So, I have been sitting here, scratching my head, trying to think of something to write about.  I haven’t written anything at all Warlock related for a while now, and as I was pondering what on earth I could say that was new about Warlocks, some comments from other bloggers and readers have come to mind.

    • Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted about <insert class here>
    • There seems to be a lot of ‘General WoW Blogs’ cropping up.
    • I just can’t find anything new to say about <insert class here>
    • I’m finding it difficult to define my audience now/It is hard to tell what my audience is looking for
    • I can’t find myself a niche anywhere!

The fact of the matter is, content becoming more accessible has killed what many bloggers write about.  Now, I am not saying that accessibility is a bad thing… it’s just harder to write about something which is talked about everywhere already, because, hey, everyone is doing it!  I have never been one for writing guides anyway (seriously, a guide from me comes out drier than a piece of burnt toast, and just as nasty tasting), but in BC I kinda had a little niche of my own carved out.  I didn’t really see too many other Destro Warlocks out there blogging about end game content.  ‘Twas just me (and probably a billion zajillion other people as well that I just happened to miss!)  Perhaps it’s because no one else could see the potential in blogging about a class with a one spell rotation (believe it or not, that one spell rotation led to some insane theory crafting.  When your rotation is THAT simple, you have to min-max everything to the millionth degree, or people are totally on your ass about it). 

And, hey, I was proud of myself for being in end game content.  That sounds completely dicky, but it’s true.  I mean…

    • I had never played a computer game before WoW except The Sims.  And a little Warcraft: Orcs and Humans waaaaaaaay back in the day.  Like when I was 12, or how ever old I was when that came out.  And I totally sucked balls at it.  Still do. (Of course, since I started playing WoW, I have also played some DotA.  I suck at that as well.  Figures)
    • When I started playing WoW, I was the world’s BIGGEST noob.  I had no idea what I was doing.  You know the stereotype of ‘Chick starts playing because her boyfriend does.  She totally fails, and he has to help her out with everything.  People think she is a ditz’?  That was me!
    • I have NEVER been one to dedicate myself to grinding stuff.  Blah.  Grinding?  How is that fun?  Of course, everyone told me that to succeed in end game, you had to grind.  I guess I proved that wrong.
    • And, since I am totally one to brag, using the ‘Gear+Skill+PC/Connection+Spec = Performance’ equation… I totally kicked Warlock ass during BC.  Gear?  Definitely never as good as the other locks in the guild.  PC/Connection?  Hello, laptop running at 10fps on a 1500/250 broadband connection!  Oh, and using wireless?  Yet, I still out-dps’ed most of them more often than not (except for one, who I was always neck and neck with… and his gear was sooo much better than mine!)  /strokes epeen

Now, well…

I guess I am in ‘end game content’, depending on your interpretation.  Certainly the accessible level of end-game (no hard modes for me, no sirree).  Somewhat like the rest of the raiding population.  What can I say about that which you don’t already know?

DPS wise, I am very ‘meh’.  Totally unreliable damage.  When I get my rotation running sweetly, I can get up there with the others.  When I can’t, well, it all goes to shit.  Not to mention, my gear, well… it’s not of a standard that you would expect at this point in the game.  So, I am hardly qualified to talk numbers when my own are so all over the place.

I don’t talk strat.  That’s what all these other sites are for, not to mention that the strats are so darned straight forward that there is no real point.

I feel like I have gotten way off topic here, but essentially – I understand where this ‘so what the hell do I blog about?’ slump is coming from.  While accessibility and homogenisation are no doubt good for the game and the community, it makes it damned hard to write!  And, that, my friends, is why so many blogs are changing focus.

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4 Responses to “Chaaaaaanges!”
  1. This is why we rant so much these days!
    To be honest I appreciate a good philosophical rant so much more than an ever so informative theroycrafting/strategy blogpost.
    Don’t try to be useful. Just keep reflecting on wow from your perspective and you’ll be fine!
    .-= Larísa´s last blog ..Tickled Pink: Brewfest – Happy Hour or Horrible Hangover? =-.

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  2. One idea for posts is a sort of Traveler’s Tales of raiding from your perspective. Try telling a story about your weekly raids, maybe even giving a blow by blow account of one of the more interesting fights.

    Also, drawing from your previous post, tell us why raiding as Destro (or Affliction) is just as complex as tanking. How do you prioritize spells on certain fights? What are you looking out for?

    In the end though you need to write what you feel happy about writing. If you do your audience will continue to follow you.
    .-= Sean´s last blog ..Bring Out Your Dead! =-.

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  3. I think it’s frequently hard to write about guides and strats and stuff when you know this stuff will all be out of date within months.

    I can only hope people find my non-guide rambles to be entertaining as well!
    .-= Pike´s last blog ..Lazy Sunday Screenshots =-.

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  4. To be honest I haven’t been blogging long.. well.. WOW blogging that is, have been blogging about myself for yonks but really, who wants to read that crap? :p My hunter blog is a baby and even then I occasionally can’t think exactly what to blog about.

    I’ve made a word document with a list of topics I could blog about one day if I’m stuck and the mood takes me there (blogging about something for the sake of it isn’t going to turn out very well :< not for me anyway, my writing becomes a little static when it's forced). Along with that and blogging about the more general stuff (I hope) from a hunter's perspective. Patch notes, new raid content (if I have access to it), things like that.

    Personally, if a person's blog is fun to read, it can be about anything from any perspective, it's generally the writing style and the kind of content the blogger comes up with that brings the readers back, if I count as readers :p

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