This post is based entirely on unsubstantiated opinion.  In fact, my minimal raiding since the patch means that I don’t have conclusive proof that this is the case.  However, I am going to write it anyway.

The nerf to Fire and Brimstone in 3.2 seemed to get by without much criticism.  I don’t know whether Warlocks as a community have just become totally deadened to nerfs, or whether it was seen as a negligible difference between our pre-3.2 state and our current one, but I think that it was a bigger nerf than it was given credit for.  How catastrophic was it for Warlocks, really?

That’s damned right.  It’s Stay Puft Marshmallow Man catastrophic.  Or close to.

See, after 3.2, I couldn’t work out why my DPS kinda sucked a little.  I mean, it’s not bad, exactly… but it just ‘ain’t what she used to be’.  I have turned things upside down and inside out trying to work out what’s going on, and the only thing that has changed is that pesky talent.  It cost me something along the lines of 300DPS!  (well… at a rough approximation… given I haven’t been able to test much).  At least!  How the hell did something like this just slip by?  Where was my theorycrafting?  And why on earth were we nerfed? (One Warlock suggested that it was simply ‘because it’s not a patch without a Lock nerf’… so true!)

Has anyone else noticed this drop in DPS?  Do I just all of a sudden fail at Warlock?  Should I convert this (perish the thought) to a Resto Druid blog?

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  1. Destro is already the best raid spec. It was probably nerfed to keep it closer to the other trees.
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  2. Yeah, destro is outperforming both affliction and demo by a couple hundred (probably ~300DPS if you wanted to be honest). That’s actually pretty damned close if you ask me, but they probably nerfed to get it *closer*.

    *shrug* Affliction was sort of buffed with a the addition of haunt crits. Still, that’s no 300 extra DPS.
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  3. Destro is meant to outperform the other raid trees ;-)… no, seriously! The other trees are just there as filler for Destro locks!

    This wasn’t really a comment about Destro as compared to the other trees. It sounds silly… but the way raids are, Destro will probably always outperform the other specs in a raid environment. Not too much can compete with large blast damage, not in the way most encounters are designed, anyway. I just find it very surprising that this Destro nerf kinda snuck in without people commenting on it too much. Even I noticed it in the notes before hand, but was far too lazy to speculate what it would mean in terms of actual DPS.

    In all reality, this nerf was probably for the same reason nearly every other nerf happens – PvP. People were tired of being hit by big scary Chaos Bolts.

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  4. The nerf to F&B was meant to effect Destruction PvP warlocks. The reason it was not contended by the PvE community was because they gave us the buff Empowered Imp. The 100% chance on Imp crit isn’t quite as potent as the 5% removed from F&B (though there are random theorycrafters that think it is) but it does do a decent job of scaling with raid buffs and the new T9 2 piece bonus.
    All in all, with the buffs to gems and professions, your DPS must’ve certainly gone nowhere but up.
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  5. Well, the thing is, we aren’t all in T9 yet. As someone who basically just joined a raiding guild, and then has unfortunately not had the opportunity to raid, it is a struggle to remain competitive as it is. This nerf hit the T7.5 geared locks a hell of a lot harder then the T9 geared ones. If you can’t put out decent numbers in T9, you are having issues regardless of the changes.

    I don’t think the buff to Empowered Imp nearly compensates for the loss at all, at least, not in my experience.

    At the end of the day, I tend to almost ignore most theory crafting. While it may be useful as an overall guide, it is hardly a substitute for experience in my humble opinion. Theory crafting tends to look at a ‘best case’ scenario, and really isn’t all that practical for actual raiding. Dr Boom does not equal raid boss! ;-)

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  6. Improved kit since 3.1 considerably… post 3.2 I’m almost back down to 3.1 dps. What I have noticed though is I’m still putting out 3.2 threat. Having to shatter almost every 3 minutes isn’t really that bad, but I lose a lot of DPS when I need to regain some shards.

    Yes, I’ve lost 200-300dps, and I’m going to benefit from T9 bonus when I get the drops, but I’m not really worried – as I’m usually in the top 3 overall damage in any given raid.
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