Yet Another Destructive Reach Community Service Announcement.  Brought to you by the Imp Credit Union – where your money is ALWAYS in safe (albeit firey) hands

So, I heard through the ever-delightful Syrana that is looking for a brand spankin’ (emphasis on the spank!) new shiny Warlock Blogger to write their Blood Pact column.  Now, I figure that surely MOST of you guys are Warlocks (or hey, why else would you be here?), and you surely must know a little something about the class.  If those two very basic things apply to you (ie – Warlock, and know something about them), you should consider heading on over to throw your hat (or imp, if you have an attachment to your hat) in the ring!

As for me?


I kinda suck at research.  I really suck at deadlines.  I have a job that is so demanding that I have difficulty keeping this place up and running, as well as looking after Blog Azeroth stuffs and Shared Topics and what not.  Seriously… it would be a bad idea.

Does that mean that I didn’t consider it for a split second?

Are you fricking kidding?  Of COURSE I considered it!  If you look at all the stuff I write, what seems to be the common element?  (Hint: it ain’t Warlocks.)  I love making people angry.  I love stirring up trouble.  I love being able to inspire irrational hatred and fear in people (wow… am I a Warlock or a politician?)

What better place to attract angry people and piss off the masses than writing for  It’s like my dream job!  Not to mention the fame, fortune, and other stuff involved (… I suspect there is actually no fame, or fortune…. but the other stuff could be shiny).

But, since one must be practical in both their assessment of their ability (in every sense of the word) to do a job… I decided it wasn’t for me.  Let’s face it – I kinda suck at this whole blogging mumbo-jumbo.

However, it might be for you!

Head on over and take a look!

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