So, I kinda blurted it all over Twitter before I even got to write a blog post about it.  Whoops.  hence, you all kinda know this, but no one knows the full story.

One, somewhat drunken night (being Saturday night just gone), I finally did something that I have been tempted to do for a long time: I cancelled my accounts.  Both of them.  The alt account finishes in just a couple of days, and the main one finishes on the 10th of October.

Why?  Well, it’s pretty simple really: I just got tired of the game.  I haven’t been enjoying it.  Every time I log in I feel guilty about not getting this, that or the other done, about not being prepared enough, about not having gold… I just don’t have fun anymore.  Even raiding seems to have lost its lustre.  I don’t know whether I am craving something a lot more hardcore, or what it is.  At the moment I spend about 20 hours a week raiding between my 2 servers, which I consider to be an awful lot of hours put in, but I don’t seem to feel any sense of satisfaction at the end.  You know, the ‘We just did a really hard fight and I am SO fucking proud of everyone’ feeling.

And the grind is god damn killing me.  Why do they keep adding more shit to grind?

Things I Like About WoW

Things I Hate About WoW

Raiding – Nothing is more fun to me than running around with 10 or 25 people beating the absolute crap out of things (or healing them while they do it) Raiding – there doesn’t seem to be the sense of satisfaction that there was in BC in downing stuff, and the harder bosses just feel gimmicky (think – Faction Champions)
The People – all my guildies are awesome, and the guild I raid with on Hermia are almost like a 2nd home in themselves. The People – pugging crap on my Druid constantly made me realise just how much the average person in a pug sucks ass.  I think it’s the feeling of ‘I don’t know these people, so I can treat them like shit’ that does it.
Blogging – I love this blog.  I love the people.  I kinda waxed lyrical about this last post. Blogging – sometimes, I’ll admit, it feels like a chore.  And sometimes it’s hard to come up with new stuff to talk about!
  Daily Heroics – I don’t like doing heroics.  They are boring and stupid.  Why do you make me do a god damn heroic every day?
  Daily quests – see above re. Heroics.
  Time sinkiness – to do everything I should do in the game, I would have to play far more than I do.  And I would have to turn the game into a chore.  Yuk.


So, WoW has until the 10th to try and balance the table, or swing it back to the other side.  If it can do that, I’ll resubscribe to my account.  After all, I do love this blog!

But, what can WoW do to make me love it again, like I used to?  To bring back that ‘honeymoon’ feeling?

  • Make PvP fun – LOL.  Never going to happen, I am just not wired to enjoy PvP.
  • Reduce the grind – OK, so making gold has always been a bit of a grind.  I have never had a decent amount of gold for that very reason!  However, I don’t enjoy grinding out badges to get current gear, either.  Let me get my gear the old fashioned way – by raiding!
  • Just be fun already – nothing feels fun or fresh anymore.  Cataclysm may fix that, but I suspect it’ll just be the same old stuff in a fancy new wrapper.

Not sure why I am disillusioned, but I am.  However, don’t unsubscribe yet – there’s still hope!  Not to mention, a few possible fixes for the blahs that I am pondering, if I have the courage to do them ;-)

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5 Responses to “All Around The Town”
  1. Every so often, you have to say “Bollocks to raiding, amma go do something else”. Whether that involves exploring some of the more remote parts of Azeroth and marvelling in the detail of the creations or switching off entirely and going *outside* (shudder) for a few minutes, it’s good to take a break.

    Alls I know is that were you not on the blogging scene any more, you would be sorely missed.

    All the best love, hope you find the courage to do whatever it is you need to do to make the game fresh again. I’ll be keeping a watch out for whatever you decide!
    .-= Niadyth´s last blog ..Oh boy… =-.

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  2. Hmm..just say no to the grind and go do the stuff you do enjoy. And if that stuff ‘s just not happening that day, log off, and do something else.

    There’s so much we feel we ‘must’ do in the game, that we forget it’s us who decide what we ‘want’ to do.

    And don’t forget, there’s different levels of raiding. If you want to raid at the top, the grind will come with it. But I’m sure that if you take a step back and go raiding for enjoyment only that there is a lot less strain on the player to do the grind.

    Whichever decision you make, good luck with it.
    .-= Shy´s last blog ..Not a Success =-.

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  3. 20h / week.. and on two servers? That sounds a bit extreme especially if it’s not enjoyable. Maybe cutting down on it would ease things. Personally I raided 6 days / week in vanilla, 3 days / week since TBC and I have to say it made a world of difference on the stress factor. What comes to WotLK raids Ulduar was pretty nice. ToC not really.. but I believe they’ll get it right with Icecrown again. And Cataclysm stuff sounds really cool.

    Anyway.. going to miss this blog if it would come to that. Oh, and happy birthday. ;)

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  4. sometimes every one of us stops having fun with this game (or another hobby for that matter), then it’s time to take a break or quit – especially when playing starts feeling like a chore and is no fun anymore

    you may find that in a couple of months you really want to play again, maybe under different conditions and you will have fun again. a bit later you’ll be back taking another break and so on.

    it’s totally fine to leave a hobby for some time, put things into perspective and come back later when it seems good to do it.

    so have fun taking a break!
    .-= Yashima´s last blog ..No playtime =-.

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  5. I’ve run up against the same issue a lot over the years I’ve been playing WoW. It’s important to step back from the compulsion to keep playing and make sure that you’re still having fun. Raiding commitments aside, don’t ever let yourself feel “obligated” to the game.

    I have a policy for WoW that I try to keep myself to at all times; if it’s not fun to do, it’s not worth doing. My playtime is strictly anti-grind. WoW is a game, I’m not going to let myself “play” it as a chore. There are too many fun things to do in the game or for that matter out of the game that I could better spend my time doing.

    There is of course one excpetion to this rule, which is farming Anzu. But only because I know how very, very much he wants me to ride around on him all day.

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