week I don’t have to do a single daily. Just my thoughts and I haven’t done a daily in over 2 months… :)

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  5. That’s what alts are for — at least for me ^.^ On my current server (RP), any and all low level mats / gear / “fun” items sell well so I can happily slaughter my way through Deadmines, earn a couple hundred gold, and basically spend that time with my friends chatting and goofing off because zero brain power is required.

    Persoanlly beats the hell out of dailies for me — cash flow may not be as quick, but I have an alternative when I get death numbingly tired of them.
    .-= Windsoar´s last blog ..Minion: Your Personal Add-on Pet =-.

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  6. “I don’t pay $15 a month to do the equivalent of house work.”

    Ohhh Sar… you just pushed all the buttons that clicked into place and made all my recent frustrations clear.

    Of course that’s why I rolled a Squid and until he gets to 80, it’s all fun…
    .-= Gnomeaggedon´s last blog ..Squidly’s Shaman PvP Tips #1: Resto FTW! =-.

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